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Search results

  1. D

    Equinox 600 and 800 books

    You don't know what adjustments may need to be made until you get on the actual hunt site (unless perhaps you hunt the same sites all the time).
  2. D

    Help Me Choose Which Detector to Buy.

    Yah got that right!
  3. D

    Here it is folks a pristine a Fisher F-5

    Does it come with both the stock coil and Sharpshooter coil?
  4. D

    Simplex +

    Jim----If you ever got rid of your F-75 I think I would be so shocked I'd give up metal detecting!:)----Nobody knows that machine like you do.--------I have been curious how you have been getting along with your two new detectors.----Sounds like you are doing great with them.
  5. D

    New hunting partner

    Larry & Nancy-----Congratulations on your new family member!----A couple of FINE looking lads indeed!---------Del & Patsy
  6. D

    Understanding the HF coils

    Love your explanation Lodge & it makes sense to me!-----Would also explain why I can't get my fat butt through narrow door ways!:)
  7. D

    Out with the ORX -Park program

    That might be Gunnar---but I get a lot of EMI when I go to 8 or 4 kHz on my 9" X35 where I hunt.-----With the X35 I actually like 12 & 17 kHz the best (with off sets).-----With the 9" h.f. I like 15 kHz (again, with off sets).------Works for me anyhow (coin & relic hunting).
  8. D

    Out with the ORX -Park program

    Don't know why you would say that (the h.f. coils not being good on high conductors)-----I'm digging plenty deep targets (coins) with my 9" h.f. coil in 15 kHz and my ground is pretty heavily mineralized also.
  9. D

    Nox-- first impressions

    Sounds like in that case the ole cell phone turned out to be q pretty good "weapon" Jim! :)
  10. D

    the silver streak is over!

    Huh???-----Over MANY years my deepest silver finds has ALWAYS been in moist ground---after a good soaking rain where the ground is very moist but not muddy.------Given that situation my wife & I are definitely out on hunts.-----Iron is "set off" also in that scenario---but---you can't have...
  11. D

    This is a sad time for the Peoria Area Treasure Hunters club (PATH)

    It's not an isolated incidence Larry.----Since covid 19 club activity/membership is but one example of how our enjoyment (and lives) have changed.-----Will it ever get back to normal?----Not the "normal" we once knew (IMO).--------Del