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  1. D

    What a heart attack does to you

    Thanks Confetrit! I appreciate it -I know it sounds corny but I think that this is a second chance for me and I think of all the wrongs I did in life and made a promise to myself to do the best I can. Thankyou and happy hunting. David
  2. D

    What a heart attack does to you

    I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. I think I was watching something about Julius Caesar. lets just say I was really relaxed and eating an egg salad sandwich along with drinking my coffee. I started to get a funny, like numbing feeling in my left bicep.then a very very...
  3. D

    Etrac Vs Safari????

    Quite a few years ago I made a trade for a mint safari with 3 coils Etc etc and like an idiot I sold it. It was just like new and heavy for the person who had it. I think I traded a light tecnetics and cash for it. Back then it seemed to me the Safari was not even in the same league as the...
  4. D

    Golden Sabre PLUS

    JUST BOUGHT THIS TO TRY IT OUT BUT NO MANUAL or anything else. Looks in mint shape and not really a great manual on Ebay but don't know what to set it on. Looks great. I bought it right away and probably overpaid-anyone have one of these I wanted to see what it does and it looks like it has a...
  5. D

    Starting over but which ones

    Sold all I had and went from around seven detectors at one time down to none and now I have a new Equinox 800 but want a used Etrac or CTX 3030 but which one. I keep leaning towards the Etrac because I think it can't be beat on silver but the CTX offers so much more but do I really need it. I...
  6. D

    new Nox 800 owner

    Hi I had about seven detectors home and cleaned them all out and one or two were hard to find items in that condition. I have only one now and that I will get on Friday. The Equinox 800. I want to have one more but can't decide if it is the Etrac or the CTX. I did a lot of looking and came...
  7. D

    Etrac made in Ireland.

    Ran across one and looked it up but they have not been made in Ireland since 2009? Anybody have one of these. is the software and programs the same as the modern ones. 10 yrs means the board could be drying out etc etc. Some say they are a little bit better than the new ones. any input on this...
  8. D

    Etracwarranty and repairs

    Just wondering back and forth about a used Etrac or Nox 800. How reliable are the Etrac's and are they expensive to repair. I like what I see about the 800 but I still think the Etrac is the king . I want one or the other. Thanks for any reply
  9. D

    XP deus lite

    why is it so much cheaper when it says lite. The basic detector engine is the same right? david
  10. D

    best trash hunting coil for bandido II Umax

    Just picked a great looking bandiddo II and I know just where I an going to use it along the lake shore on dirt and grass not the beach. what is the best coil for this. thanks
  11. D

    what coil for the beach sovereign XS

    Just thinking and wondering if I come across a good buy for a coil for beach hunting. Not in the water completely but a fresh water beach. No hurry as I don't even know what I am doing except learning the detector. David
  12. D

    SovereignXS came today looks beautiful with box and manuals

    Looks unused or slightly used? Tried the DTI III and numbers were allover the place with a quarter under the coil so I changed the 9V and everything was great-niece and stable. Wish me luck on this. I am really going to give here a try. I boxed up my MXT and Nokta for relic. and This will be my...
  13. D

    Hip Mount bag for Sovereign XS

    I want to get a hip mount bag and can I use that same one used on a sovereign GT? I have a Sovereign XS coming in the mail. David
  14. D

    just bought this Sovereign XS if these are real pics

    There was a lot of haggling over this one because of age etc etc. He started at $473 and I started at $300 then he backed off and then emailed me with a good price. I took it hoping these pics are real. I already have the DTI III coming from Richard@backwater ( a tip that came form the forum)...
  15. D

    Sovereign XS and meter

    Is the sovereign XS in great shape with the 8" coin shooter coil on it still a good buy and does Rons meter work on it. Thanks
  16. D

    Sovereign gT

    Well I think I am about to buy one and just hope I get a good used one. I have to hurry up with my test garden at the lake so I can practice with it during the cold months. at least I won't have to dig them up. I think 10" deep is plenty with several in between to practice on. I might go 13"...
  17. D

    is it worth buying a Sovereign GT now?

    Just wondering how long those boards can last '. When was the last year they were made. Some look in great shape yet but when I look at where they were used (salt water areas) I get a little leary.. I have a MX Sport and a Nokta Fors relic and selling a F5 fisher but looking for one more good...
  18. D

    which is the top sovereign elite or XS or?

    don't see to many around but thinking of trying one-which is the latest sovereign thanks
  19. D

    question on GTI 2500

    when you hit something you don't like, the video Garrett has out says just hit the accent/reject button. Is this true or do you have to hit both side of number or whatever is displayed. The video says click and it is gone. David
  20. D

    Garrett GTI 2500 with pro pack

    Just wondering again about this darn detector. It does do things others can't Maybe I should sell my makro racer 2 and notka fors relic and just have two detectors. Fisher F5 and a new GTI 2500 Pro Pack for a greatt price. How does this old timer detector stand up to modern detectors. one of...