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  1. C

    First Bling in School Play Ground

    Stopped for a quick hunt in middle school play scape. Searching the wood chips. Hit this with the coin...tid 33 to 36. Hope its real.
  2. C

    Pocket Change

    My Son-In-law gave me a baggie of pocket change he collected over a year. Out of the 310 Lincon Cents I found these.
  3. C

    Will the Wirefree Headphone PRO work with the ORX?

    The answer is Yes. The WS Puck fits and works.
  4. C

    First Silver Coin of the Year

    Does This count? Found in a local Coin Star Reject Tray Feeling left out with all these recent success stories Still facing one or two months of winter and frozen ground
  5. C

    Any Thoughts on using the 4 kHz Frequency

    High- Not claiming to be an expert on the Nox 600 but here is where I am at on my experimentation. I don't see much on here for using the 4 kHz Frequency. so I went out on Sunday to do a test at and 100 year old Park. I would be interested in anyone's experience with varying settings. My...
  6. C

    Multi Kruzer Year 3

    I am still liking my multi Kruzer. Especially for fresh water beach hunting in the water. I am now 70 and dont get out as much, especially with the virus scare. Here is a find from Sunday detecting in chest high water.
  7. C

    Compadre Finds Lost Ring :thumbup:

    A friend of mine is an avid Deer Hunter. A month ago he discovered he dropped his ring somewhere between the road and his hunting blind. He gave me a call and asked if I could lend him a simple Detector. We met up for lunch and I lent him My Compadre. I provided a demonstration how to use it...
  8. C

    Sunday Beach Water Hunt-Multi Kruzer

    Revisited my favorite beach. The Multi is joy to use. No gold this time. Never the less a Titanium ring.
  9. C

    Cold weather hunt

    Winter closing in. Got out yesterday to a ballfield park. Some clad and this that rang in like a quarter. Says-Nothing is Impossible
  10. C

    Anyone try to take the Twist Lock apart for Cleaning?

    Seems my Lower Twist Lock is stuck - won't rotate I suspect beach sand has gotten into it I see the end of the twist lock is suppose to unscrew for disassembly. not budging using my hands. Thought I would ask before bringing out the heavy duty tools -:tongue:
  11. C

    Questions for Makro on Water Proof Head Phones

    I just received my Water Proof Head Phones and tried them at home. I have two questions for Makro 1) is there a way to adjust the width? Tight they actually cause pain in my temple area within minutes. It is better when I extend the height but then they are too high and want to fall off. 2)...
  12. C

    There is GOLD In them there Beaches!

    Tried fresh water beach hunting this morning with my Multi Kruzer and 7" coil. Pssst....dont pass up TID 22.....
  13. C

    Oh, Oh.....NOX 600 Control Panel Failure :help:

    This is strange - I loaded the NOX in the back seat of my truck this morning at 9 am and when back to the house to get other gear. When I returned the NOX was chirping and operating. "Strange, I did not touch the On Button", I thought. So I am fairly certain the unit turned itself on. The...
  14. C

    Pick up a 7" Multi Kruzer Concentric Coil Today

    A 7" coil became available on the local dealer's web site so I picked one up. The coil cord is plenty long and it came with the skid plate, Velcro strap and bolt set. Looks quite small and light. I like the way Makro sets up the Velcro strap. It is fixed on the cord so it will never fall off...
  15. C

    Relic Button

    Visited an older park this morning to try my luck with the Multi Kruzer. Found some old maps and park existed way back when. I hunted it a few times in the past with little luck. just a couple of Wheat - one a 1919. This time using the map records i could see where the old park roads wound...
  16. C

    Quick Lunch Outing with MMK

    Stopped at a park to eat lunch and got in a 15 min hunt. Two copper cents and this Using 4 tone - 14 khz- Gain 88 - iron audio at 3 - was at the bottom of the plug at least 6" - solid 78 TID - if you hear a high tone - work it to see if you can zero in on something good I am liking the Kruzer...
  17. C

    How much have you used the Multi Kruzer?

    Some may be wondering about the lack of reports from new users of the Multi Kruzer. In My area of the mid west the temperatures were good in the 50's for a few days in Feb...but since then Snow and frigid temps.....Much colder than normal. Every night drops into the sub temps. So My use has...
  18. C

    Spring Coil Line up for the AT Max

    Alas- another 10 days of freezing temps here.... Preparing for spring My thoughts are to try and lighten up the AT max a bit. I had Major Back surgery a month ago and the doctor told me limit the mount of weight I can handle. So with spring coming you think there would be some new choices...
  19. C

    3rd Time Out with MMK

    Visited a wooded lot that had a house and garage years ago. 36 degrees here but I forgot about the cold as I started finding targets It was a bit weedy so I had to stick to the make shift two track I have been over this area many times before so I was not sure I would find anything worth while...
  20. C

    Multi Kruzer - Changing the Depth reading from Metric to Inches

    Hi, I think I made a discovery. I do not mean to be critical in any way. Just want to let everyone know in case they have the same issue My Multi Kruzer came with the Depth Meter set for Centimeters - You can see in the Manual there is a way to change the depth reading to Inches. (See...