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  1. G

    In the News: Rare Shilling

    Found in an old cookie can ... Cheers, Joe
  2. G

    Oilfield Trash Pin

    This one was about 3 inches down in a vacant lot in a well traveled area. It came in the Target ID mid 60's range on the Teknetics Omega. It's a pin, about an inch wide. Even though it says "Trash", I'll keep it. Cheers, Joe
  3. G

    A Wheatie and a Watcher

    Out with the Garrett GTI2500 today on the Jacksonville curb strips ... Got a nice "penny" signal and dug up a nice 1947S Wheatie. Sitting on the ground next to the hole was this little guy, watching me. He didn't try to hop away, but just kept looking. A good day, all around. Cheers, Joe
  4. G

    Curb Strip Junk

    I'll keep the two quarters and two pennies. The other stuff is part of a man's watch, a faucet, and a piece of trim from a Mercedes-Benz "GL" auto. (I thought things weren't supposed to fall off expensive cars.) It's going to recycling. Cheers, Joe
  5. G

    On the Curb Strips Again

    It was a great day to be outside on the curb strips in Jacksonville, Florida, swinging the coil on the Garrett GTI-2500. Finding the Italian coin was a surprise. Cheers, Joe
  6. G

    Did a Good Deed (I hope)

    On a Spring day in Jacksonville, Florida, swinging the coil with the Garrett GTI2500, on some curb strips. Got a signal and image of a target under some leaves. Up came a set of car keys. Some poor guy lost his keys to his car. He must have spent a lot of time looking for them. What to do...
  7. G

    Out on the Curb Strips Again

    Nothing fancy ... can't complain. It was a good day, fresh air and sunshine, swinging the coil. All finds on a couple of curb strips, with the Garrett GTI-2500. The VW emblem was a surface find (I could stick it on my Ford). Question: Why would anyone paint a Lincoln cent with white...
  8. G

    Detecting in Afghanistan

    In today's news ... No control panel, so it looks like a "Beep and Dig" unit. But be careful digging. Cheers, Joe
  9. G

    Found a Turkish Coin

    Out on a curb strip in Jacksonville, Florida . . . it's a cool day, good for detecting. That's not where you'd expect to find a coin from Turkey . . . it's a 1965 "10 KURUS" copper coin. Also, iIt has some wheat ears . . . goes along with the US 1952 Wheat Cent found in the same curb...
  10. G

    First Finds of the Year

    On a couple of curb strips here in Jacksonville, Florida . . . a good start to the New Year. I didn't expect to find a coin from Australia ... It's King George VI. Can't make out the date but it seems to end in an "8", which makes it either 1938 or 1948. Happy finds and cheers to all in the...
  11. G

    Some Shallow Finds

    These were found in a vacant lot in Jacksonville, detected with the owner's permission. The square nail probably goes back to some houses that were built there in the 1880s and 1890s. It was about 4 inches down. The non-metal items (the super ball and cigars wrapper) came up with some metal...
  12. G

    Four Cents (Looks Like Three)

    These came out of some curb strips in Jacksonville, Florida. The first is a piece of jewelry, with two pennies inside it. (That's why there's a total of four cents in the photos.) The middle is an odd one. It's been clipped on the edges. Why? The last one is a real nice Wheat. It's been...
  13. G

    Gold Coins Found in Israel

    Found today on a historical dig . . . Cheers, Joe
  14. G

    Beep. Dig. Gold.

    More finds in Australia: First, they shoveled away some of the surface dirt. Then they used their detectors. Cheers, Joe
  15. G

    An Hour on a Curb Strip

    Just an hour on a short curb strip, with the Teknetics Omega 8000 . . . So many beeps and targets. Nickels and pull tabs were notched out. I spent more time kneeling down and digging plugs than swinging the coil. Nothing fancy . . . but still a good day all around. Got rid of some...
  16. G

    Scotland Find

    In an open field . . . . . . We never know what the next "beep" will bring . . . Cheers, Joe
  17. G

    Two Halfs in the Hole

    These came out of a curb strip along a sidewalk. They were about one foot apart. I wonder about how they came out looking so different. There wasn't anything else in the holes. Cheers, Joe
  18. G

    Searched an Old Shady Spot

    Several years ago the city (Jacksonville, Florida) demolished an old building downtown, and planted new grass on the lot. Part of the area was a small shady spot on the corner, with a historical marker and public benches for cooling off on a hot day. They took out all of that too, and just...
  19. G

    Found Platinum (almost)

    It came out of a curb strip. Anyway, it's a keeper just for the name. Cheers, Joe
  20. G

    Oddly Damaged Cent

    Usually when coin-shooting, I search with the zinc cents notched out. Doing some curb strips this week, I said "what the heck" and decided to just go along and see what was there. This zinc Lincoln came up. Sure, I've seen plenty of damaged coins but none like this. I wonder what happened...