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Search results

  1. B

    Suggestions for ARM CUFF?

    What should I do with my arm cuff? The little elbow area cushion came off last time I went detecting. It peeled right off on the bottom part of the arm cuff. Thank you!
  2. B

    Any favorite accessories? Arm cuff, screens, etc.?

    I'm ready to go. Just was curious what your favorite accessories are. Thanks, Bubba
  3. B

    Just received the 800

    So now what compadres? Where should I start learning? I'm a 90% CW relic hunter... Park 1 or Field1 to start? I'm excited but unsure about if I should do the update or reverse to the previous version. Thanks in advance, Bubba
  4. B

    Gonna jump in head first

    Morning all. I haven't posted in a while, and have been thru countless machines (like we all have)
  5. B

    Relic settings for New GPX 4800 Help?

    Good afternoon all, I just purchased the Minelab 4800 and it should be here soon. I rented one for use at this past DIV, but the locations we typically relic hunt, has much "less hot soil" than what we encountered in Virginia. So my questions are these... 1) Have any of you used a...
  6. B

    Section for PI machines

    Help me if I have missed it, but is the a section for the Minelab PI machines? GPX etc? Thanks Bubba
  7. B

    3rd relic hunt with v3i this past weekend

    I think I'm finally getting this v3i tuned in the way I like it for CW relic hunting sites! Woohoo. Finally. AND for the most part, I think I can discriminate between small iron bits and larger ferrous items like frags, finally! How? Well for me and the slightly modified relic program posted...
  8. B

    2nd relic hunt with v3i

    Well my buddy and I headed down to our area in Kentucky and he used his older whites model and experimented with his new Minelab PI. Certain areas had very bad EMI from the overhead power lines. He couldn't get his PI to settle down at all, and was having trouble with the XLT. I could hear the...
  9. B

    Steve Herbasch question on v3i

    Your message box was full, so I am copying and pasting my question here to you! .....Hey steve, I see you are still using the v3i at times. Are you prospecting with it, coin shooting, relic hunting? I currently have the XLT for relics, the Nokta Fors CoRe Pro pack for coin shooting and CW...
  10. B

    First time out recommendations?

    First of all, thank you so much for your responses and input on the V3i. I ended up getting a STEAL on a used v3i with the detech ultimate coil and 6x10 whites football coil. I just purchased a wireless setup, so I'm excited to get out there and see what all I can learn. I'm debating going...
  11. B

    V3i, polar plot, and Detech 13 inch coil question

    How that this question hasn't been asked before, so here here goes...i have a Quick scientific question for you all who use this combo. I'm hoping to get my machine set up this weekend. But for those of you that have this coil, do you use Polar Plot? If so, what is the accuracy in depth to help...
  12. B

    Has anyone heard from Magic?

    Ive had the pleasure of hunting with him in the past, but cant seem to get ahold of him or find him anymore
  13. B

    13 inch detech vs D2

    First of all, is it worth it? :surrender: I'm in the market for a v3i with wireless setup, or the french detector with 11 inch coil. I had the orginal v3 spectra back in 2010, and sold it (big mistake), so now I want to purchase one again. But from what I have read from others, is this...I hear...
  14. B

    Experienced Deus AND v3i users, a question

    For those of you who know me, I have had great luck with CW relic hunting using the whites XLT (with our settings) and now the Nokta FORS CoRe, and I love em both. For simplicity and detecting abilities for relics. And now my questionn stems for these 2...Deus with 11 inch coil vs whites v3i...
  15. B

    V3i or deus vs nokta/makro for unmasking iron? Thoughts?

    Basically I'm biased as to what I have in my current arsenal. And i am afraid to spend the money on the Deus, unless it goes as deep as my XLT and CoRe for CW relic hunting, yet can un-mask in iron like the CoRe/RACER. I hear the deus is good at deciphering the correlated ferrous/non-ferrous...
  16. B

    uh oh. cracked my stock coil cover!

    So any and all suggestions on what to do next is more than welcome! I haven't registered my unit yet. Should I do this before contacting Nokta on what to do? Is this screwing up my performance in the field? I don't think it did, as these are my finds from Thursday, but I'm not sure. Thanks in...
  17. B

    Qyestion for you CoRe and racer aficionados

    When you are deep coin shooting or better yet, relic hunting, do you stop and dig those nice faint sounding signals with no TID display ? I wonder if it is 2 things 1) very , VERY small target or 2) something good, yet Deep. Maybe deeper than normal, hence, no tid? Is it Something that the...
  18. B

    Gotta get it cleaned up. 10k

    <img src="" border="0" alt="Ellenberger photo 20150502_143514_zpsr2vqsxcf.jpg"/> Just found this in an old park here in town. Registered 54 TID. Also found a few wheaties, clad, and 1903 V nickel STOCK coil...
  19. B

    question for Monte and others

    Hey MONTE, did you see my latest post aft the bottom of the ground tracking post here at,2168157 Anyway, does anyone recommend their tips/tricks for helping to silent the machine from falsing when hitting last year soybean old dried up hardened stalks about...
  20. B

    today's hunt so far Today's hunt so far. 6 relics in 6 hours. Not too bad. 1 frag, 3 round balls, 2 flat...