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    Cast Iron Radiator?

    I believe this is cast iron. It has been there so long that the tree grew around it. Any ideas as to what it could be? Thanks for looking.
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    Tesoro Silver µMax Discriminates Out Dimes When Disc Set to Max

    Just got a Tesoro Silver µMax and when I set the discrimination to max, dimes and copper pennies are discriminated out. Only quarters and higher are heard. If I want to hear dimes and coppers, I have to set the disc right above zinc. Is this normal for the Silver µMax? I've owned a lot of...
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    Analog Machines That Can Use Concentric Coils?

    Besides Tesoro detectors, are there any other analog machines available today that can use concentric coils in addition to DD coils?
  4. P

    How to change old style Tesoro shaft for new style

    I just bought a Tesoro Sidewinder µMax with the original all metal 2 piece shaft. Is there any easy way to put it on the new style shaft with cam locks and fiber lower shaft? If I just replace the metal lower shaft with a newer fiber shaft will it fit in the original upper metal shaft without it...
  5. P

    HF Coil Battery Warranty

    Does anyone know how long the battery in the HF coil is warrantied? My ORX with 9" round HF coil was purchased in Jan 2020. I only hunt about once a week for 3-6 hrs. The battery in my HF coil only holds a charge for about 6 hr. The manual says it should hold its charge for 20 hrs or more...
  6. P

    Problem with Gamma Display

    I just got a used Gamma and when I power it on, it displays a "d" instead of displaying 80 which is the default sensitivity. Then when I detect a target, it ID's the target correctly, but the ID number just stays on the screen instead of going back to the iron icon. Is there anyway of fixing...
  7. P

    Is there a 5" concentric coil for Greek Series detectors?

    I've been trying to find a small(smaller than 8") concentric coil for a Teknetics Gamma, but it looks like they only make a 5" DD coil. Has anyone ever seen a 5" concentric coil for the Gamma?
  8. P

    Potentiometer for Tesoro Compadre?

    What size potentiometer do I need to use as a replacement on a Tesoro Compadre? Also, where can I buy one? Marked 5E3. Thanks
  9. P

    1st Fresh Water Hunt with SP22(8.5") Coil

    Went to a beach at our local lake this morning to try out the new SP22 coil. I was VERY impressed with this coil especially compared to the 11" stock coil. I started out in chest deep water and worked my way to the shore. The coil produced very little drag underwater and was a pleasure to swing...
  10. P

    Frozen Lower Rod

    After 2-3 fresh water hunts I tried to adjust the lower rod on my Simplex and I can't get it to budge. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, how were you able to get it loose?
  11. P

    Will There Be A New Simplex Manual?

    Just wondering is there is going to be a new updated owners manual for the Simplex to cover all the changes that have taken place with V2.77/8?
  12. P


    Please delete.
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    Is the battery in HF coils waterproof?

    Just wondering if the battery in the new HF coils is waterproof since they are no longer sealed inside the coil? Was thinking about using the underwater water kit, but wanted to make sure the HF battery is waterproof before doing so.
  14. P

    Pro Pointer AT Serial Number

    How do the serial numbers on Carrots manufactured in 2020 start? Until now they always started with a 5. Thanks
  15. P

    Pinpointer Makes Simplex Go Crazy

    Being that most pinpointers and the Simplex operate at 12 kHz, when the pinpointer is turned on the Simplex goes crazy from the interference. By switching the Simplex frequency from F2 to F1 or F3 it can help somewhat, but it is still very irritating. Looks like the only solution at the moment...
  16. P

    Why is Minelab offering the Nox 600 with "free" 6" coil?

    Anyone know why the Nox 600 is now being sold with a "free" 6" coil? Do they just have too many 600's in stock? Looks like a great deal for someone looking to buy a 600.
  17. P

    Anyone Using the Nokta Makro Premium Stainless Steel DIGGER?

    If you are using or have used the Nokta Makro Premium Stainless Steel DIGGER, how would you rate it with other diggers that you've used?
  18. P

    Volume Issue with ORX WSA Headphones

    While out hunting yesterday the volume on my WSA headphones repeatedly kept getting quieter and louder. When this happened, it also affected the MI-6 pinpointer's volume. Anyone have an idea what would be causing this to happen? Never had this problem before. Thanks
  19. P

    Replacement ear cushions for nokta wireless headphones green/blue edition?

    Where can one buy replacement ear cushions for the blue/green edition wireless headphones and how are they installed?
  20. P

    Simplex Arm Cuff Very Narrow

    Does anyone else find that the arm cuff on the Simplex is very narrow? If wearing a sweater or jacket it is almost impossible to get ones arm in the cuff.