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  1. C

    headphone mod

    Hi all Any one know how to seperate the plastic case cover / earcup from the plastic speaker cover on Detector pro Nugget busters, the chinsy toggle broke so have to replace with a push botton type. Detector Pro not doing mods at this time, phones out of warranty.
  2. C

    ATX coils

    Can the infinium or sea hunter coils be used on the ATX , mono or DD ?
  3. C

    multi kruzer. in fresh water 1st try

    First , thanks to Richard at Backwoods to whom I purchased a almost new Kruser Well built machine, ran it in all modes, 5khz, 14,19, ( frequency only operates one at a time ) four tonesI liked most and used the 7in concentric coil Ferous bars were near maxed out , machine ran very smooth I ran...
  4. C

    gold monster m/l

    Just some info on the GM at the beach I thought most of you gold hounds would see my post here Tried the machine out at a salt water beach, for testing, with stock larger coil. Well here goes Dry sand works great no problems will find coins in the 9 in range 90% power Damp sand all metal...
  5. C

    Garret repairs

    Garret service repair I Had a very sick infinium, sent it in and had a new 8in mono coil Tuned specifically. Got it back and it works super. I use mine 90% in water so the 8in coil stays on. I previously did not know specifically coils Could be tuned for maximum results. No more falsing...
  6. C


    Any one had the whacky non stop no adjusting sound? , coils good, is it it time to send it in for repairs Does Garret still repair the Infinium ?
  7. C

    vista gold manual

    Where can I download the manual ?
  8. C

    GPX and other coils

    What other manufacturer coils work on the GPX 5000 ? I read in the past the TDI coils work but not as to what extent
  9. C

    gt threshold switch

    Hi Gt users My gt threshold switch does not quiet the threshold any more. Anyone have a simple fix or is this a common Problem? Everything else works as it should. No water damage.
  10. C

    vista gold e.m.i

    I had went to an old school site that now has a ginormous cell tower in what used to be a bleachers, started with the v3i , she went wacco, tweek it a little, a quarter at 3in max, not good. Next took out the tessoro cortez, worse Well as luck would have it my DTVG was in my truck with the...
  11. C

    Reg MXT & the Deptmaaster plus

    The Depthmaster plus works great with the mxt, anyone for more audio sound on targets? Try to find one of these units I would estimate a 20% boost in target sound. One can run a lower smoother gain and increase Target sound. I got the unit to run the mxt a little less chatty, really clears...
  12. C

    gold hunting with the sunray probe?

    Any one use the sun ray probe to assist in nuggget hunting, like crevice or low water, what size grain can the probe detect?
  13. C

    Is the a TTF e-trac like setting for the v-3i

    I know these are different machines but has anyone tried to make a similular set up for the v-3i , TTF = two tone fer. Knock out iron wrap around with min disc at iron and the high end 95 vdi
  14. C

    higher bottle cap regect or corralate

    Hi folks So if the ground is med- low -91 or so and there is lots of iron (nails-washers) and your coin shooting, what is the better set up, a high B.C.R or correlate with some wrap limit?
  15. C

    whats the best timings for silver coins at the beach?

    Have used the gpx 5k at the salt water beach a few times. Would like to know if there is a typical set up for silver coins at 6-14in or deep small gold rings at greater depth. Am interested at targets just out of range from other p.i's and the excal guys. Dry to wet sand no water. Any one find a...
  16. C

    mineralization around the U.S

    How well does the V-3 operate in soils around the U.S with the stock coil ? especially you folk in Georgia and Virginia, I'm talking about noise and depth in bad ground, (MXT read 85) I tried my MXT with the small shooter coil and in some area's had to back off the gain quite a bit to keep her...
  17. C

    Hats off to RUSTY

    Sent my sick Bandito 2 to Prescott, A#1 Teoro Point man Rusty took care of me 1st class. I know there can only be ONE RUSTY, but if the other MD makers had a person half as good as him and the service team we could all be happy-happy detectorists I don't give praises to many but Rusty has walked...
  18. C

    what is the best large coil for the gt

    Would like some in put as to what larger coil works best with the gt in sand salt and or hot dirt, what type targets and size effect, thanks
  19. C

    soveregin for gold

    Is there any point of using a sov gt for nugget hunting ? or should I just stick with the mxt ?
  20. C

    Hyper sensative Vaqureo

    So the other day I took my stock coil from my Diablo 2 (elliptical) and put it on my Vac. Air tested on coins worked real good (10-14 in on misc coins) nickles disc out well before the 5c mark , don't know why yet Today I went to the tot lot and ran it just above iron, It was very very...