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    Today's Visual ID technology

    In the past I have read more than once to dig ALL signals when nugget detecting because gold can mimic small trash iron signals at times. Sometimes when hunting close in and around the actual mining camp itself digging it all is not feasible. My question is...are todays more recent VLF gold...
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    Riffles versus expanded metal for sluice-box?

    I plan on classifying my material down to at least 1/4" so would expanded metal work as well as small riffles or should I use both? The area will also more than likely be heavy with black sands so I was thinking of running miners moss over some vortex to keep from loading up mat with black sand...
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    Curious question...

    Never seen one posted before but has anyone out there ever found a Boyd Battery pendant?? Years ago I found one while hunting an old neighborhood from the late 1800's and at the time wondered what it was?? Some time later while reading an issue of a Treasure magazine I learned that it was a...
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    Protection from "valley fever"?

    I have a virgin older model (late 90's-2000) mid-size Gold Buddy drywasher (blower-type) that I want to use in the near future and need to know the proper type of dust-mask to use for staying away from "valley fever"? I bought this new in Prescott Valley Arizona but at the time I was so addicted...
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    "Hot" circuitry question

    Does a "Hot" circuitry designed Tesoro detector require a 4-pin coil set-up and if so why? The only reason I can think of is somehow maybe more gain can be achieved by using a 4-pin designed coil:shrug: My LST and Diablo both utilize 4-pin coils and they do have more built-in gain versus my...
  6. W

    Richard Rays Phantom metal detector...

    has anyone here ever used one in the past? Never hear much about them and was just curious as to how they performed. I really enjoy reading about the older detectors... some of which can still do a good job today when used under the right conditions:detecting: HH&HH!
  7. W

    Petrified bone fragments

    Quite some years back I was walking a creek while pan-fishing which drains into a major river here in Texas. The water flow eventually pinched off and the creek bed was partially exposed then I started to notice a lot of bone fragments. I've read data stating that during the Pleistocene Era this...
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    Another Tesoro fan:detecting:

    Hello to all, If ya'll don't mind I'd like to "chime in" from time to time when the discussion is about Tesoro's and metal detecting in general. I haven't been active online for a while so I feel the need to re-introduce myself. My name is Randy I live in Texas and I purchased my first...
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    C & G Bobcat II

    I've been a Tesoro user since the mid 80's and recently picked up a clean Bobcat II just out of curiosity how one of the earlier vlf/disc units performed and for display. Does anyone out there recall the operating frequency of the Bobcat II and could it possibly use any of the Tesoro 5-pin...