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Search results

  1. P

    Stunning U S plate and more today.

    That plate looks as good as the repo plate that I found a few years ago. Great job!
  2. P

    Crusing off Bleacher Coast

    You go Rumy! That's a nice reward.
  3. P


    Jimmy' No problems with leaks. I'm a old Tiger Shark hunter also. Went with the Nox 600 last year with waterproof earbuds. But was always concerned about leaks. Really enjoying the Simplex and seems to be the next ticket for coins and water hunting.
  4. P


    I used the simplex for the first time in fresh water this week. Used it with the wireless headphones and the vibration. It did very well and of coarse the wireless lite up when the detector wasn't entirely under the water. The vibration was evident when targets were noted when submerged. With...
  5. P

    Paid for parking

    Beautiful lady there, great job.
  6. P

    Need Prayers--Please

    God speed and prayers sent!
  7. P

    Confronted while detecting

    Nate, I once asked permission at a old church. The lady I suppose was the church deacon's replied. We will pray and ask permission. I often thought that I would go back and report that I had permission from the big man upstairs. But never did. Perhaps dreaming about it means I do have...
  8. P


    Don' I have the V3i disk that you are looking for. Just send me your address and I will send it to you. Percy 434 249-1685
  9. P

    Fisher 5" D.D. COIL FOR F-70 OR F-75

    I'm interested in your 5 inch coil.
  10. P

    DFX300 setting help

    I would suggest the coin and jewelry mode also or just coin mode. Should be fine in factory settings. The 5.3 coil should be fine also. I love the tone ID. I suspect the 9mm should read about 50 on the target ID although I don't have one to compare.
  11. P

    mxsport in fresh water hunting

    Jimmy' I felt that the sport was heavier than the explorer, although I used the lighter battery pack that I suggested and also ran the smaller coil. Just recently purchased a chest mounted ex2, but haven't taken it out yet.
  12. P

    Found out today, I'm not worth a Pi--

    I had a large puppy that kept jumping on me while my back was turned. When I turned to face him I shielded it with my forearm and one of his nails tore a hole out of my arm. Finally, about healed a week later. Ouch!
  13. P

    Got a few goodies today, and an odd find

    Felix' Great hunt and finds. I remember those novelties from the Adams Magic Company. Liked that handshake buzzer probably the best. The Snake in the Can was a blast also. I watched a old Dennis the Menace rerun and he had one of the the hand buzzers on it.
  14. P

    mxsport in fresh water hunting

    Jimmy' This is the orange colored battery pack from Ukraine. Uses (3) 3.7 volt batteries that are the Lithium 18650 protected batteries. You can buy the 3400 mah flat top batteries. This saves 8 oz. from the detector weight. I think battery life is about 11 hours. I have some older batteries so...
  15. P

    mxsport in fresh water hunting

    Jimmy, I too swing the DFX and have done so for 15 plus years. I learned how to lighten it up and that is with the 3.7 volt battery pack and the M6 middle shaft. My favorite coil is the 9 inch spider coi. With these changes the DFX is super light and comfortable. I also have the shooter coil...
  16. P

    Went to well beaten spot and managed nab a few keepers

    Great job. I think you must have cloned Felix on this end. Both of you are killing it. Guess it's location, location. Thanks for sharing your settings, I did find a mercury last weekend. I've got a ways to go to catch up to you guys.
  17. P

    A Headphone Question for Equinox Users

    I have the 600 and I'm fine with the stock wired headphones that comes with the unit.
  18. P

    My Equinox had an appitite for silver today... best day every!!

    Fee' What a awesome day for you, those silvers are nice. Wish I had gone with you.