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    Slings "To Use Or Not To Use" What you think?

    Only bad thing about losing weight is my wetsuit doesn't fit snug anymore. I prefer water detecting when it's cold and hardly ever have any competition.
  2. F

    Todays find

    Nice find.
  3. F

    HI ! I am the new guy.

    Welcome to the forum. good luck & happy hunting.
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    Slings "To Use Or Not To Use" What you think?

    I've used a sling since I started water detecting in 2012 or 2013. Prevents me from dropping my detectors and doesn't interfere with my recovery at all. Another benefit is if someone decides to grab my detector and try to run off with it, they have to carry about 220 lbs of Fongu with them...
  5. F

    Finally, Some Time Off....Lots Of Coin, Rings & Gold

    WTG John. You did good.
  6. F

    went to the river today

    Made it to the farm this morning and only found can slaw, but it's a big field and a historic farm. will be back. Had a satellite photo of an old house foundation in the field, but left it at home. Hope to do better next time.
  7. F

    went to the river today

    could not believe how sloppy my pinpointing and recovery had become. If you don't use it, you lose it. got another trip lined up for early Tuesday morning at a farm I have permission to detect. HH.
  8. F

    went to the river today

    I went to the river today and was able to stay almost 4 hours. it had been cleaned out because there were scoop holes all over. managed to find 4 pennies, part of a lure and large lead sinker. Didn't pay for my gas, but it sure helped my spirit to be out detecting again. worked a tedious...
  9. F

    lost my treasure yesterday

    My brother passed away May-22 and they are both out of pain and together in Heaven. He was a proud Vietnam veteran who served as a medic and operating room tech. they rotated them from the field and field hospital as the medics were specifically targeted by the enemy. He never talked about it...
  10. F

    lost my treasure yesterday

    thanks everybody, especially for the prayers.
  11. F

    lost my treasure yesterday

    My mother who was the treasure of my heart passed away yesterday at 12:31 pm after being injured in december of last year and suffering another injury in february and endured 2 months of misstreatment at the nursing home. she died at home which was her wish. hardest thing I ever went thru and...
  12. F

    went water detecting Wednesday

    Finally made it to a water park and did some detecting. first time in many years. found 8 quarters, 7 dimes, including a 1952 silver dime, 3 nickels and 11 pennies. two junk jewelry items, 7.62 unfired round, 2 sinkers. been wanting to get to this area since I got permission in april 2017...
  13. F

    Forty Years Lost

    Well done, Dancer.
  14. F

    Cold Cash On The Hill Inching Slowly Towards My 2021 Gold Coin Purchase

    Nice finds, John. Garrett sent me a download of the super sniper book today and look forward to reading it. Probably won't be back to the library anytime soon. Mama came home from rehab and is housebound. got a break to come get groceries and stopped here for 20 minutes. Happy hunting.
  15. F

    Has Fongue been around ?

    Hi John & Dancer, It's been quite a while since I posted. Mother had been going thru dementia like symptoms and couldn't be left alone for even a few minutes. My brother stayed with us from August-2019 when he was diagnosed with cancer until March-2020 and he got to the point where he had to...
  16. F

    went to the river

    I went to the river and didn't get out past the top of my rubber boots and found 3 clad coins. wore me out, but enjoyed it. river is down due to so much rain and worried about flooding. Hope to get my wetsuit wet soon and get out where I anticipate finding something worth posting about. HH.
  17. F

    did some dirt fishing

    I got almost an hour of dirt fishing the other day and found just 25 cents in clad, but it really helped my feelings to get out. First time I could kneel on my knee that was repaired last year and it felt better. Hope to hit the water soon if I can get someone to watch my mother and brother...
  18. F

    cherrypicking and met a new at/pro user yesterday.

    I've gone out cherry picking and found a few clad coins and some type of little toy I believe. only digging shallow targets since I can't squat or kneel down and popping them out with my probe or screwdriver. 28 minutes at the park and found 7 coins, 14 minutes in front of the post office and...
  19. F

    I pulled a dumb stunt yesterday and really got wet

    I've been chomping at the bit to do some water detecting, but had a problem with my left knee and finally saw my doctor Monday and got a steroid shot and hit the water Tuesday for almost 2 hours. Found some coins and found out my less than a year old waders were cracked all over and I got super...
  20. F

    we survived the hurricane

    We survived the hurricane at our local church and I had some roof damage and trees down and tree fell across my mother's fence, but we came thru this storm scared, but without a scratch. Had to throw all our food away at both houses due to no electricity, but thankful to be okay. Praying all...