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Search results

  1. R

    14 d today

    sharp looking coin
  2. R

    What a beauty

    Super button. the calvary button is the only one i have left to find. I found the hard one in March the Eaggle V button. I guess the Calvary one is the hardest
  3. R

    A nice gift 🎁 from a friend

    that's a real friend. congrats
  4. R

    Find of a life time

    Dan i guess you have one more to search for. yes the shank is still on it just a little bent over
  5. R

    Find of a life time

    Thanks guys, It was a fun hunt. New York in the fall?
  6. R

    Find of a life time

    thanks all. it is a keeper
  7. R

    Find of a life time

    I went to the DIGSTOCK MINI 2021 IN NC a couple weeks ago. Met a great bunch of people and the event was very well organized. I dug a few nice items and this EAGLE V button. I never heard of one. Turns out it was made for one regiment for one year. 1847-1848 during the Mexican war. They started...
  8. R

    Find of a life time

    I went to the DIGSTOCK MINI 2021 a couple weeks ago in NC. great bunch of guys and well organized. I dug a few nice finds. The second afternoon of the hunt i dug a Eagle V button. Never heard of the them before. Turns out it was made for one regiment for one year. 1847-1847 for the Mexican War.
  9. R

    Wireless Headphones for Etrac

    i bought the pro sonic from minelab. Uses the same receiver as the ctx3030. transmitter plugs into headphone jack. This thing works on every detector i've tried it on
  10. R

    Old School Hunt

    nice slq. just looking down keeps my itch going.
  11. R

    etrac shutting down on its own

    i left the nox at home today and took the etrac out. Everything went well for the first hour then it started to shut itself down and restart on it's own. This lasted a little while then cleared up and worked fine again. Anybody have this problem
  12. R


    I've noticed lately that i can no longer hunt street curbs do to emi. I've turned the sen. down to where the detector is almost worthless to hunt with. The 600 is almost at the end of it's warranty. Is this a common problem or is it time to have it looked at. if so where do you send it for...
  13. R

    Gold, silver, sterling, old wheats and Indians!

    pretty brooch. you and your dad nailed it
  14. R

    New 800 coming this week!!

    i have the minelab CTX the ETRAC and the NOX. ive used the nox for 2 years now . it's my go to detector now. hardly pick up the other 2 at all
  15. R

    First Gold

    nice ring any day of the week.
  16. R

    Some Old Buttons, Small Jewelry And Silver Quarters

    really nice finds. are you going to try the spirits
  17. R

    Gold n Silver n Copper

    more than likely a lot of good stuff still there
  18. R

    Unbelievable Weekend huge silver 1885S a large cent and dime trifecta!

    thats a killer day by anyones standards big CONGRATS
  19. R

    Finally made it -

    me to . got a new password today. site is sure different from the old one
  20. R

    big silver

    i found this stuff in a yard on the next street directly behind my house. i dug it a few times before and ended up with 7 silvers. this one takes the cake