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Search results

  1. R

    Hunting in Corpus Christi, TX?

    Blackbird also hunts there along with several others. That's the 3 AM crowd and that's why its so quiet. Wasn't that long ago just 2-3 hunters including myself.
  2. R

    New multi frequency machine

    Totally agree nenadgbeepin.
  3. R

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    I never use normalization.
  4. R

    Get Ready | XP Metal Detectors

    How soon is soon? Some other companies have been saying soon for a very long time. Anyway, I'm a Deus user and I'm looking forward to it !
  5. R

    followed an idiot...

    We're being over run by idiots. I see new ones every week.
  6. R

    Hunting in Corpus Christi, TX?

    Lots of competition in CC. The City beaches get picked pretty clean. Lots of local hunters plus many people from the Texas Hill Country now bring their machines with them when they drive down to visit. I would avoid the city beaches at night. (just not worth the risk). City beaches are...
  7. R

    When the New Ctx Coming

    Probably will be released shortly after the new Nokta/Makro SMF is released.
  8. R

    under salt water

    Yeah I know, thanks.
  9. R

    under salt water

    I haven't taken mine into the water yet but I'm finding it works quite well in the wet sand at local beaches. I'm running it at 4Khz and full tones. It runs pretty quiet at 4Khz. I'm pretty impressed with it's performance and depth and it hits pretty small targets. ( not as good as the...
  10. R

    Cz...... (Still my go to detector)

    Sold mine and bought an Excal. I sold the Ecal and bought a Nox. It leaked, Minelab fixed it and I sold it. Now I'm back to square one. Been using the CZ-21 for over a year. This one is very deep and it doesn't leak.
  11. R

    Question about beach finds

    No good deed goes unpunished
  12. R

    New multi frequency machine

    Wow, 10K views and 101 replies. There's a good bit of interest in this machine. Probably a good many Equinox's out there with expired warranties or getting ready to expire soon. hmm..
  13. R

    Best non diamond find in 25 years

    That's incredible ! Congratulations !
  14. R

    Coiltek search coils ?

    Why aren't dealers receiving any for the Equinox ?
  15. R

    First hunt with the 8 inch coil on the AQ

    Hey tvr, Keep us updated on how that 8" coil is doing. Thanks for the info.
  16. R

    should I have bought an x35 coil instead of the 9 inch round hf.

    I've had my Deus for a little over 2 years now. I got the 9" X35 coil with it and I love it. I only have a few relic sites and the X35 works very well in those sites. The X35 performs so well for me I have no desire to try a HF.
  17. R

    New multi frequency machine

    I'm ready for it. The sooner the better. Time for more choices when it comes to SMF. Hopefully a wide selection of coil choices will come with it.
  18. R

    Don't give up on the cz

    Doesn't surprise me. Fisher 8" concentric is a great coil.
  19. R

    First day out with XP ORX

    Congratulations. I love finding Men's heavy gold bands.