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Search results

  1. R

    Purchased a F75

    I bought my 75 when fisher came out with the LTD camo. Still rocking it. Like Jim said start out on the soft side. It frustrated the heck out of me at first. But what I was finding was awesome. I run mostly bp. Every now and then I'll have to trim it down some. I've had numerous other fisher...
  2. R

    New 12" DD coil

    I watched the video. Am curious about the cost. Also how well it would hold up to a good thrashing in the woods. May only be usable in open fields and beaches. I like the idea that it's water proof and as said is lite in weight. hhrickinmi
  3. R

    Another ‘64 Rosie and old coin bracelet

    Sweet find!!!! That bracelet would definitely be an interesting story hhrickinmi
  4. R

    The path to silver.

    Thnx for lookin Iowa. Jimtn also advised me on the band. That stretch under the lines was fun. I was surprised with the absence of emi. The woods banking up on both sides was remarkably clear of trash. The old 75 dug deep and clean. That more then likely was how I scored two of my. oldest coins...
  5. R

    The path to silver.

    Jim Jim I've just started off to one side. I'm only able to hunt early morning. It gets busy after that. Pretty close to the launch. Maybe hit it one more time and wait for fall. Don't wanna give up my 'honey hole' guite yet!!!!!
  6. R

    The path to silver.

    Thanx eartthlypotluck!!!! It's been pretty exciting hhrickinmi
  7. R

    The path to silver.

    I've made four trips down the path. Here's my results thus far. First three trips I ran the 11in. 4th trip the 5in. I'm running Sens 90 Disc 1 Notch 1 Tone 3H Proc BP. hhrickinmi
  8. R

    The path to silver.

    Back to the path this morning. Found another V nickel. Looks like 1888.hhrickinmi
  9. R

    Drum stick belt buckle

    That is sweet!!! Nice find!!! hhrickinmi
  10. R

    The path to silver.

    Alright guys my adrenaline was pumping pretty fast through the blood steam. I may have been off a few numbers on the ID screen. But it was solid and I knew from experience I had to dig. One aspect I notest though as I went into the woods after I done grab balance. My machine was showing balance...
  11. R

    The path to silver.

    Y You got that right!!! I went back this morning and found my first V nickel. I was pumped!!! 1886. That's pretty amazing Jim!!! A double triple I guess I'd say. I always scan back over. Being in the woods I even made the hole wider and scanned the area well. I went back this morning and found...
  12. R

    The path to silver.

    Oh yeah guys I always swing back over and all around after I dig a good target!!!! hhrickinmi
  13. R

    The path to silver.

    Thanks Jim was hoping you would reply. I'll look it up tomorrow. I don't think my picks downloaded. hhrickinmi
  14. R

    The path to silver.

    I was enjoying my morning coffee down by the river when I noticed something different within the landscape. The power company obviously had cleared an area a long the easement path under the power lines across the river. Hmmm. Always wanted to go in there but it's like a jungle. Vines,surface...
  15. R

    Manual ground Balance

    Darn that's quite impressive wildwilly!!!. Give it a try. I've been detecting a mere 14 years. I've had only 5 machines. The at pro is fun to swing. Because of its water proof ability. But most of my machines I would manually ground balance. Any time I can find a clean spot to accomplish it...
  16. R

    Manual ground Balance

    I hunt in variable ground conditions in MI. I've had great success. But I can't prove what I'm doing is right every time. It does seem to calm the machine down and I gain a bit of depth. hhrickinmi
  17. R

    Manual ground Balance

    I always manually ground balance my machines. And am very curious and surprised jimtn doesn't.. Coming from a very experienced detectorist with many years of probing the ground. I may change my protocol. hhrickinmi
  18. R

    Two good (lucky) hunts in a row

    All depends on how you define luck! I'd rather think it's when preparation meets opportunity!! Nice finds hhrickinmi
  19. R

    List your favorite detector

    I cut my teeth on the F4. Found my first silver coin with it. Tried the gold bug pro. Then the Garrett pro. But....the best detector to date is my F75 camo LTD. Have had all the upgrades done over the years. Never had a problem with Fisher. I have found more cool stuff with this beast then any...
  20. R

    F19 scores a 14K band

    Gotta love the gold larbear!!! Good hunting. hhrickinmi