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Search results

  1. Confetrit

    War of 1812 excelsior

    That is one beautiful button and a great save. Congrat's.
  2. Confetrit

    Musket Trigger Guard?

    Yessssss, it looks like a trigger guard to me also. Being made of brass, I wonder if this could be from an Enfield musket? I dug years ago a trigger assembly from an Enfield musket, but the trigger itself was gone. It looks real similar to this piece you have here. Great save FF1.
  3. Confetrit

    Nice find and different

    CT Todd, Congrat's on some very nice saves. I really like the Dawg whistle and the fob. I wonder if this could possibly be related to the GAR, or (Grand Army of the Republic) for Union Veterans after the War of Northern Aggression? Well Done on these finds.
  4. Confetrit

    Purchased a F75

    MidTn, Thanks for the information. These Historical facts add so much to relics when they are found from these same areas where these actions happened. Take care, and again, Best wishes on some Saved History for you and the f75 at Franklin. Keep us posted.
  5. Confetrit

    Making my way……

    Nice saves. Well Done.
  6. Confetrit

    Game Token?

    Nice find and Save Sasquache, on the wooden nickel.
  7. Confetrit

    Wireless headphones for Minelab Safari/fbs metal detectors

    Thanks for your replies u2robert and woodbutcher.
  8. Confetrit

    Purchased a F75

    If this is the same cemetery, I had heard that the army had paused next to it enroute to Franklin shortly before the battle. If I remember correctly, the account stated that the cemetery was lined with cedar trees and was a beautiful setting. The account said that Gen. Claiborne found it so...
  9. Confetrit

    Wireless headphones for Minelab Safari/fbs metal detectors

    u2robert, Thank you so much for the pic's and the information on the Quest Pro wireless headphones. Most of these that I found online specified that they were for use with the Garrett AT line metal detectors. I'll check these out. Thanks again. Kevin
  10. Confetrit

    Purchased a F75

    The Battle of Franklin. Man, best of luck to you. This is where we lost our Stone wall of the West, Gen. Patrick Cleburne, along with 5 other Confetrit' generals. Here's hoping you can find some cool stuff, and Save some History with the New f75. We'll be waiting on some pic's coming soon. I...
  11. Confetrit

    What are friends for

    that is what it's all about.....having Fun and Saving some History.
  12. Confetrit

    What are friends for

    Great save of our American History. You are indeed a Great Friend! True Friendship is among one of the greatest treasures. You are both winners. Now it is your turn laplander.
  13. Confetrit

    Purchased a F75

    Congrat's, and Best of Luck to you with the New f75. What type of hunting do you mostly do?, and let us know what you think of your new Fisher.
  14. Confetrit

    Wireless headphones for Minelab Safari/fbs metal detectors

    Is there a certain model of the Quest wireless headphones that you used on your Etrac?
  15. Confetrit

    First day out with the 600

    You and the Equinox 600 are off to a great start. Well Done on the maiden voyage.
  16. Confetrit

    I’m blessing change of ownership.

    Congrat's on some great saves of those old coins. More great saves on the way from future hunts there. Continued Success to you.
  17. Confetrit

    Wireless headphones for Minelab Safari/fbs metal detectors

    I have a Minelab Safari and I'm thinking of trying to go wireless with the headphones. I have a set of Gray Ghost Original headphones that I really like. These are the best headphones to date that I have personally used as far as comfort, sound, and overall quality build. I was thinking of...
  18. Confetrit

    Anyone used to look for civil war relics in Atlanta in the past?

    That is good. Areas we used to hunt are big time Crime ridden today. While I sometimes think I'd like to go back and shoot the old hunting ground with my Minelab, it would not be worth the risk of a One Way trip. It is a shame too.
  19. Confetrit

    USPS has hit rock bottom...... DONT waste Time or money with them !!! Find another shipper ...Im done with them even if it costs more money.

    The Resident and his Phoney Baloney administration take responsibility for Nothing and answer to Absolutely No one, certainly not Americans, so I reckon the P.O . feels the same way as their Evil Doer Government does.
  20. Confetrit

    New To The Hunt

    Hey, nothing special is much better than nothing atall. Keep at it.