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Search results

  1. T

    Campus still producing!!

    Cool finds, The size and profile look right for what were called ointment (or cold cream) jars. As the name indicates they were used for medicinal rubs (think mentholated petrolatum etc.) They have been around since the early 1890s-1900s but seem to have become very popular in the 1920s & 30s...
  2. T

    Tattoo?compact half?

    Hmmmm... just a guess but a small round container with dancing girls motif and "got tattoo" embossed, might be an antique condom case.
  3. T

    Bullet ID help.

    I missed that - the Volcanic would definitely have a hollow base. Thanks JCR TX.
  4. T

    Bullet ID help.

    I think JCR TX is on the right track, 41 Rimfire used a 130 gr bullet 13 gr of black powder and got about 425 fps. Another possibility would be a 41 Volcanic the exterior looks close. It's a very interesting early repeater (and caseless!) you can find info searching on Volcanic repeater or...
  5. T

    Is anyone still swinging a Safari?

    I usually use an Explorer XS but I also have a Quattro that I take out every once in a while, I still go back to the Explorer (and that's the old original XS) , but then again I generally hunt parks, a few permissions, and sometimes beaches, situations which the FBS machines do particularly well...
  6. T

    WOW!! Lots of Silver!!!

    Very nice finds, I believe the pendant is Masonic, Order of the Eastern Star, but I could be wrong. Always nice to see folks finding silver. Good luck on your hunts!
  7. T

    Hatchet head?

    You might want to check out "Old Copper Culture", the Milwaukee Museum has some good info on this, there are quite a few other websites as well (also might want to search "Old Copper Complex". The style looks to be consistent with examples they show dated to 4000 BC and some date earlier. The...
  8. T

    How old constitutes Vintage anyway?

    I'd say it is more the technology than just the age, there was a huge difference between the analog (or mostly analog) T/R machines and the digital detectors. Personally when I think of vintage detectors I think of analog units, mostly T/R and BFO. BTW I had a Sov XS2A pro and to date it is the...
  9. T

    Rice and waterlogged detector??

    Totally agree, if you're dealing with salt water you'd have to get rid of the salt. That's usually done with a couple of DI or distilled water rinses before drying. This would usually involve disassembly before the rinses then blotting and low pressure air jetting dry to get rid of most of the...
  10. T

    Just isn't right

    It still could be stainless, there are quite a few grades that are magnetic. It could also be nickel (or cobalt - very unlikely) but I would think that with all of the fine chains a magnetic grade of stainless steel would be most likely. There are some really good resources online on steel...
  11. T

    Possible old gold something?

    Cool finds, thanks for sharing. I'd take a guess at the gold item being a watch fob (minus the ribbon or chain) by the decoration and style of it. If it is the other side shoild be decorated as well (unlike a button) and there was probably a loop or wire attached to one edge.
  12. T

    Lead "handle" (???) with threaded iron core from 1812-era tavern site

    It's kind of a guess, but how about a weight for a hand thrown line? They were used for centuries and it seems like it would be about the right size and in lead it would probably have a decent weight.
  13. T

    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    Just a bit of follow up, the prutah was bronze or copper, minted in Judea under Roman occupation (hence it's designation as a Roman coin), in its day it was worth two lepta (the lepta was the coin referred to as the "widows mite''. The patterns on the coin are a head of grain and a palm tree...
  14. T

    Anyone have any idea what this is?

    Hello, neat find but I think there is a catch, I believe what you have is an ancient Roman coin, run a search on : Ancient Rome Prutah of Marcus Ambibulus or Coponius and I think you'll see it. The only catch is that there were a huge number of copies of these, (They are considered a Biblical...
  15. T

    Plastic enclosure for a metal detector project

    I've used PVC junction boxes with pretty good results but 6" is pretty big for them, it might get a little heavy. The upshot is that they are waterproof or at least water resistant and feedthroughs are a breeze. They are pretty inexpensive and can be had at the local "big box hardware store" of...
  16. T

    What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

    I'll second that, I had one and moved away from it when the Explorer XS came out and every now and then I still miss it.
  17. T

    I am stumped on this one

    I'll take a guess - warp thread weights from a weavers loom. A loom would use a bunch of them. You mentioned that you found several and they tended to be deep, did you find them in the same site or at different locations?
  18. T

    Found this Today

    I believe you have a pendulum weight from an old clock, usually referred to as a pendulum bob. The wire loop is the key to spotting these (though some were tabs or even just part of the casting). this type was frequently used on mantel clocks where they wouldn't be visible so they tended not to...
  19. T

    Bullet Identification

    Sorry, I read your post and you said it's a little over 10g (for some reason I thought it was under) there are 15.43 grains per gram, your bullet would be slightly over so maybe 155 to 165 grain? Happy Hunting.
  20. T

    Bullet Identification

    30 cal (0.308 inch diameter) 150 grain (or thereabouts). It is kind of hard to tell from the image but it looks like a flat base full metal jacket,. If you clean up the tip and see lead then it's a soft point, if the tip is copper and the base is lead (in the center, the rim of the base usually...