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Search results

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    Pro Pro Pro Garettpropointers :tongue:

    Happy New Year :wink:
  2. S

    Vibra Probe 560 dont detect?

    My old Vibra Probe 560 works upside down but switches off in detecting position what can be wrong and what switch probe use? Any links with info would be helpful. Thanks
  3. S

    Under water FBS :pinnochio

    Some variation in making under water explorer, hope you will found it interesting :smile:
  4. S

    Anybody have used Minelab Pi coils on Infinium?

    Very interesting to hear. Thanks
  5. S

    Garrett ATX coil on Minelab GPX?

    Interesting who first will try ATx DD coil on Minelab GPX?
  6. S

    anybody hear have used military detectors with GPR?

    Something like this very interesting to hear any feedback. Thanks
  7. S

    My opinion Nel Tornado coil is crap

    Yesterday did few short test with Nel Tornado coil and hot rocks- results are disaster, all hot rocks gave positive signal! Checked with tester receiver resistance and its way to hight compare to minelab Pro coil or old 1050 or Coiltek Little Joy or Minelab 8 or Sunray X 12 or Minelab Slim, this...
  8. S

    Anybody use Minelab Pi detector on the belt to make ti lighter?

    I am very curious why I never saw people using Minelab Pi detectors like GP or GPX on the belts to safe weight?
  9. S

    All minelab Pi users lets test your mashines how deep they are

    Hello all Pi Minelab users, I have strange request, I would like to ask all of you who use any Minelab Pi model detector to make air test with steel bearing balls, any size from 5mm to 15mm, in the post write Minelab model, steel ball size and distance from coil. Thank you all in advance Stasys
  10. S

    What for is headphone modul on CTX? in 56sec. it showed and why it should be removed?. Thanks
  11. S

    Etrac and CTX 3030 coils are compatible?

  12. S

    Can I test new Minelab?

    Minelab can you send me CTX 3030 for test? :rolleyes:
  13. S

    Can we BETon new Minelab CTX3030 prise? 2650$

    I am just curious to know others opinion what we think will cost new Minelab and what we price we will see. I suggest type hear just price. 2650$
  14. S

    Concenric coil for sovereign? any reviews?

    Hello Sovereign friendly and angry people :happy:, I am just curious does Sovereign has Concentric coil? I would like to hear some reviews about concentric sovereign coil compare to DD. Just real facts from the field, please. from My explorer and etrac and the rest detectors experience it...
  15. S

    How looks Minelab Safari screen borad?

    Hello all, looking for picture or real screen board for minelab Safari. Thank you all. Stasys Just looking to safari face plate, its should be the same size like explorers, but its what I can see from the internet pictures, dont have real safari. if you have Safari just measure size. thanks
  16. S

    Tejon without discrimination its all metal or still some discrimination?

    Hello Tesoro users. have Tesoro Cibola and checked it without discrimination on iron, its looks like Cibola has inside preset some iron discrimination level and true all metal to accept all the nails and the rest iron. I would like to know what is the situation with Tejon without discrimination...
  17. S

    Where I can get underwater headphones speakers?

    Hello all my dear friends, looking in Digi-Key catalog for special flat headphones speakers, but can found? once I saw them there, but now dont know in what section??? Thanks for help and if you have some broken -spare underwater headphones let me know. Thanks Stasys
  18. S

    what is the best rain cover for DFX box?

    Hello looking for not very expensive cover for DFX box, how many different models exist? what is the best? from what other whites models cover can be used? thanks Stasys
  19. S

    What Gain does on Goldbug or G2?

    Hello all G2 and Goldbug users, I a bit confused after reading G2 manual about Gain? Gain is sensitivity on G2? or like on explorer if Gain on max all targets deep and shallow sounds the same loud and no any different in volume? Thanks Stasys
  20. S

    koss unity gain amplifier

    hello aybody can explain me how works koss unity gain amplifier? just like simple amplifier or something more?