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Search results

  1. GateKeeper

    Hatchet head?

    No, not my opinion but a fact. Now act as adults.
  2. GateKeeper

    Hatchet head?

    What kind of childish bickering and name calling is going on? Do I have to start issuing timeouts? Next contempt of childish behavior can sit in the corner for 2 days. Now back to your debate as gentlemen. I will be watching.
  3. GateKeeper

    We gotta a spammmer !!!!

    Yes we know. It's the same person I have banned mutiple times. Unfortunately they are using an IP gererator and I cannot keep banning all of them. The IP's are too many to count. Just keep reporting and I'll keep banning the window licker.
  4. GateKeeper

    Equinox 6" coil rattle

    I looked into the picture as well. You're all guilty of being goofballs and need to go stand in the corner for a timeout. Happy Hunting
  5. GateKeeper

    New Simplex with 2.78 update.

    I have no problem if you can't read nor speak the language. I do have a problem being disrespectful to another for the language they speak. Either say nothing or use a translating app, there's no excuse to be a jerk.
  6. GateKeeper

    New Simplex with 2.78 update.

    I've seen enough of this nonsense.. I checked the credentials of every member in this thread and I didn't find any of you with Administrator rights, meaning none of you have the right to tell others what language they can speak here. This isn't just an American forum, but a Worldwide forum...
  7. GateKeeper

    Coming Back To Metal Detecting

    Welcome back to a great hobby.
  8. GateKeeper

    Just Visiting

    Welcome back Lisa.
  9. GateKeeper

    Worn 20 Cent piece

    I would hope that a new member didnt do such a deed. I'll allow him to tell his side of the story.
  10. GateKeeper

    List your coils

    Apparently some had a problem with this persons opinion. If you are offended by someones opinion, prove them wrong. Otherwise, quit acting like kids telling on someone because you didnt like their opinion.
  11. GateKeeper

    What is going on???

    It's been taken care of. Our apologies.
  12. GateKeeper

    We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

    Look at the first post in this thread, click the link and it will take you to the new forum.
  13. GateKeeper

    We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

    We started a forum for those of you who have been using smokers or are BBQ grill experts with the main aim being for smokers, recipes, types of smokers, etc. for any of you interested. Come show us your recipes and share your expertise on how you use any type of smoker as well as any experts on...
  14. GateKeeper

    Is the CTX still a viable detector?

    I've tried many after I got my CTX on the day of the original release day. I have to honestly say it's still my favorite detector.
  15. GateKeeper

    Requesting Prayer for our family

    Sorry for your loss buddy. Your family is in my prayers.
  16. GateKeeper

    Is posting a detecting YouTube video a party foul?

    We look forward to watching your Ad Free videos
  17. GateKeeper

    Thanks for nothing Minelab....

    Sorry to hear @martygene Yes Minelab has gone down hill since the winter after the CTX was released. Guv, Digger and I used to conference call the folks in Australia before they got pink slips. Now unfortunately all that is left is corporate robots that only believe in their bottom line and...
  18. GateKeeper


    Everyday there are forum spammers trying to gain access to our forum. If you see a request in the Approval Queue, leave it alone so I can Nuke them. There are special tools I use to do so. Thank you, Gatekeeper
  19. GateKeeper

    The Wife Want's a Metal Detector..!

    The Nokta Simplex is a great machine for beginners and advanced as well. She will love it.