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Search results

  1. coffey67

    Southern Illinois

    Goreville, not too far away!
  2. coffey67

    Treasure Hunting a Dog Park

    This can be a really crappy experience!
  3. coffey67

    Nokta Midi Hord

    A while back I purchased a Nokta Midi Hord for my grand kids to use. I was so impressed with it I bought another! I have 6 grandsons so it will get used. This detector works very well and is easy to use. It is a waterproof kids detector and the build quality is better than some adult detectors...
  4. coffey67

    Tried my Simplex for the first time yesterday

    Thanks guys! I ordered the SP24 today and will give that a try.
  5. coffey67

    Tried my Simplex for the first time yesterday

    If the 8.5 coil gives you more depth then why choose the 5x9.5?
  6. coffey67

    Tried my Simplex for the first time yesterday

    Yesterday was the first time I tried my Simplex. It was OK but I was not overly impressed. I normally use my Tesoro Bandido II uMax as my go to machine. The Simplex is much noisier and it does not play well with my Garrett pinpointer. The coil on the Simplex is so large that it does not seem to...
  7. coffey67

    Tesoro metal detectors with preset ground balance

    Remove the pot and measure it with an ohm meter and then buy the same
  8. coffey67

    Southern Illinois

    Would not mind finding a buddy to detect with here in Southern Illinois. Older guy here 53.
  9. coffey67

    I only have one vintage detector

    I have many older machines that still work great. Are you from S. Illinois?
  10. coffey67

    metal coil connectors

    I have noticed that on a few of my older detectors that the bolt and nut that holds the coil on is metal. The newer ones seem to be plastic. Would there be any advantage of replacing the metal ones with plastic? Also my old Bandido II has a lower rod that is mostly metal and terminates with...
  11. coffey67

    No more Facebook

    I, like many of you, used Facebook groups for some of the same reasons we are here on this forum. I deleted my Facebook account today. I cannot support a company that is so much against free speech. Twitter is gone too. It is no secret that I am a conservative but even the ACLU is against what...
  12. coffey67

    Cut Down

    Thinking about "cutting down" one of my detectors to make it into a short model that would allow you to more easily detect a crawl space, cave, or other area where a long shafted detector would be awkward to use. Anyone else ever done this? Thoughts?
  13. coffey67

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    A hammer is a pretty simple tool. There are many specialized hammers for a variety of jobs. And even though it is a simple tool there is a difference between brands.
  14. coffey67

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    I have the DFX Spectrum and an old Eagle II SL. The old Eagle II SL is hot on silver because of its lower frequency but the multi-freq DFX Spectrum is almost as hot on silver but does a better job overall. I have several Tesoro detectors that are single freq that do well under most circumstances.
  15. coffey67

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    I have seven different detectors and they span a few different frequencies. One is a multi frequency. I notice a depth difference for silver on my lower frequency machines. The lower the frequency the better depth for silver for sure. Here is an article that explains it well...
  16. coffey67

    Truthfully, the difference in most detectors

    Do not ignore the operating frequency of the machine. That has a lot to do with depth for certain metals. Also multi-frequency machines will out perform all others on a variety of targets and increase your finds.
  17. coffey67

    ISO uMax Housing

    Looking for a housing that will work for my Silver Sabre uMax. Anyone have a non-working uMax detector for sale?