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    Shout Out to ML Service!

    My stock 800 coil had a broken ear and I sent it out on the 16th. A new one made it back to me today! Thanks very much to the crew in Alum Bank for GREAT service, excellent communication and a fast turnaround! Hassle free business deserves recognition, so here it is!
  2. I

    How did everyone do for a silver count this season?

    Being as it doesn’t replenish itself, how are we doing on continuing to extract our favorite colored coins? It seems to me that since people keep posting finds of them on all of the forums, we are either getting better with our machines, getting better at finding sites, getting in more hours or...
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    Complete tone reversal in 50 tone....check it out!

    I don’t know WHY anyone would want to do it, but here’s what ya do(for those who haven’t done it already). Choose 50 tone profile. Change the left hand value from 90 to 1200hz. Change the right hand value from whatever it is(930 maybe?) to 75hz. Now your low stuff is higher pitched and higher...
  4. I

    I’m going BACKWARD with my 800! SOS!

    I have never used anything but Park 1, always noise cancel, then Auto GB by accepting everything and finding a clean/clean-ish piece of ground and pumping the coil till it settles on a number...usually anywhere from 15-55. I’m always looking for deeper and older coins ONLY so I hate to limit the...
  5. I

    I am very happy about this!

    The sticky regarding the differences in Explorer models made it back to the top of the page! That is all...:thumbup:
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    Wi-Stream vs Bluetooth

    In the interest of clearing confusion about the 2, both Equinox models are set up to run Wi-Stream, which is Minelabs proprietary audio transmission system which NO other manufacturer has or makes stuff for, and Bluetooth AptX, which is very common... and headphones, transmitters and parts can...
  7. I

    Also a Ground Balance question please!

    It is just about the 11th Commandment on the CTX that unless you are at Hells doorstep, you are NOT to fart around with the Ground Balance function, it is to STAY in “Auto Tracking”. On the previous eTrac and Explorers, it is not even accessible! Now we have a different machine, and there are 3...
  8. I

    One way falsing 25-32 on large nail...VERY good sound!

    I don’t have a great grip even after 60+ hours on this thing. EQ800 Stock coil Park 1 Manual GB levels at 35 Recovery usually 5, perhaps 3 when in an open area with deeper possibilities IB 0-2 Sensitivity 18-22 Even with the high bin set at max of 25 for volume and main volume at 22, once I...
  9. I

    Absolutely BIZARRE air test finding!!

    I wanted to test all the single freq responses. This particular test... 5khz Sens 20 Auto NC(forget what channel it selected) 5 tone Recovery 5 IB 0 Highest bin 18-50 Stock coil Coins tested... 1896 Indian Good condition zinc Merc Rosie Wheat Ready? All coins read to 8-9” with a clean response...
  10. I

    Using Threshold Variation to hunt deep targets....

    I’m assuming this would be something that might be used by someone looking for ANYTHING? Am I correct in also assuming that there would be basically no conclusive TID or audio associated with such targets? If it’s one thing I have little to no experience with,it is hunting with Threshold,but if...
  11. I

    Crazy war nickel numbers....

    After Pryor Creek Joe was kind enough to air test a war nickel with the CTX and 17” coil and send me the video,I am again scratching my head. Even though it’s never happened to ME,it apparently indeed does happen! The numbers actually made it up to 12-34,which is obviously nowhere NEAR what...
  12. I

    Been swinging the EX2 again....

    Since my CTX is at the doctor the EX2 is out in the field again. It is just amazing at how well this thing finds coins,even with fairly high disc in a lot of trash. I think 2 years of running the CTX has enhanced my skills and overall understanding of how coins might respond,and that has helped...
  13. I

    Define “unmasking”

    Being as that physics are what they are,how do you believe “unmasking” is accomplished? What exactly is the definition of “unmasking”?
  14. I

    Don’t forget the BASICS!

    Especially new detectorists who will be using the EQ as their first machine,or guys coming to Minelab for the first time...sizing,repetitiveness of signal,fairly stable numbers,etc. I for one have made the mistake of screaming into a site with a different machine and finding zilch. Site location...
  15. I

    CTX Challenge To The Equinox

    To know if I need one,I have to see it out-do the CTX in turf. I am a turf hunter,so to make it appeal to me,this is the challenge.... You and your Equinox find more silver ITEMS than me in a single hunt...I give you 50 bucks. The rules.... We hunt the same piece of property for agreed amount...
  16. I

    I noticed something about the EQ coils....

    The new 11” is flat across at the nose and heel,and webbing is different. Same with 15”. The 6” coil looks EXACTLY like the 6” CTX Coil... Does it mean anything? I don’t know,it’s just something I noticed.
  17. I

    X-1 probe on the Equinox?

    Wouldn’t that just be the cats pajamas! Are these new Multi-IQ coils using chips? What’s that connector look like,anyone got a pic?