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Search results

  1. G

    In the News: Rare Shilling

    Found in an old cookie can ... Cheers, Joe
  2. G

    Oilfield Trash Pin

    This one was about 3 inches down in a vacant lot in a well traveled area. It came in the Target ID mid 60's range on the Teknetics Omega. It's a pin, about an inch wide. Even though it says "Trash", I'll keep it. Cheers, Joe
  3. G

    rescued a kinda rare WWII pin today...

    They changed the name to "Military Air Transport Service" (MATS) in 1948. Here's the Wiki article: Cheers. Joe
  4. G


    Well done, moderator. We see enough trash and junk in the ground, and we remove it. No need to see it here. Cheers.
  5. G

    A Wheatie and a Watcher

    Out with the Garrett GTI2500 today on the Jacksonville curb strips ... Got a nice "penny" signal and dug up a nice 1947S Wheatie. Sitting on the ground next to the hole was this little guy, watching me. He didn't try to hop away, but just kept looking. A good day, all around. Cheers, Joe
  6. G

    Curb Strip Junk

    I'll keep the two quarters and two pennies. The other stuff is part of a man's watch, a faucet, and a piece of trim from a Mercedes-Benz "GL" auto. (I thought things weren't supposed to fall off expensive cars.) It's going to recycling. Cheers, Joe
  7. G

    Did a Good Deed (I hope)

    I went by there again, just to check it out. After more than a month, the key's still hanging there on a nail on the fence. It's easy to see it from the street. I guess the guy is doing OK without it. Cheers, Joe
  8. G

    Got Permission To Hunt A Couple Of Lots Where Some Houses Were Just Torn Down

    Those are excellent finds. Well done, John. The 1929 bicycle license tag is probably a more rare and unusual find than a 1929 coin. Folks used to discuss about whether or not a bicycle license was "necessary". . . . A license is not necessary. Why can't I just ride my bike, without...
  9. G

    Did a Good Deed (I hope)

    Well, I went by the spot again today. The keys are still hanging there, on a nail on the fence. They're easily seen by anyone walking or driving by. I guess the guy hasn't been out looking, or doesn't need them anymore. Cheers, Joe
  10. G

    More Big Silver

    Well done! You've got the perfect combination -- great site for searching, great technique, and great detector. Cheers, Joe
  11. G

    Kenya coin in Missouri

    He was born in Hawaii. About that coin ... Somebody else from Kenya was there, in Missouri (the "Show Me" state) on that day. He was walking around with a coin in his pocket. Maybe a bar or another shop in Missouri took that Kenya coin, no problem, for a cold beer on a hot day, or a loaf...
  12. G

    Kenya coin in Missouri

    A coin like that always raises a lot of questions and makes us wonder. Did some fellow just carry it around in his pocket, not knowing what it was? Did he just get an odd foreign coin in his change at the supermarket? (That's happened to me several times.) Or, was it something important to...
  13. G

    Thought is was a junker token..... boy was I wrong!

    That is a wonderful discovery. Someone will be surprised and thankful to hear about it, and will remember back across the years as though it only happened yesterday. Please let us know how it turns out. Cheers, Joe
  14. G

    Last couple times out

    Wow ... Finding so many in just a couple of times out detecting. How much ground did you have to cover?
  15. G

    On the Curb Strips Again

    It was a great day to be outside on the curb strips in Jacksonville, Florida, swinging the coil on the Garrett GTI-2500. Finding the Italian coin was a surprise. Cheers, Joe
  16. G

    51 cents and a truckload of GOLD

    Man, it's not every day that we can come home with a whole truckload of finds. Well done. Cheers, Joe
  17. G

    1781 George III Irish US Colonial Hibernia Halfpenny

    Wow. Amazing find. Well done! Cheers, Joe
  18. G

    70 acre farm field - Spanish Silver

    Congratulations! It's a superb find. How deep was it? Cheers, Joe
  19. G

    Did a Good Deed (I hope)

    I did press the button while walking around, hoping to hear the car's horn. No luck. Then I hung the keys on the fence. Anytime I go by there, I'll look to see if they're gone. Cheers, Joe
  20. G

    Did a Good Deed (I hope)

    On a Spring day in Jacksonville, Florida, swinging the coil with the Garrett GTI2500, on some curb strips. Got a signal and image of a target under some leaves. Up came a set of car keys. Some poor guy lost his keys to his car. He must have spent a lot of time looking for them. What to do...