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Search results

  1. Donna(NJ

    How much junk are you willing to dig to find gold ????

    Summer beach season finally over and a popular, outdoor dining location finally closed. Was a large fenced in area on the beach. They left the fence open after putting away all the tables and luckily I was the first to get in. I decided just to just dig all the high tones for coins since...
  2. Donna(NJ

    Are the wireless headphones rain proof ???

    Just got a new machine with the wireless headphones. Been dying to use them but Ive been out in the rain the last couple of days. I know they are not water-proof but can they withstand a heavy downpour ??? Thanks, Donna(NJ)
  3. Donna(NJ

    USPS has hit rock bottom...... DONT waste Time or money with them !!! Find another shipper ...Im done with them even if it costs more money.

    Ive sent/ received 3 packages or letter in the last month and the PO has screwed up royally each time. Package from CA to NJ took almost a month. Certified letter over a week. Tracking kept saying 'in transit; while it already arrived !!!! Now I sent a detector to South Dakota on Monday...
  4. Donna(NJ

    Battery indicator lied !!!!!

    Was going to download new software but was having a hard time locating it on the web site. Since there was a Minelab dealer not too far, I decided to call and see if they had the battery. Sure enough, YES, for $30. SHAME on Minelab for charging $69 plus your postage for shipping !!!! Took...
  5. Donna(NJ

    My Equinox has a ghost living inside of it !!!!!!

    After trying to power up with power cord plugged in, external battery supply, still nothing. My next move was to re-install firmware. As I walked by the machine, I did to try again, only this time, I kept pressing the button on and off many times. Guess what it powered up !!! Battery meter...
  6. Donna(NJ

    Just out of curiosity...

    Has anyone had a battery go bad yet ??? My machine is 3 yrs, 6 months old. THx, Donna(NJ)
  7. Donna(NJ

    Here's the deal on the Equinox repair

    Spoke with Minelab, since the control unit is sealed, the only thing they can fix is replace the battery or replace the control unit. Since my unit is out of warranty, a new control unit will cost $300 shipped. I know its not the battery as it was fully charged before my outing. So now we...
  8. Donna(NJ

    Machine wont power on... Common defect ???

    I was hunting one beach and decided to go someplace else. Machine would not power on. Went home, charged machine, again. Solid light. Still couldnt power on. My machine is out of warranty, wonder if anyone else had this problem and cost to repair. TIA HH Donna(NJ)
  9. Donna(NJ

    We got a spammer 'buzasius694'

    Didnt post link this time Sent a nasty link HH Donna(NJ)
  10. Donna(NJ

    Any new, news on the Multi-frequency machine ??

    Release date any time this years ??? Inquiring minds like to know. Looking for a new machine. HH Donna(NJ)
  11. Donna(NJ

    We gotta a spammmer !!!!

    Tegar47 sent me some crap !!!!
  12. Donna(NJ

    Just an FYI on Deus repairs...

    I absolutely love my Deus and the service up in Mass has been nothing short of fantastic. I have never had any real problems with my equipment except for battery replacement. Living in NJ, the turnaround time was fantastic up until now. In the past, I have sent parts in on Monday and they were...
  13. Donna(NJ

    Looking for a backup wet sand machine

    Been swinging the Nox 600 for a few years. The balance is bad and killing my shoulder. I switched to the grphite rod but still n/g. Thinking of trying the Vanquish. How well does it work on wet salt sand ?? What would be the difference between the two ?? Thanks you in advance. HH Donna(NJ)
  14. Donna(NJ

    My HF 9" coil wont pair with the ORX control unit

    Recently acquired an ORX controller and headphones. Been using my HF on my Deus, no problems. I entered the serial number in the ORX and it wont pair. Coil & controller fully charged. I deleted entire serial # and re-entered, power off/ power on and still nothing. Any suggestions before I...
  15. Donna(NJ

    Wireless Headphones

    Second pair of of wired Minelab heaphones bit the dust. Minelab wont pay postage for return under warranty as they did the first set. I wasnt going to pay $10-15 in postage to return and get the same junky headphones. I wasnt going to pay $100 for wireless either. Unfortunately the Micus and...
  16. Donna(NJ

    Any news on NEL small coil for Simplex

    I headed out to a very trash location in the bay. I really like my NEL sharp shooter coil for my Fisher F75. I was hoping to have one for the Simplex this month for a special hunt. Anyone have info on the NEL coil ??? Thx, Donna(NJ)
  17. Donna(NJ

    Need help with wireless headphones for my Nox 600

    I did a search and found the Miccus but no longer available on the Big A# or Big E# Im looking for over the ear noise canceling. Im not an electronic guru, so what spec's do I need to look for beside Low latency ? Thank you in advance. HH Donna(NJ)
  18. Donna(NJ

    Anyone who has a Simplex in hand....

    Is the machine well balanced or nose heavy like the Nox ??? HH Donna(NJ)
  19. Donna(NJ

    You get what you pay for......

    In 20 years of hunting the beach I never had a failure like this. I was swinging along just fine and plop, the coil falls to the sand, ears snapped off !!!! Just like that. Crap and no backup coil !!!! That coil didnt last long, just over a year. I see from a search Im not the only lucky...
  20. Donna(NJ

    Headphone Jack ...Is it water-proof ???

    Do I need to get a pair of water-proof headphones with the water-proof connector ??? Or is the jack already water-proof ??? Cant recall what I read a year ago !!!! :) :) :) Thx, Donna