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  1. C

    Minelab GPX 4500

    First, I wanted to know if Minelab has quit the manufacturing of GPX 4500s. Also, is there any interesting news out there for the people who are still using them?
  2. C

    5.2 version

    Can one download this newest version (4.0 to 5.21) without downloading any version between. I am downloading to my controller, Grey Ghost hp puck, pin pointer, small LF coil, and round HF coil. Also, I have tried several times to download 5.0 to my computer with no avail. However, this newest...
  3. C

    best coil for the GPX 4500

    Which is the better coil for the GPX 4500. This is, of course, in a relic hunting situation. Is the Detech Spiral 15" better than the 18" DD Minelab? Unless you nugget hunters can tell me how and where I may find them here in East Tennessee...…...Thank you. What settings do you use with the...
  4. C

    Using other battery packs

    Has anyone heard of or had problems with non-factory battery packs causing problems to GPX machines?
  5. C

    Version 5.2 (Problems)

    I tried to download the V 5.2 with no success. Turned off McCaffee firewall and anti-spam. Then Windows defender would not allow. Is the 5.2 worth the trouble. MI-6 is working fine. I think I have decided if it aint broke don't fix...…..Any comments as to why this download maybe worth any...
  6. C

    tried the Detech 15" Spiral out today

    I got a chance to try this coil out today. First, it is heavy. I use the pro-swing harness with it and not too bad. However, I didn't look that long. Seemed to like the iron pretty good. I did notice this. A good solid low tone one direction then turn 90degrees, and get a crazy tone( I think I'm...
  7. C

    detech 15" DD spiral coil

    I got it this morning. After several weeks shipping, I put it on the GPX. I tried it just briefly in test garden. I didn't try any settings other than those published by Hockstetler. When I get the Minelab Commander 18" DD next week, I will try and compare the two. Any one have any better...
  8. C

    18" Minelab Commander dd

    What are some thoughts on the Minelab commander 18" dd? Discrimination and weight? Thanks......
  9. C

    Minelab Pro-Sonic wireless headphones

    Anybody use them with the GPX? Looks like it would free you up a lot. If so, how do they work......Thanks, the GPX 4500 is a great machine.
  10. C

    GPX 4500 Newby

    The Green truck came by yesterday. Nothing like looking and waiting for a new metal detector and it finally arrives. I have read and watched youtube for quite a while now trying to learn about the GPX and found Tony Hockstetler (might be spelled wrong). He seems to be very knowledgeable so I...
  11. C

    Discrimination with the GPX 4500

    Somebody that is an experienced user of the 4500------Can you tell me if there is any discrimination with this machine with relics. If so, is it only with hearing or is there a setting that causes this machine to null (if it really does) over ferrous materials? I have heard a little about the...
  12. C

    Help with a Question on Headphones

    I bought the XP Deus with the WS5 headphones. I recently bought the WS4s with the Grey Ghosts headphones. My question is can I pair the WS4 puck with my coils and still be able to use my WS5s also. Thanks......
  13. C

    Comparison of Headphones

    How are the XP WS5 headphones compared to the Grey Ghost with the puck? And, nothing is being said on the 4.1 update. What is new on this. I had a problem the other day. I didn't have the headphones on when choosing a coil and when I got to the location to metal detect, no coil. It had been a...
  14. C

    11x13 coil question?????

    Is the 11x13" coil any deeper than the 11"? Thanks......
  15. C

    New HF 9" round coil

    I received the coil yesterday. Tried it in the test garden. Used Hot program and 28 frequency. Hit silver quarter quite well. But, I thought it did better at 14. Also, did well on clad quarter and nickle. Stable and steady as a heart-beat at 95 sensitive. I did the pumping ground balancing...
  16. C

    GM power program with HF coils

    Has anyone ever used the HF coils with the GM power program for civil war relics. I wander how it would react over bullets and buttons etc. More important----how does the IAR discriminate the iron and nails...Thanks......
  17. C

    MI-6 Pin Pointer problems???

    I received my pin pointer yesterday. Earlier I purchased my Deus, it already was a V4. I did not have to do a download. After the pin pointer was paired with the metal detector, and the pin pointer is turned off, not all times but some times the coil does not comunicate with the headphones. I...
  18. C

    HF Eliptical Coil Question

    How about the HF Eliptical coil's stability? Every one talks about it being so stable. Has anyone tried maxing the sensitivity with this coil to see how it contends with stability?
  19. C

    XP Deus Question

    Can you use a 3.2 version coil with a 4.0 control?
  20. C

    XP 11" or 9 low freq.

    Is there any difference in depth between the 11 and 9" low frequency coils? I have just the 9" and like it a lot----weight and size. This is for relic hunting. I have noticed some problems with high grass. Another question----Does depth change the tone. I use the hot program and full tones...