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    Park Hunt Today

    Went out for a couple hours yesterday and found some coins, really hot and cut it short.
  2. T

    Looking for a good place to sell some of my gold and silver that I have accumulated over the years.

    Hi everyone, I live Houston area and I am looking some place to sell off some of my finds. I tried a couple pawn shops and a couple gold and silver buyers in my location and the best they could offer was about 60 % of the current market value based on actual silver and gold content. I just...
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    Went to the beach after storm!

    AT-PRO. Disc at 30 pro mode at zero
  4. T

    Beach hunt after Delta Galveston

    Went to the beach a couple days ago and spent about 4 hours working the low tide. Got about 5 $s worth of coins and a couple pieces of jewelry. Found a women’s graduation ring from New Haven University , 2016, BS forensic. Got a name on back side but no luck trying to fight the person. Had a...
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    Went to the beach after storm!

    Decided to hit the beach along Texas coast after the recent storm. The storm sanded over the beach and could not find anything, absolutely nothing. I decided to detect along the washed out sand dunes that the storm partially eroded and managed to get a few coins and some trash. It was hot, I...
  6. T

    Got 4 Rings Today Water Detecting With The AT MAX

    Wow, Awesome, nice rings and gold, that’s a good day!!!
  7. T

    Problem with my ATPro display!

    Thank you guys, appreciate the response. I did not realize that the unit came with a decal! Thanks agian Stan
  8. T

    Problem with my ATPro display!

    My display is foggy with rainbow colors when it gets hot outside!
  9. T

    Problem with my ATPro display!

    Hi Everyone, been a while since I’ve posted anything on this forum. Retired recently and will be devoting more time to this hobby. Getting ready to join a local detecting club in our county and looking forward taking this to the next level.Also will be traveling to the north west to do some...
  10. T

    Garrett GTI 1500

    Got one and been using it for the 10 years, great machine for coins, love the imaging, depth, night light, numerical read out and pin pointing features. I take this detector as a back-up with my AT PRO . STAN
  11. T

    Where to sell gold

    Be careful where you sell your loot, most places only give you about half of what the market value is!
  12. T

    Looking for someone in Colorado to do some prospecting

    Will be in Colorado, in the Colorado Springs area some time in Sept., looking to hook up with someone to do some gold prospecting for a few days. Thanks Stan
  13. T

    Detecting Galveston beaches looking for partner

    Just retired and looking for someone who might want to detect in Galveston area!
  14. T

    Hot Cash and Hot Cars

    Went to the beach and found three one hundred dollar bills and a couple hot wheels plus coins , etc Too bad the bills were movie props , got real excited when I saw them , wish they were real, had a good time anyway! HAPPY HUNTING TRIPLE-SSS
  15. T

    Looking to do some prospecting and detecting

    Looking for someone in the Colorado Springs area Will be there next week for about 5 days Never been in the Rockies , looking to do some prospecting and metal detecting, for a couple days Thanks Stan.
  16. T

    Best Coin Day at the beach, no jewelry?????

    Spend a whole day at the beach yesterday and now paying the price? Got 29 quarters, 23 dimes, 8 nickels , 62 pennies and all the other junk like flip tops, bottle caps, beer and soda cans, scrap metal etc..... I cannot believe that I did not find one piece of jewelry. This beach does not get...
  17. T

    Out enjoying the cool weather at the beach with AT-PRO

    Went out to the beach on Sun., had very little luck at the usual places so decided to go off the beaten track at a different location with hardly any detecting activities. The coins that I found were older coins and nothing really recent. I'm soar as hell and got a good sunburn. Just an FYI, a...