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  1. L

    Bluenoser's confused deep thoughts

    Deep thoughts from the confused Bluenose phycologist. If politicians tell the truth..........will their nosed grow? Can a metal detectorist be buried in his hobby? Do owls really give a hoot? Ever wonder why you wonder? Why do weeping willows weep? Never having to say you are sorry is...
  2. L

    "X" really does mark treasure

    The first thought of the day is when I rolled out of bed putting my feet on the floor, getting up and letting out an ungodlily scream.! Felt as if some one had taken a rapier and drove it through both knees. Second thought is the upcoming visit with a specialist doctor who is going also to...
  3. L

    Freedom 3 and Freedom 3 PLus

    Well the last of my 4 of these machines gave up the ghost and Garrett indicated too old and cannot fix. If anyone has a good working one for sale PM me. Thanks and happy hunting!
  4. L

    "IT" rose to find silver

    It rose for silver From it's darkened crypt that had been its home for the past fortnight It arose. Unshaven, beady red eyes with a very discernable lower hang on it's right side. The Romaine lettuce had not killed the thing but left it totally incapacitated in its tomb. "UGH! Must detect"...
  5. L


    2400 seconds of joy The rain it did stop The sun did not pop I did not eat green eggs and ham. Out came my machine I stepped in a latrine I did not curse nor really give a dam. Button came out of the ground Toasty, dirty and totally round. I would not ware it as it did not match. Shinny like...
  6. L

    detecting humor... Lord knows we need it

    Recall a time ago when I was going to initiate a newbie into the hobby. He showed up with his brand new machine with pride vortex gloves and a hunting knife that would make Jim Bowie proud. When asked if he had extra batteries he seemed miffed. When asked about reading the code of ethics for...
  7. L

    smile for the day

    This photo was taken a few years back and never fails to bring a smile to my face. Navy Davy and I were detecting "Flying Bra Island.' We code named this place so as the entry shack was draped in bras....very large size if I recall properly. A man was walking his dog who was off leash. I...
  8. L

    State of the Detectorist Union Address 2021

    My fellow digaholics we are living in unprecedented times. The crisis that looms over our planet has caused deaths, illness, uncertainty and financial collapse. We will rise above this as a species. No man is an island and no man the cause. As detectorists how does this affect us that are way...
  9. L

    most humble PR for the hobby

    Shogun Ronoita put forth the message to all his subject in his vast lands that his favorite concubine Anneito had lost her silver bangle that he had personally bestowed up on her. Zen Guru was not a Ronan but a member of the elite Imperial Guard and his code of Bushido dictated that he must act...
  10. L

    1781 Spanish silver

    Navy Davy and I did the dew on quite the windy day. Lucked out on a spot where I cold called on a farmer who let us do his three fields. Man what a chore as they were plowed with a deep furrow between the rows. As soon as ND turned on his machine he had a hit which turned out to be a large...
  11. L

    Praise the Lord for his Protection

    Coming home from the store last night on the highway a lady pulled into my lane directly beside with me forcing me to the other lane without a chance to look as see if a car was already in that lane. Praise the Lord that the lane was clear and the crazy lady who forced me over to the other...
  12. L

    Hats off to Garrett

    Received Aqua Guru (seahunter mk 11) back from Garrett . Thought the price was bang on with a new coil and casing. last serviced 4 years ago. Garrett back in my good grace as they sent me a hat. 51 years Garrett only swinger.
  13. L

    in pursuit of happiness

    Quota plus 24 @ $12.09 with Quota Guru#2
  14. L

    says it all

    Of all the photos I have taken this year while detecting this is my favorite and hits home with the way the world is today!
  15. L

    6 spots

    It was with great reservation that I took Zen Guru (AT Pro) into the aquatic environment yesterday. It had after all been to the factory 5 times for repair. The allure of the water on such a hot and muggy day was just too much. Aqua Guru (Seahunter MK 11) at present is in garland being...
  16. L

    Need a "biblical" scholar help

    I only have the new King James version of the bible and was trying to recall where the passage in the bible was about people trying to build a tower that reached above the sky and ended up with everyone speaking a different language and having different skin. Txs in advance!
  17. L

    Bluenoser's deep thought

    With all the outcry about statues of historic figures, good or bad depending on one's point of view, I think it only prudent that as of today we take down every statue everywhere and erase all history everywhere ,period, before today. Thinking then the world would start to protest, riot and go...
  18. L

    45 with a good day for diggers P.R.

    Off to the bank. Off to the pharmacy. Off to the grocery store. Off digging. The latter of this off to being the most enjoyable. Quota Guru #2 and I hit a few fields and were delighted to see that the "Holy Terrorist" had not dug at these spots. Sort of ran out of steam and headed home. Um...
  19. L

    Q4+6,925 and a very sad day!

    Went out today and did the dew. Bad day right off the start as yet another of my Freedom 3 Plus machines passed away.. It is survived by many. The dig netted quota (4th for the season) plus 6 @ $9.02 including a 1950 nickel and a 68 dime. If any more of my old time machines pass away might...
  20. L

    hour and 10

    Just a drive down the road and stopped. Pulled out Quota Guru #2 and in an hour and ten minutes had quota. Included was a Nederland 5 cent and a Yank quarter from the state set. Mister man feeling the draw of the day once I finished and was on the way home. Meds, heating pad and 8525 deep...