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Search results

  1. silvercoinboy

    The Equinox sucks

    I think it is REALLY hot on nickels! Now I believe there are more nickels left at hunted spots because hunters discriminated out their range. The Nox allows you to see them clearly... #13
  2. silvercoinboy

    The Equinox sucks

    I normally hunt in a 1000+ year old planted field that also had numerous 500 pound bombs explode in it during WWII. I run my speed at 6 and FE at around 6/7. if I go to all metal I literally get 5-10 hits per swing, there is that much iron there. Now it does not filter out the big chunks, but...
  3. silvercoinboy

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    Try bumping up the FE1 setting and see that the straight nails start to break up.
  4. silvercoinboy

    Big Silver Exposed / Old Detailed Cross / 1917 Dog License Tag

    You are finding silver like the old days!
  5. silvercoinboy

    The Equinox sucks

  6. silvercoinboy

    The Equinox sucks

    Not my experience at all. I've gone over well-hunted fields and pull out hammered silver consistently, oh, and gold. Especially in iron infested areas. this is my 2020 old silver/gold coins.
  7. silvercoinboy

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    What FE setting are you using? You can probably adjust that and get rid of some of the nails
  8. silvercoinboy

    First day out with the 600

    dfmike, try using Fe2 settings and increase them to where you get broken signals for crown tops, then you will hear the sweet sound of nickels at 12-13
  9. silvercoinboy

    Deep nickel VDI numbers

    12-13 also. Beach is always a 13. I disagree with Jkline- I think it IS a nickel machine!
  10. silvercoinboy

    Backlight is kaput

    Sure, for the Garrett shills
  11. silvercoinboy

    Machine wont power on... Common defect ???

    I sold both of mine when they were out of warranty
  12. silvercoinboy

    Here's the deal on the Equinox repair

    There are some aftermarket preparers out there, and I know you can replace the battery
  13. silvercoinboy

    I now hate square nails more than button batteries.

    What detector are you swinging?
  14. silvercoinboy

    Cautiously Considering A Nox

    Def. get a new one with a warranty. I have had 4 warranty replacements for coils and armrests (2 each) Great machine and really works well in high iron or salt water areas. According to the Minelab rep I talked to at their repair facility, most leakages are due to over tightening the control...
  15. silvercoinboy

    Why has there been no update to the Minelab treasure task for over 2 years?

    Not sure why minicab stopped updating the tips from experts on their website. Was a great way to draw traffic there, but no updates. Is Minelab on holiday for 2 years?
  16. silvercoinboy

    Tube tubb for water hunters .

    He said he liked it at the end of the video
  17. silvercoinboy

    The future of Whites metal detectors

    I hope Garrett releases the White's TRX pointer. Its the best on the market, and it now sells for double its list price online
  18. silvercoinboy

    Two days of coins

    3 silver ain't bad!
  19. silvercoinboy

    5.00 Nautilus Detector

    I remember in the 1980's when the Nautilus was THE detector for relic hunting. The club I was in was divided into the Coin shooters and the Relic hunters. As a kid, I always thought the relic hunters were cooler!
  20. silvercoinboy

    Tube tubb for water hunters .

    I saw that the The Hoover Boys are testing one out in their latest YouTube video