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Search results

  1. Confetrit

    Wireless headphones for Minelab Safari/fbs metal detectors

    I have a Minelab Safari and I'm thinking of trying to go wireless with the headphones. I have a set of Gray Ghost Original headphones that I really like. These are the best headphones to date that I have personally used as far as comfort, sound, and overall quality build. I was thinking of...
  2. Confetrit

    Heartbreaking Story

    Last week an 18 year old girl named Grace who is a friend of my daughters, died from head trauma as a result from an ATV accident. She had just graduated from high school this year. She volunteered a lot of time at a horse farm that reaches out to children with special needs. This is where she...
  3. Confetrit

    Minelab Safari Question

    I bought a nice second hand Minelab Safari a little while back. I would like to find the date of manufacture allowing me to learn the age of the detector. I know sometimes you can achieve this by the units serial number, but I have had no luck in getting through to Minelab's technical support. I...
  4. Confetrit

    My wife got her Equinox

    I surprised my wife this afternoon with a Minelab Equinox 600. She has been wanting a good detector for the beach, so there you go. All we have to do now is familiarize ourselves with the 600 and learn how to use it. She is really excited. Worth every penny to see her so excited with all that...
  5. Confetrit

    Finds from the beach

    This is a photo of finds on the beach at Tybee Island Georgia by my wife and myself about 2 weeks ago. We didn't find a boatload of stuff, but we really enjoyed ourselves. This was a first time ever beach hunt for either of us. My wife used her Garrett Ace 350 and I used my Minelab Safari. I...
  6. Confetrit

    Anyone Interested in buying a Whites MXT Pro in VGC?

    I decided to post this here on the Whites thread. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a very nice Whites MXT Pro. I would consider selling it. I had it up for sale a while back but I didn't have much feedback. The reason I would consider selling it would be to get my wife an...
  7. Confetrit

    Back from the Beach

    My wife, our daughter and myself made it back today from Tybee Island beach. This was our first actual beach hunt. While we didn't find a lot, we had a great time. My wife and her Garrett Ace 350 about out did me and the Minelab Safari. She found 2 pair of sunglasses, 1 pair was what looked to...
  8. Confetrit

    Pick Up Truck Owners, JFYI

    This is just some information to pass along for those that drive pickup trucks. I'm 65 years old and last June I had surgery to repair my left shoulder (torn rotator cuff) and a ripped left bicep muscle. I am trying to be more observant on how I do things such as lifting of lowering objects. I...
  9. Confetrit

    Got a new truck today.......well, almost

    I have a 2007 Ford F150 super crew cab that I bought new in 07. I have kept my truck garaged since it was new and I have just under 80,000 original miles on it. I try to take care of my vehicles and usually keep them for a while. My truck is in great condition for its age, but my cloth seats...
  10. Confetrit

    27 Years Today

    My wife and I have our 27 year wedding anniversary today. I don't know how She puts up with me, but I'm so very glad that she does. She always tells me that being married to me makes her feel a bit like a True Historian. I was flattered until I asked her why. She replied " I'm married to a Real...
  11. Confetrit

    Just an Old Fashioned Shout Out!

    I'd just like to take a moment and give an old fashioned Shout Out to Mr. George Lesche and Predator Tools. I just ordered the Raven Model 25 Shovel from New Jersey on Tuesday morning about 9:00am. I received it here at the house today at 1:30pm. That's pretty fast shipping. The Predator line of...
  12. Confetrit

    Considering the Sale or Possible Trade of a Whites MXT PRO

    I have a very nice like new Whites MXT PRO that I would consider selling if enough interest were generated. The Pro would include the following: 1) Whites MXT PRO metal detector, 2) 2 lower shafts and mounting nuts, 3) 3 search coils: Whites Super 12' coil, Whites 10' D2 coil, and Whites 4x6'...
  13. Confetrit

    Minelab Safari with the 8' Sun ray coil

    I was relic hunting this past Saturday with the Minelab Safari and the 8' Sun day search coil. The coil would not allow me to pinpoint a target. It was all over the place sounding off to the front, back, and sides. I got pretty flustered. I like this little coil, being 3 inches smaller and some...
  14. Confetrit


    My hunting Pard, Ranger Randall and I have finally hit on a spot that may be productive. This past Saturday we were finding some fired Minnie' balls and Ranger Randall had the find of the day with a brass bayonet scabbard tip. The scabbard tip was crushed at the top where it was attached to the...
  15. Confetrit

    Heart Broken

    Well, my hunting pard and myself finally got out for a hunt on Sunday, for the first time this year. We finally got a break from the rain and headed out early for our happy hunting ground which In have been hunting since the early 80's. Much to our dismay we found that workers with heavy...
  16. Confetrit

    The Sunray Company

    Does anyone know if the Sun Ray Company has gone out of business? I have been trying to locate a search coil, and every time the websites comes up unavailable. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Confetrit

    I Gradidiated Today!

    After having undergone shoulder surgery in late June to repair a torn rotator cuff and a ripped bicep, I was released from physical therapy today. I still have to continue my exercises here at home for the next 6 to 8 weeks. This was a lot more down time than I had first thought. With the help...
  18. Confetrit

    Requesting Prayer for our family

    We lost my Mother-In Law yesterday morning after she suffered a stroke this past Saturday. She was 82 years old and had been in fragile health over the past few years. Please keep my wife and our family in your prayers. It would be most appreciated.
  19. Confetrit

    Really Bummed Out

    I like millions of other Americans have really been bummed out about what is going on in our country. Since President Trumps Presidency began, he has been under fire by the Socialist Democratic Party, in every way, shape, and form all because their Gal Pal Hillary lost the election that she...
  20. Confetrit

    Which 5' small coil would be best used on the Minelab Safari?

    I have posted a few questions regarding a small coil for my Safari. After doing quite a bit of research and reading forums, I'm still no closer to reaching a decision. There are so many out there. I have about decided on a round 5' solid search coil. The ones I'm looking at are the Sun Ray 5'...