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Search results

  1. HuntinDog

    GPS Tracking

    I know that XP is working on the Go-Detect App, but has anyone tried the Tect O Trak App?? I would like to know a bit about it before I spend $10 on a worthless app. It looks promising but there is no feedback. Thanks for any input
  2. HuntinDog

    Look what came in the mail

    Used but a great deal and I couldn't pass it up. Guess now I'll have to install V4.x and learn my Deus all over again.... Well kind of...
  3. HuntinDog

    Seem to always find them on the way back to the car.

    It was a beautiful day Saturday and I just couldn't stand it. Sun was out, birds were chirping and my Deus was calling. So I tossed it in the truck and headed out. I only had a few minutes to hunt so I stopped at the local grade school. These get hit all the time here and I never find much. I...
  4. HuntinDog

    Quick hunt

    As the sun was setting and daylight fading. I thought I would try to get a bit of hunting in. I have permission on an old Victorian across the street from my house, so a quick hunt is easy. The yard has more trash than the city dump and to top that it has a bad case of EMI... I'm still trying to...
  5. HuntinDog

    Found a Bucket list Coin !

    Went out the other day for a short hunt and found a almost never heard of coin on the West Coast. I've had permission to hunt this yard for a while now, but haven't because of the drought and dry ground. The yard has a bare strip boarder around the front lawn and I thought this would be a good...
  6. HuntinDog

    Silver Dime Trifecta

    I post on two forums.... when I do post... I hope this doesn't bother anyone, but I know that I often see posts on one forum that I don't see on the other. so... Never thought I would find this.... I had a bit of time to "kill" so I thought I'd hit the yard. Been over this particular yard...
  7. HuntinDog

    XP Rally

    Well it's midnight of the 18th in France..... Now we wait.....
  8. HuntinDog

    Quick hunt in HARD ground

    The fields are DRY around my parts and any huntin is tough. Got in a little over an hour or so and pulled some interesting targets from an old cabin site. The round brown object in the upper left is a lead ingot. don't find them often. cleaned it up hoping for a smelter, but no luck. Couple of...
  9. HuntinDog


    I found this on a recent hunt and always like finding new not seen before headstamps. They help me to date a site and also lets me know my DEUS is working. I wonder how it made it to the West coast way back in those days. Researching ... the best I can tell.. It has U.E.E / 12 / 12 / MADRID It...
  10. HuntinDog


    Thought I would stop at a small TotLot on my way home from a Dr. Appt. and glad I did. Haven't hunted this site in about 6 months because it is well hit and doesn't produce much of anything. I just had the itch and the Deus was in the back seat so...... No one was around and I didn't have my...
  11. HuntinDog

    Maui Beaches

    Just returned from a trip to Maui. I know tough job, but someone had to do it.... Packed the Deus in the suitcase and away we went. Couldn't find much on hunting beaches on the forums, so I just winged it. Ran in Basic 1 Dropped the Disc to 8 Dropped the Sens to 80 left the freq at 12 Iron 0...
  12. HuntinDog

    Tuning Question

    I think I saw mention of this in posts about Andy's Bootcamp. I think I'm getting the idea of how settings effect how the Deus performs, but Is there a certain order to program the Deus for maximum performance??
  13. HuntinDog

    Hawaiian Islands

    Hi all... I'm taking a trip to the islands and would like to know if anyone has any suggestions on settings for the beaches. I don't have any beaches close around me and therefore haven't setup me Deus for the hunt. I know we have dry/wet beach, but are there any tweeks that may help. Has...
  14. HuntinDog

    DEUS Stand

    Hi all fellow Deus owners. One of the main complaints I had with my Deus is when I put it down to retrieve my target my Deus would roll down the hill or would be setting in the mud! Well I designed a non-permanent stand for my Machine. Cost about $5 and is easy to build out of PVC. If the...
  15. HuntinDog

    Amazing separation...

    I posted that I would tell of the separation of the Deus and the 11" coil... I've always heard that finds are made with iron in the whole (nails and such), but.... A picture tells the story. I was running Deus Fast and my new 11" Frequency 12 Disc. 5.5 Manual Ground dropped to 85 The rest...
  16. HuntinDog

    11" coil finds

    Well here is my first hunt with the 11" coil and my first hunt of 2014. The top left round piece is the top to a power flask. The other two are Chinese coins. Large one is Emperor SHENG TSU - AD 1662-1722 Small one is Emperor JEN TSUNG - AD 1796-1820 The top thing I think is a cap to a match...
  17. HuntinDog

    11" coil

    Received my new 11" coil today. Thanks Andy It's on the charger as I type.. Headed out in a few minutes to give it a try. I'm so excited... HH
  18. HuntinDog

    Suspender Clip

    Greetings All, Well I've installed V3.0 and went out and gave it a quick try. i'm still in the learning stages of V2.0 so 3.0 is a new game. I didn't do any adjusting to any of the set programs. I shot mostly in Fast with ground tracking. My partner and I have been hunting this site for over a...
  19. HuntinDog

    Chrismas Vacation Hunt

    Ok, So I had to run out and get something for the wife and I was next to a school so I thought what the heck
  20. HuntinDog

    V3 update

    I read an add for a sale of an Xp Deus that said it was the V3 version. Has the V3 update come out yet??? HH