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Search results

  1. WaterWalker

    What's your favorite all around Garrett

    In water detecting the Garrett Infinium is my best of the PIs I have owned or own now. The ATX is better when the ability to tweak controls is wanted, but the ATX is way too heavy for me to swing out of the water for long. The Minelab Swing 45 vest helps when I use the ATX out of the water. I...
  2. WaterWalker

    Slings "To Use Or Not To Use" What you think?

    Most of my detecting is in the water, no need for a "sling". With today's lighter detectors one is not really needed. That being said: My ATX is too heavy to use out of the water without me using my ProSwing 45. Likewise using a 15 or 18 inch coil on wet/dry land is easier to swing all day if...
  3. WaterWalker

    Decisions, decisions

    I own and use both. They are pretty much equal for land detecting. I like the wireless headphones of the 800 so much I purchased Bounty Hunter wireless for the ATPRO. Going to the beach I have found gold with both, but the 800 wins hands down in salt water. The multi-frequency of the 800 in most...
  4. WaterWalker

    Right Down to 1965

    It took me 30 years of water detecting to find my first silver dollar. Than only 2 more months to find my second one. I am still looking for my first US gold coin. A nice St. Gaudian would be just look lovely in my scoop. Just a bit of luck is all that is needed.
  5. WaterWalker

    Question? 800 on Salt Water Beaches?

    Each detector has its own strengths and weakness. Knowing how and what it is telling you and your interpretations and how each adjustment effects the results are more important than which detector. The environment is of great consideration, black sand, electrical interference, area to swing a...
  6. WaterWalker

    I Am Back After A Brief Hiatus!

    Thanks for your care to others, Bless. May the ring of gold be in your ears and its glitter be in your scoop.
  7. WaterWalker

    Drone video for beach hunting.

    I know two detectorists that fly the drones to scope the beach before detecting it. Their drones are programed to follow the existing laws for restricted areas and altitude. I am impressed with the drone's specs and the videos I have seen. Knowing the beach area, rocks, jetties and etc. help...
  8. WaterWalker

    Coil connector

    I have a coil that needs one also. I've not had any luck in finding one, yet.
  9. WaterWalker

    Nox 800 15 inch coil ground balancing issues in red dirt.

    Got the Equinox Minelab 15" for Christmas. At a salt water beach...Noise cancel, then GB...chatter gone without reducing the sensitivity. In fact I increased the sensitivity another notch. Rewarded by a 5-29-49 band. Nicest find in the Happy New Year.
  10. WaterWalker

    Nox 800 Frequencies?

    Update Rev 3: A new Single Frequency of 4 kHz has been added to the existing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 kHz options. This new 4 kHz frequency enhances the detection of large deep targets, particularly those found in parts of Asia. As a result of optimizing for these conditions, this new frequency may...
  11. WaterWalker

    Have You Ever Been Envious Of Your Friend..?

    I am sure you have some find your friend is envious of. Enjoy each other's finds as it is just part of a very enjoyable hobby. Long ago I was about ready to give up water detecting when a few Spanish half and two reals were displayed at a club meeting. I did not and two weeks later in salt...
  12. WaterWalker

    Hit The Hill Before Sunrise And Got More Roundness In The Snow

    You get Toonies and we get Pennies. You get snow and we get rain. We both get the satisfaction and enjoyment from our hobby. Go get them.
  13. WaterWalker

    Gold Numbers

    Hear It ... Dig It ... recycle the trash.
  14. WaterWalker

    Bucket lister ?

    Carus was about 2" deep in a grape vineyard. Found while I was still in the Navy.
  15. WaterWalker

    Another strange ring from the Beach.

    The hole on the inside probably held a stone at one time. A specific gravity test will tell the type of metal.
  16. WaterWalker

    Bucket lister ?

    Not gold, but this is my Roman Carus (282-286) coin I found. Right coin is a stock photo, left and center photos are of my coin, never cleaned. Good luck on finding a gold Roman coin. May the ring of gold be in your ears and its glitter in your plug.
  17. WaterWalker

    Bucket lister ?

    Need I say more?
  18. WaterWalker

    Gold Numbers

    Found gold at ID numbers from 1 to 18. Best was a bracelet at 4. My 18K band reads out at 18. A $10,000 stud earring could only get an ID of 1. I go by the sound envelope and if it is a repeatable target, go for it and dig.
  19. WaterWalker

    Hearing aids VDI?

    I have succeeded twice in finding hearing aids (BTE) Behind the Ear. I was using a Troy X5 and have not tried with my Equinox. I just went out side in my yard, dropped my Oticon hearing aid and ran through and the settings for presets and frequencies of the 800, The best signal response was in...