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Search results

  1. Danbythecreek

    I Went Back Down To The River And Got Even More Medallions From Yesterday's Hoard!

    My theory is....since these medallions are not personalized, this was a wholesale box loss. I bet there was / is a box full of them. I would bet they're related to the university
  2. Danbythecreek

    Purchased a F75

    Congrats on the f75 ltd. You bought yourself a beast!
  3. Danbythecreek

    I Need Help!

    Just stay away from any LDS affiliated church
  4. Danbythecreek

    Equinox has been on fire!! gold and silver and plenty of clad

    Lol I like em too! It keeps it real.
  5. Danbythecreek

    Photo of a house? Knife nickel

    I don't think that's a buck knife. If I'm correct ? a buck is a folding knife. But i'm no expert on knives. Did you find this stuff at a flea market ? lol just kidding!
  6. Danbythecreek

    Got some naked pics in my message box

    Man can get by with a dog 🐕 unconditional love and less $ expensive
  7. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    yeah I remember those little oyster crackers
  8. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    actually that sounds good! I think Draco is onto something
  9. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    That might be a whole other debate itself
  10. Danbythecreek

    Got some naked pics in my message box

    influenced by greed and malicious behavior, I but don't think it was Satan & demons sending those links.
  11. Danbythecreek

    Got some naked pics in my message box

    Ma they're just spammers. Not Satan & demon servants. They're not biased.
  12. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    I still say ritz
  13. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    Bullsh1t! I'm telling ya Ritz IS the cracker for soup
  14. Danbythecreek

    Crackers or no crackers?

    You're using the wrong crackers. Ritz crackers are the way to go Especially for tomato soup
  15. Danbythecreek

    Big Ole Shiny!!

    Now that's how I like to see pics of a beautiful coin!
  16. Danbythecreek

    I'm Getting Discouraged..!

    Good luck!
  17. Danbythecreek

    I'm Getting Discouraged..!

    I use a pic hammer often where I hunt. It helps get the hole started where then I can use shovel. My advice for that school is 1st determine if it's been pounded hard. If you still feel there's something there? Start a grid. You might have to start digging those deeper iffy targets. Dig it all...
  18. Danbythecreek

    So you want a tale

    Are you saying UFO?
  19. Danbythecreek

    defense of the Outlaw

    What happened?