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Search results

  1. WaterWalker

    $1000 fine for going to the beach...

    I never thought I would live to see much for a leisurely day detecting on the beach! "Per the Governor's order, not following the order is a misdemeanor subject to a $1,000 fine," said Dr. Wilma Wooten, San Diego County Public Health Officer. Ref...
  2. WaterWalker

    1 yard, 2 wedding bands, 2 returns, 2 family members in 2 days

    The title says it all. To read the entire story visit: Edit ................ Please no links to other forums.
  3. WaterWalker

    Japanese translation to English; please

    Thanks for looking and translating, if you can / did. I believe there are 4 character sets that each one has a specific meaning.
  4. WaterWalker

    Flying with Equinox and other Batteries

    From the FAA Taking batteries aboard aircraft:
  5. WaterWalker

    15 hours and still 1 bar

    Went out today for 3 hours with two bars showing after 12 hours in the water with GG Amphibian wired headphones. At home now and still have 1 bar and solid operation. No back light or wireless used. All detecting in Beach 2. Some one mentioned about Gold modes in salt...
  6. WaterWalker

    800 - DIED - graveyard dead

    A half an hour into my second salt water hunt, while digging a target the Equinox’s audio went wild, multiple beeps of different tones and would not stop. I saw the Cd error code, powered the unit OFF and went back to the car where I dried it off. Checked both the connectors for water, they were...
  7. WaterWalker

    GrayGhost Amphibians to Equinox adapter

    I made a waterproof adapter for my GrayGhost Amphibians (with a Garrett connector on them) to fit the Equinox audio jack. Now I can use any of my Garrett land and waterproof headphones with the Equinox. I will probably put the same connector on my Excalibur. Cost of connectors was under $60.00...
  8. WaterWalker

    Accessory Price List

    From a very reliable source. Here are all the MAP or Internet Prices for all the Equinox accessory items except the 15" coil.... EQX 06 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0333 $179.00 EQX 11 Double-D Smart Coil (includes skidplate) Part No. 3011-0334 $229.00 EQX 15...
  9. WaterWalker

    Tale of Two Equinox

    Minelab states an Equinox should not be operated within 45 feet of other detectors. This would be very difficult to do in a planted hunt! Has any one verify just how close two Equinox can get to each other before the go crazy? If so, how close? from page 47:
  10. WaterWalker

    Thanks to HEGEBG's gold find; a must to read

    I had this ready to post as a reply to HEBEGB's The NOX got me a little old gold today. read at:,2435526,2435590#msg-2435590 Friends and physical abilities may come and go, but the MEMORIES last forever. Take pictures, write notes, keep a scrapbook. The...
  11. WaterWalker

    Charger / Power Bank - IMO one ultimate big boy toy

    The RG-1000 will not only charge two devices at once at 2.1A each. It can also charge your laptop, cell phone, be used as a flashlight and JUMP START your car or truck! YES, I have done it. It is a bit heavy at almost a pound to use as a power bank but it can and does function as one when...
  12. WaterWalker

    404 Not Found Page Not Found

    So much for the Minelab Accessory page for the Equinox. (all day today) Hopefully they are adding prices and availability. Until then Page 60 of the user's manual will have to do.
  13. WaterWalker

    Anyone find the Equinox's USB connector?

    From Specification Page 66. Software Upgradeable Yes, via USB connection ( Windows and Mac OS) Maybe an internal connection that is only accessible by the repair service center? Or maybe I am going blind, could it have been eliminated in the production units? Maybe Firmware and...
  14. WaterWalker

    Equinox battery / cell

    First off the battery / cell is replaceable. And one will be able to replace it themselves. However the warranty probably will be voided, and the waterproof level may be compromised and special tools may be needed. But it is replaceable. Shortly, I'll bet, someone will have a video on YouTube on...
  15. WaterWalker

    Air Travel (FAA regulations) on Batteries and cells

    Air Travel (FAA regulations) as of October 2016: What kinds of batteries does the FAA allow in carry-on baggage (in the aircraft cabin)? Spare lithium metal and lithium ion/polymer batteries are prohibited in checked baggage this includes external battery packs. “Checked baggage” includes bags...
  16. WaterWalker

    Visual of Charger and Audio O-Ring Connections

    Take it for what it is worth... photo form: flgliderpiolot post
  17. WaterWalker

    Minelab has accessories page up Coils, Headphone, Cover, etc.
  18. WaterWalker

    Minelab site is UP

    Last posting was December 11, 2017
  19. WaterWalker

    EQUINOX Technologies (Part 1) from MINELAB

    I have not seen this posted yet...interesting history on BBS / FBS and the low down on Multi IQ. Part 1, more to come.
  20. WaterWalker

    Z-Lynk Wireless for Water Hunting:

    Quoted from the ATMAX user's manual - the answer in writing to my question about wireless operation. The ATMAX can be operated wirelessly for shallow wading, but wireless operation is not possible when the detector is fully submerged. The Z-Lynk MS-3 Wireless Headphones should never be...