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Search results

  1. texkinzee

    Richard Looking for the Large Coil for the X

    When will you have some ? Epic ? Thanks
  2. texkinzee

    Not good to have bad eyes when connecting the battery to the HF coil

    Mine is ruined and speaking with the XP repair center they cannot fix it.I know I'm not the first one to have this happen.
  3. texkinzee

    Other plug in coil options for the Platinum Detector

    The 10 inch round did not offer much. Is there a plug in 11" similar to the Fisher F series? Thanks
  4. texkinzee

    Apex Air Test for John

    Per your request John. I like to dig the small silver. It tells me I'm doing something right. Stay safe and well. Zero disc. sensitivity maxed out. Never hunt at max unless the ground allows it. Great balance on the shaft. Very lite weight. Winner winner "Spam for Dinner"
  5. texkinzee

    Looking for a Nice Infinium

    PM me if you know someone who has one. Thanks
  6. texkinzee

    Wilson ATD

    Anyone have one?
  7. texkinzee

    New Superfly Coil on the Apex

    Great results. I guess I will become The Big Pimp of the parks.;)
  8. texkinzee

    If you can bare to watch it

    A video I made on the F19 back when it first came to market.. Only live digging with meat on the bone. No BS. No amazing pre production followed by someone who has no clue. Try not to cringe at the bumbling Detector User Me.
  9. texkinzee

    Something all Detectorists should know prior to making a selection

    Your area's Geography. I live in Central Virginia in the Red Zone. The type of bedrock will dictate the way your detector will work. I discovered this many years ago when using a traditional VLF in Culpeper Va. As bedrock condition's change so does your peformance.
  10. texkinzee

    Apex problem right out of the gate.

    Mine arrived missing the flap that covers the outside battery recharge port. I was at my dealer when it arrived. Looks to have been opened by someone prior to shipping. You can also see where it was torn off. He has four more coming so I will let you know if they also shared my fate.
  11. texkinzee

    Reg Sniff has passed away.

    A great guy who was an asset to the Detecting Community. Will miss you Old Friend. My condolences to his Family and many friends.
  12. texkinzee


    Want to get in touch with Tony asap. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. texkinzee

    Can a two tone mod be done to the Valon ?

    Similar to the TDI. Thanks
  14. texkinzee

    My X arrived on Friday.

    Looks like "The Old Buttondigger" will go out to play today.
  15. texkinzee

    Just a few of the many coins I found with the F19

    Great relic and coin detector.
  16. texkinzee

    The Last Three Confederate Buttons I Dug

    From one of my colonial permissions.
  17. texkinzee

    Coil ear broke off taking out the shaft

    15" coil. Purchased new last year. Put it on the detector yesterday to test. What to do next? Will Minelab USA fix or replace? Thanks
  18. texkinzee

    Simplex Beach Mode on dry land

    Don't be hesitant about using Beach mode on land. We have high mineral content and unlike some beach modes it punches deep with accurate target ID at depth.
  19. texkinzee

    If your a tall man or need to extend your lower rod to the end

    The Simplex suffers from the same shaft flex as the recent equinox problem. The coil becomes front end heavy and will ware you out after a few hours of detecting..Two other points. Difficult to change functions due to the time constraint. Can't wear gloves without having a problem engaging push...