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Search results

  1. HuntinDog

    New teaser

    Yeah... Save your pennies...
  2. HuntinDog

    How would the warranty work on replaced items

    Most Warranties are from date of purchase even with full replacement.
  3. HuntinDog

    Hunting by tones alone

    If I remember right Full Tones have 99 tones or maybe that's just VID numbers...
  4. HuntinDog

    MI-6 issue!

    Never had this happen with mine... Any chance you got mud or dirt under the rubber button? I did once with my old Garrett and had to replace the rubber. Don't know if this can happen with a MI-6 Only other suggestion is to send it in, should still be under warranty. Let us know what the...
  5. HuntinDog

    under salt water

    I made up my own water kit... and yes the kits will work in salt water
  6. HuntinDog

    Hunting by tones alone

    The XP Deus is a tone machine. I primarily hunt with tones, only checking for numbers on questionable targets. The key is to setup your tone breaks and stick with them. Once you have trained your brain to the tones you can hear the nuances in the tones and pick those iffy targets out.
  7. HuntinDog

    Remote will not shut off and it has blank screens where programs used to be.

    Sounds like the on/off button has stuck in the depressed position. The top face with keyboard is part D081 and is simple to replace. Plug and play. Oh and they run about $40.00 plus shipping.
  8. HuntinDog


    I would say your quarter is a Dryer Quarter. Coins would get lost in coin laundry dryers and get stuck down in the side of the drum and get turned and flatten on the rims as it tumbled. I used to find them cleaning the lint traps. Looked just like yours.
  9. HuntinDog

    what frequency in water ?

    What are you hunting for? If looking for Gold use high, if coins use mid or low.
  10. HuntinDog

    Discusted with the Deus MI-6 pinpointed

    Digger If you want to get rid of it let me know
  11. HuntinDog

    Out with the ORX -Park program

    nice little ring... Congrats
  12. HuntinDog

    Is a Deus a good Car trunk Metal Detector?

    Here's a chart on air temps in your car... @ 90* in ten minutes you're already past the recommended temp for the Deus.... I don't leave mine in the car. 70 75 80 85 90 95 Elapsed Time (minutes) Outside Air...
  13. HuntinDog

    Deus remote cover?

    Pick up the buttons at the hardware store. They are the rubber bumpers for cabinet doors.
  14. HuntinDog

    More smoke cigar co 5 token?

    Looks like you had a great hunt... Can we see a close up and a picture of the back??
  15. HuntinDog

    Coil HF elliptical

    When in menu - Frequency, don't go into expert. Just press the + button and it will move up to the higher frequencies.
  16. HuntinDog

    WS 4 headphones volume one side

    Check that little tiny wire that goes over to the other side. It will get worn and break.
  17. HuntinDog

    Orx headphone adapter?

    Sorry I miss understood the question. Fred's got your answer..
  18. HuntinDog

    Orx headphone adapter?

    If you mean the WS4 puck... No it will not.
  19. HuntinDog

    Lead "handle" (???) with threaded iron core from 1812-era tavern site

    WOW Steve that first lot I would have bid on... LOL They seem to be pretty proud of them in the UK. I think you have it, great ID
  20. HuntinDog

    ***Cleaned up Enfield Bayonet***

    That part went over the end of the barrel and twist locked on the barrel