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Search results

  1. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Annual Road Trip Finds

    Tony (Park Pirate) and I made our annual trip from Upstate NY to meet up with Jeff from Mass in Fall River Mass. Our Equinox detectors did not disappoint as we all came away with some keepers. I dug 2 Barber dimes and an indian head cent. Tony got a silver Roosie, a mercury dime and a pile of...
  2. Ed (Upstate NY)

    A few finds

    Nice. Love the silver.
  3. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Nox finds it's oldest coin this morning!

    Hi Ted. Taking me a while but think I finally have the hang of it. Still would prefer to use my Explorer SE pro but the weight just destroys my lower back. I do like the fast response time between targets. Can definitely hear good targets right next to trash.
  4. Ed (Upstate NY)

    1804 Draped bust half cent this morning.

    The old city park gives up a good one every now and then. Got lucky today with this 1804 half cent which I expected to be just another screw cap hitting at 24-25 on the Nox.
  5. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Nox finds it's oldest coin this morning!

    Got lucky in the old city park with this nice 1804 Draped bust half cent. Been 33 years since I last dug one.
  6. Ed (Upstate NY)

    My first Equinox 800 silver

    Picked up a new Nox 800 about a week ago and after a couple outings to get used to it, I finally hit for some silver today. Nothing great but I'll take it. A 1939 mercury dime in an area Park Pirate and I have pounded. I'm simply amazed at the recovery time between targets. A real game changer.
  7. Ed (Upstate NY)

    My first Equinox 800 silver

    After many, many years of Minelab Explorer Se Pro use, I bought a new Equinox 800 about a week ago. Took it out a couple times and dug a bunch of clad and a few wheat cents. Got lucky today with a 1939 mercury dime in a spot many of us have pounded. Tony (Park Pirate) also scored a couple...
  8. Ed (Upstate NY)

    All this silver in one hole....

    Nice spill. That's more silver than I dig in a couple months. Not like the good old days. Glad to see you're still at it.
  9. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Beautiful day today to be out hunting. Snagged a ugly LC

    Looks like the large cents I've been digging lately. Still a good find !
  10. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Beautiful 1914 Barber dime and indian head cent #1006

    Hit a " hunted out " park in down town Albany and came away with a couple of keepers. Dug this gorgeous 1914 Barber dime in the same hole as a 1905 indian head cent. The last Barber dime I dug in this park was in 1992 so its been a few years ! The indian head cent was career #1006. They have...
  11. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Dug a gorgeous 1914 Barber dime

    Got out for a quick hunt at a downtown Albany park that has been hunted to death and pulled a beautiful 1914 Barber dime and a 1905 Indian head cent out of the same hole. This one is in my top ten Barber dimes dug list. Just a quick water rinse and she shines like the day she was minted.
  12. Ed (Upstate NY)

    My first Franklin half dollar!!

    I've been at this for nearly 34 years and have yet to dig a Franklin half. I've dug Barbers, Walking Liberty and silver Kennedy half dollars but Ben just keeps eluding me !
  13. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Let's throw some advice on stuff to do during self quarantining at home. Share what you are doing and any good advice...

    Taking all that lead I've dug over thirty years and some donated by friends and casting lead soldiers, musket balls and sinkers.
  14. Ed (Upstate NY)

    The old Explorer still amazes me.

    Dug this nice 1914 Barber quarter in a pounded area. The only reason this quarter was still in the ground was because of a 3" x 3" chunk of iron in the bottom of the hole. When digging the quarter was in the side of the hole about 3" above the iron. The trusty old Explorer sniffed it out though.
  15. Ed (Upstate NY)

    This morning's finds

    I'm done counting....for now !
  16. Ed (Upstate NY)

    This morning's finds

    Should have brought your detector. The park across the street is fair game. In fact, that is where I dug these today. I've been metal detecting in there for over 32 years and never had a problem. In fact, the Mayor and Police Chief were giving a news conference today on the City Hall steps about...
  17. Ed (Upstate NY)

    SE Pro pulled some good ones this morning.

    While the city was "quiet" this morning, hit one downtown park while things were still peaceful. Saw the Mayor and Police Chief giving a news conference on City Hall Steps while I was detecting. Managed to dig a worn Draped Bust large cent, 1892 indian head cent, 1941 Mercury dime, 1955 Wheat...
  18. Ed (Upstate NY)

    This morning's finds

    Met up with my buddy Park Pirate at one of Albany's finest city parks and came away with a few keepers. A worn Draped Bust large cent (1796-1807), 1892 indian head cent, 1941 mercury dime, 1955 wheat cent, Schenectady Railway school token and a small buckle. Not bad for a park I thought was...
  19. Ed (Upstate NY)

    Indian head cents #999 and 1,000 dug yesterday.

    Well, I need one more silver war nickel to hit 100. Still have a few bucket listers to get. Still looking for my first Franklin half dollar. A fugio cent, pre-1800 US Silver or large cent would be nice.