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Search results

  1. coin pirate

    Must have for any Explorer XS owner

    Not mine, but I do have one, and it's better than the Explorer/Etrac book when it comes to the older Explorer
  2. coin pirate

    Standalone pattern editor

    Download, extract From Jan Hrase aka Andy's Sabisch Explorer/E-Trac Handbook page #50
  3. coin pirate

    Best Explorer Book

    If you have an early Explorer, S-XS, this book od Andy's is better than the Explorer/E-Trac book for Explorer users. I have both and found this one invaluable.
  4. coin pirate

    Air test TID's

    just a real life air test(coin mode) to help aide some new users, but learning tones are crucial. Have more with additional coins, will post when I find where I put it lol. Dimes; Merc - 38 64 rosie - 38 73 - 38 2015 - 37 most junk/silver rings rang at 30 thru 36 one at 17
  5. coin pirate

    Do you have---Detect-Ed Red Belly LS Carbon Fiber Lower Shaft

    If so, looking for a favor, someone to take measurements of coil mounting width and shaft outer diameter. mm or in. Need for a project Thanks in advance
  6. coin pirate

    Depth with stock coil??

    I've read numerous threads where people are buying or WTB a larger coil for more depth, I'm confused here, I thought the E-Trac was already a fairly deep seeker, for example, my Safari will make me dig 12" plus in my yard and its full of trash with the stock 11" Pro Coil, yet i read where one...
  7. coin pirate


    Has anyone recently since all the problems started when first released, bought a F-Pulse, just wondering if they still have a lot of repair returns today.
  8. coin pirate

    Best deep find silver coil???

    What's the consensus for the best deep find coil, silver, not too concerned with trash. I've heard some say the stock coil pro 11" DD, some say the 13" E-trac coil, and this one seems to have a lot of loyal follows to the point they'd rather loose their pickup truck, wife, and favorite hunting...
  9. coin pirate

    8.5x12" DD coil question

    I know, these coil questions have been answered a million times, but asking anyway, current stock coil on the F5, want more depth without sacrificing too much separation or loosing too much pinpointing ability, was considering a 13" DD coil, but I'm thinking the 8.5x12" would give me the best of...
  10. coin pirate

    A couple hours at a old basketball court

    Went ring hunting, only modern clad so far, plenty of area left to hunt. Barely scratched it. looks like tabs, beaver tails, a key, part of an air chuck, piece of fence, hiney cap, and 35 stinkin lincolns, 6 dimes, 2 nickels, and 11 quarters...$3.80 I've got a lot more pennies to dig to screen...
  11. coin pirate

    New toys for the F5

    I always liked the arm cuff I had with my Garrett, and since my F5 didn't come with one, had to remedy that, plus, I'm used to having a cover for protection on my electronics, and, I didn't want to keep buying alkaline batteries all the time, and since both the F5 and the ProPointer use 9v's, it...
  12. coin pirate

    Practicing with my new F5

    Practicing around the house which has a mixed bag of minerization readings from spot to spot plus a highly trash area full of pulltabs, nails and misc iron signals everywhere. [attachment 333101 20160705_142047.jpg] [attachment 333102 20160707_163616.jpg] [attachment 333103 20160707_203028.jpg]...
  13. coin pirate

    F5 ground balance knob

    Seems this knob also has a detent, what's that for, unused future option?? Thanks in advance
  14. coin pirate

    Hello from Salem West Virginia

    Just a quick hello intro, Joining this site from a suggestion from one of your fellow members, I think I'm going to like it over here, and haven't finished my first post, I just bought a Fisher F5, and to me, it's an upgrade from my Garrett, any garret in fact to me, (sorry Garrett lovers)...