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Search results

  1. texkinzee

    Get Ready | XP Metal Detectors

    Relax. I was 50 when the new Minelab Equinox tease came out. 70 when it did.:ROFLMAO:
  2. texkinzee

    Just Killing It Today With The AT MAX

    Love the Float.
  3. texkinzee

    Richard Looking for the Large Coil for the X

    Not an Epic. Does not work on the X.
  4. texkinzee

    Richard Looking for the Large Coil for the X

    When will you have some ? Epic ? Thanks
  5. texkinzee

    Not good to have bad eyes when connecting the battery to the HF coil

    No I thought I had it lined up and did not. Yep bent battery posts and messed up the plastic on the coil connector wire. However I sanded down the coil wire connection, lined up my spare battery and got it working. XP could not fix it but old Tex did. Amazing.
  6. texkinzee

    Not good to have bad eyes when connecting the battery to the HF coil

    Mine is ruined and speaking with the XP repair center they cannot fix it.I know I'm not the first one to have this happen.
  7. texkinzee

    Lucky Yard Sale Find

    There you go. Keep at it.
  8. texkinzee

    Lucky Yard Sale Find

    Way to go Rick. If I may I was a participant in a school yard sale and sold a guy my Detector Pro Pirate for 100.00. The guy came back and told me a guy was selling a detector nearby. I went over and he had a Sovereign Elite with two coils and the meter. I asked him how much. He said 50.00. I...
  9. texkinzee

    Just got my X back from the Service Center (Joe Huber)

    Joe took care of my coil problem. Great guy.
  10. texkinzee

    Proud owner of DeepTech Vista metal detectors!

    I love all of the DeepTech metal detectors.
  11. texkinzee

    George Payne’s Masterpiece...The Mark 1 LTD

    I owned several to include his later Treasure Barons. One the the great Engineers of our time.
  12. texkinzee

    Landen passed away this morning................

    My condolences to his family and friends.
  13. texkinzee

    Thoughts on Gamma 6000

    The touch pads can be fragile. Go gently.
  14. texkinzee

    Ace Apex Got 2 x Silver Coins Today

    Nice finds John.
  15. texkinzee

    First Vintage Metal Detector Hunt for 2021

    Can the detector have an intensity meter? Most of mine do. pre vdi
  16. texkinzee

    Other plug in coil options for the Platinum Detector

    The 10 inch round did not offer much. Is there a plug in 11" similar to the Fisher F series? Thanks
  17. texkinzee

    In Virginia with Vista X

    I started detecting in 1969. We found many Civil War Camps during this time. Union soldiers were paid in gold and silver coins.