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Search results

  1. Ron from Michigan

    The Sovereign is one of the most modified detectors around.

    My goal in buying one of these is to look for a Sovereign without modifications. Ones with aftermarket rod assemblies are a plus. HH Ron
  2. Ron from Michigan

    The big rush is on for the shopping season remember our sponsers when you buy new equipment.

    These dealer's here at Find's Forum are among the best. HH Ron
  3. Ron from Michigan

    That time of year again.

    My saddle is taken out of the barn tack room and is hanging on the wall over the computer as I type, This time of year I keep the battery pack out of my Sovereign. Today started charging my three battery packs to full charge to make sure this spring I don't have a dead battery. During the winter...
  4. Ron from Michigan

    Intervention from a friend

    Talked to my friend Ron on the phone to figure out when we could get out for a search. He asked if I still had one of the latest and greatest detectors I bought? I explained yes, still taking these units out to the parks to learn better. He said Ron if I were you and I've seen how well you do...
  5. Ron from Michigan

    Anyone using the 21x17 inch SEF monster coil on their Sovereign?

    Today is my first day with this coil. The weather was too bad for a park search. Did a quick air test with coins, This 21x17 inch coil is sensitive enough with dimes to give a better air test than the 10x12 SEF maybe by 1-2 inches. After running through my coin garden targets got very good to...
  6. Ron from Michigan

    Maybe we should revise the wheat's ratio to find silver.

    Over the years my ratios would average 7 to 1 or even as high as 14 to 1 but would always average out lower. Wouldn't it make more sense to include nickels older than 1950 or Lincolns older than 1960? Yea I know why not just included all coins 1964 and older. Maybe other people already include...
  7. Ron from Michigan

    Good to get out today's finds

    During my search noticed the first penny was encrusted in green which was a plain 1919 the other two pennies were encrusted also and thought they were going to be wheat's but were Lincolns. All these coin were 8-9 inches deep. The brass button came in as a nickel signal has an airplane on it so...
  8. Ron from Michigan

    Questions about how you handle bad ground like Felix's red clay in Virgina and the old Gravel Capitol of the US in Oxford MI.

    Sometimes what we think we know we don't. What is the exact depth we lose by using auto sensitivity? How effective is the threshold adjustment to help nulling out? Will the frequency shift between Noise Cancel Band 1 and Band 2 help in bad ground. Could a decrease in the volume control with...
  9. Ron from Michigan

    Another short hunt close to the area where I found the 1875 Indian

    This park has been hit by every detector and hunter in the area. The ground is very difficult, but the Sovereign today recovered a 1909 Barb Half and junk jewelry.
  10. Ron from Michigan

    Today's search scored a 1875 toasted IH

    Hard park to search lots of shotgun shells great to be out for a couple of hours.
  11. Ron from Michigan

    Short search in a close by worked out park 05/02/2019

    After a long day made it a point to go metal detecting. Used my Sovereign Elite with the 10x12 SEF coil. Weather was perfect mid 60s with a nice breeze off the lake. My first 3 targets were 2 Wheat's 1944, 1931 and a Zinc. No silver but some clad and a nice short search. Maybe next time find...
  12. Ron from Michigan

    Out in the Park with the Sovereign today.

    First hunt of the year with the Sovereign. The park search today has been hunted out but close to home and dry. Met my friend Ron at the park he used an AT Pro and a Explorer. LOL two Ron's don't make a right. I used the deteknix wireless system for about an hour until it stopped working. For...
  13. Ron from Michigan

    Coin gardens are getting more popular and fun to watch on You Tube.

    But unless these test gardens have lots of trash buried especially different types of pull tads, caps ,screw caps and can slaw only depth is shown and one of the most important factors are missing. People are standing in line to buy these half tested wonder machines.. Parks I search in my area...
  14. Ron from Michigan

    The biggest secrets of the Sovereign.

    It's one of the most precision detectors ever made once learned. It won't find a ton of bottle caps. used with a 180 meter it will ID targets the full length of ID tones better than most of the current wonder detectors. I'd like to see people make a coin garden full of thrash and show the...
  15. Ron from Michigan

    How many Sovereign people used the S-1 Sun Ray Probe

    I 've used the Sun Ray probe on a lot of different detectors but the S-1 worked the best including better than the X-1 used on the Explorer. This is an older big box model I cut down to 1/3 from its original size. For me the older probes worked better.
  16. Ron from Michigan

    Looking forward to using my Impact when the weather permits.

    My brother in VA got an Impact and has two searches at his well worked sites. First hunt in a road side curb he pounded with his Etrac and other detectors found a1864 Indian 3 wheat's clad and a lead solder. He called me Friday and said so far he's impressed. Second hunt today Sunday at a very...
  17. Ron from Michigan

    Fisher 1266 XB Verses Fisher 1235 X Air Test

    Fisher 1266 XB and Fisher 1235-X with 10.5 Spider coil Penny 12 inches Penny 10 inches Nickle 12inches Nickle...
  18. Ron from Michigan

    Just picked up an older Coiltek WOT coil and will wire for a Sovereign.

    If my memory is correct, CoilTek WOT, Sovereign 6 pin mic connector? Pin #1 Red Pin #2 Black Pin #3 White Pin # 4 Orange. Thanks Ron
  19. Ron from Michigan

    While back I heard a wireless headphone wouldn't work for the Sovereign

    Got a Deteknix transmitter and receiver to see if this is true. Problem with my Sovereign there was no way to mount the transmitter on the rod assembly. Problem solved I mounted the small box on the arm cuff with the two bands that came with the kit. The headphones I used are Jolly Rogers, which...
  20. Ron from Michigan

    Got an Excal 800

    Very clean unit, Got out a couple of times. Hopefully can get untethered from the farm and get some hunting in. HH Ron