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Search results

  1. ejudasf

    Broken ORX LCD - Any hope?

    Use a heat gun lightly. It should loosen up the glue. Or use a hair dryer. I can't explain how not to melt your plastics, but be careful if you decide to try yourself.
  2. ejudasf

    Tesoro Treasure Mate or Garret pointer?

    I don't think it was 'planned'. Sure it's an older design. But it's still a damn good pin pointer. I was able to repair mine with new pots and changed the LED color. I also replaced the 9-volt battery connector. I'm pretty sure that all companies that make products think their designs...
  3. ejudasf

    Broken ORX LCD - Any hope?

    It may be fixable, but the LCD crack is a NO GO. The LCD would have to be replaced. Good luck, and sorry it broke.
  4. ejudasf

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    Hey Rick Hope you get better. My Q12 charger does work. Wish I had that tray too. At first, I didn't know what was happening with the lights. Now I do. It pretty much does a regular full charge and then trickle. I have been using a Thunder AC6 charger, which goes by other names like...
  5. ejudasf

    Nox acting real erratic

    I can't say without more info. 1st, only in Beach 2? Did you re-program the unit recently? Maybe re-program again.
  6. ejudasf

    Tesoro Treasure Mate or Garret pointer?

    This is an old thread. My .02 cents. I've used the Treasure Mate for a long, long time. The beauty of it is, it is tunable, and able to be ground balanced. You don't have to ground balance it for coins. Some complaints may be that the knobs are always moved when putting in and out of the...
  7. ejudasf

    My Treasure Mate let out some parts.

    I figured out how to open it up. I was guessing, and guessed correctly. The issue with mine was that the GB and the TUNE pots no longer adjusted anything. both pots are 100k. I can safely assume that the battery connector can break at the solder joints of the wires, over time. Just...
  8. ejudasf

    My Treasure Mate let out some parts.

    So I was pulling the battery out of my Treasure Mate, and if you own one, you know how sometimes the battery likes to stay put. Anyway, as I pulled it out, some little headers came out with it. I'm only guessing here, but I think these headers are used as a battery stop. I placed the new...
  9. ejudasf

    Circuit board cleaner

    I worked at a place that used Cascade and water. It was sprayed while going through a conveyor belt. The water used was well water. At the end of the cycle, the boards were 'dried' with compressed air. After the compressed air, at our individual stations, we used a natural hair brush and...
  10. ejudasf

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    Dude! You are telling me! I got this charger in trade many years ago. It came with this cool molded tray, where you would lay the sovereign battery pack in. The plug also fits the charging bulkhead for the Excal. Back then, I would just plug it in and leave it for the next morning. Never...
  11. ejudasf

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    This did help. Thanks for the link. I don't know if I want to trust the Sunray charger at this point, but if I have to use it, I can just leave it plugged in for a lot longer, since it's only trickle charging while flashing.
  12. ejudasf

    Put together a connector and headphones for my Simplex.

    I usually blame the alignment of the planets.
  13. ejudasf

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    Although I never had the manual for this charger, I have used this charger on and off over the last 12 years. I am trying to understand what the charger is telling me while its charging. The 'fast mode' LED remains solid at the start. Then after a while, it starts to blink. What does the...
  14. ejudasf

    Put together a connector and headphones for my Simplex.

    Now I don't have to use that little headphone cable adapter. Purchased a 90 degree M12 connector from Amazon. It is a waterproof type and was pretty cheap. It came with the smallest allen wrench I have ever seen. I also bought some used Garrett Headphones for $22.00 form a website in...
  15. ejudasf

    Tell me about your sand scoop.. am looking for one

    I bought the cheapest one from amazon. 8 x 11. Just the scoop part. I'll use a D-handle from another tool like a small shovel. It has a decent size hole all the way through to hold it in place. Previously I had purchased a smaller, maybe 5 inch round with an angled tube, perfect, but needed...
  16. ejudasf

    Jimmy Sierra headphones not working on Simplex +

    All of my headphones have very low volume. RAT phones, KILLER BEES, and JOLLY Rogers. All of these have a mono/stereo switch, (the RAT phones, you just have to flip the cable.) Anyway, I spent my first hour searching for targets in my back yard without headphones, as I thought all of my...
  17. ejudasf

    Sovereign GT circuit board dimensions.

    Anyone know what the main board dimensions are? I am sure someone has already opened one up, but by chance, I need the dimensions. I hope you remember. thanks. ed
  18. ejudasf

    Golden uMax and Bandido II uMax comparisson ?'s

    Hello people. Can some of you who have these machines help me with a comparisson of a nickel and a dime. In air. I would like to know the Max distance a nickel and a dime can be detected in the air in DISC mode using the Bandido II uMax and the Golden uMax. I appreciate any help on this...
  19. ejudasf

    Anyone ever find some waterproof push-buttons?

    They could be panel-mount, but I just haven't been able to find any. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. ed
  20. ejudasf

    Opinions wanted. . . . .hypothetical but possible. . .

    I have 2 Sovereigns. The Elite, and the GT. I also have an Excal. Anyway, if I was thinking of 'trading' my Elite for a Fisher machine, what Fisher machine would be very similar in features? A little more info on my Elite. It has an XS meter that has been modded to 180. The Elite has...