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Search results

  1. GeorgeinSC


    Spring has sprung. My azaleas are in bloom. Bradford pear are in full bloom and the pine trees are putting out the Yellow Snow.
  2. GeorgeinSC

    Silver in Change

    Made a trip up to NC on Wednesday to surprise my brother in law on his birthday. Our son who lives in Ga also came up. I visited an Amish General store to purchase a supply of no sugar added jams and jellies along with some other items. Paid cash as they charge if you use a card. Later i...
  3. GeorgeinSC

    It depends on ones perspective

    The army of Israel looked at Goliath through the eyes of man and said he's too big to beat. David looked at him through the eyes of God and said he's too big to miss. .... Wally Carter
  4. GeorgeinSC


    Saw a post on facebook that one of the Marxist Leaders of the BLM said that Christian statues and Churches were next on the list to brought down.
  5. GeorgeinSC

    Sovereign battery

    Apparently in my rush to get out of the rain i accidentally left my Sovereign GT on and totally discharged the battery last time i used it. . It has been on charge for a few hours and has not charged any at all. Have i totally destroyed a good rechargeable battery?
  6. GeorgeinSC

    South Carolina Beaches

    From every bit of information I can find ALL Salt Water Beaches in South Carolina Are Closed. The three local beaches closed because of College kids having parties on the beach so I was looking at other beaches to see if I could find a beach that I could go detect and every one of them are...
  7. GeorgeinSC

    At long last

    It has been so long since I saw last gold in the scoop that I was beginning to think my Xcal was not capable of finding anything but zincolns. But Saturday as I was finishing up five hours of detecting at my favorite beach I got a target that sounded like it was between foil and a nickel...
  8. GeorgeinSC

    Sovereign Gt still find goodies.

    Got permission to detect around an old home and when I arrived I found that the grass was knee deep. I asked if it would be possible to detect around the home where the gentleman's parents lived and permission was granted. I just purchased a new computer and cant get pictures off my camera...
  9. GeorgeinSC

    An I dont know.

    Found this recently in a city park in NC. It is heavy for its size. Made of brass Center does not rotate. Knobs unscrew. Not a water faucet handle. I initially thought fidget spinner but since it does not rotate I threw that idea in the trash. It is 2 3/4 inches wide.
  10. GeorgeinSC

    Another Return

    Sunday afternoon I got a phone call from a friend in Boise Idaho. He had information about a lost ring at one of the local beaches. The young lady who lost the ring posted the loss on the beaches facebook page. A local gentleman who is on vacation in Colorado saw the post and knowing that...
  11. GeorgeinSC

    Against all Odds.

    Recently if found a class ring at the beach. Had to use electrolysis on it to be able to read what was engraved inside of it. From what i could determine the ring is made of lustrium. Once i got it cleaned i could read a young ladies name in the ring. I was shocked when i saw the name. The...
  12. GeorgeinSC

    Military Dog tag

    At the beach yesterday I found a military dog tag. Does not have branch of service on it. I though that an eon or two ago that mine had USN on them Any idea how I might be able to track down the individual and return his dog tag?
  13. GeorgeinSC

    Minelab Repairs

    I have read on another forum that Minelab has opened a new repair facility It was indicated that the facility is in Pennsylvania. Minelab posted to e-mail them and they would issue a RMA and tell you where to send the detector.
  14. GeorgeinSC

    A happy Young Lady

    I had been at the beach for about six hours today and it was not only Hot but the beach was getting crowded. I was working my way to my exit when a couple that I had detected past came down the beach to me and the Guy said "My wife lost her engagement ring. Would you Please come see if you can...
  15. GeorgeinSC

    Planning a trip to Myrtle Beach?

    If you are planning a sand and surf detecting trip to Myrtle Beach you need to be aware of some changes that have been made in regards to parking in some of the areas at the Beach.
  16. GeorgeinSC

    Two Returns in one weak

    Friday May 6 I found a set of keys at the beach. One of the keys was for a mail box and the other was for a door at the Citadel (Military College of South Carolina) in Charleston. I suspected that one of the Cadets had lost their keys. I got in touch with the lady in charge of the campus post...
  17. GeorgeinSC

    I found a Button

    I found this button a couple of weeks ago at the Beach. Everything that I can find indicates that it may be from the Civil War era. Wondering what some of you that are far more versed in relics from that era might think. [attachment 326824 button.jpg] [attachment 326824 button.jpg]
  18. GeorgeinSC

    Bridal Rosette

    I found this Bridal Rosette in a city park that at one time was a part of an old Southern Plantation. I was wondering if there was any way to date something like this. [attachment 324910 Rosette.jpg]
  19. GeorgeinSC

    X-Cal Repairs

    At the end of last month I was at the beach hunting the elusive gold. No I did not find any. But my X-Cal II went crazy for a minute or two. I tried turning different knobs and when I turned the Volume knob it went back to working. Next trip to the beach the X-Cal again worked for a while...
  20. GeorgeinSC

    Trade Token

    My wife and I took a little vacation from being Retired and went up to Wv and Ohio for a Few Days. I got the opportunity to detect a site that had two very old homes. According to the owner the area had been detected a number of times. But I still detected the property for about 3 hours...