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  1. GateKeeper

    We started a Smoking and Grilling FORUM

    We started a forum for those of you who have been using smokers or are BBQ grill experts with the main aim being for smokers, recipes, types of smokers, etc. for any of you interested. Come show us your recipes and share your expertise on how you use any type of smoker as well as any experts on...
  2. GateKeeper


    Everyday there are forum spammers trying to gain access to our forum. If you see a request in the Approval Queue, leave it alone so I can Nuke them. There are special tools I use to do so. Thank you, Gatekeeper
  3. GateKeeper


    Backwoods Detector Sales Big Boys Hobbies DeepTech USA Fisher Metal Detectors Garrett Metal Detectors Nokta/Makro Detection technologies...
  4. GateKeeper

    New Forum, lot's of questions

    We have created a new forum in the Resource & Classroom Forum called........ "Things I have Learned". There you can post questions you have or things you have learned to help everyone navigate our new home. From what I can see already, this new forum is amazing. Take a look around and enjoy...
  5. GateKeeper

    Minelab Event

    Anyone going to the Minelab event tomorrow? And which one are you going to?
  6. GateKeeper

    Happy Veterans Day Thanks

    Thanks to my fellow Devil Dogs as well as all the Dog Faces, Squids, and Flyboys for defending our great country and allowing freedom reign.
  7. GateKeeper

    Smallest U.S. coin

    Went hunting the old Stagecoach stop yesterday. I was hunting for about thirty minutes when I got a hit at seven inches. The TID was showing a 12-10 12-12. I was thinking cool, a V nickel. After pulling he plug and doing a quick search, I finally got it in my hand. I swiped the soil away, and...
  8. GateKeeper

    ATX in action

    Just saw the show Dig Fellas tonight. Bill Ladd was using the ATX in the show. That coil looks like a dining room table.
  9. GateKeeper

    Large Gold

    I hunted an old house tonight that dated back to the mid 1800's. About an hour in I got a 12/29 signal at 8 inches. As I pulled out my prize, I had no idea what it was. I went over to by buddy Carvers house and started to clean it up. It ends up its an old gold cane handle. It has the name...
  10. GateKeeper

    A Big Shout out to................

    everyone of you guys who is making this forum a success. Digger and I talked the other day, and are amazed at how quickly all of you guys and gals are quickly understanding this great machine. As well as giving out all the great information and help to all the new users. Thank you everyone...
  11. GateKeeper

    Another Metal Detecting Show :rant:

    I just saw a preview of another metal detecting show on the Travel Channel called "Dig Fellas". It's premiering next Wednesday. How many of these shows do we need? How many is that now....4 in the last 12 months? I cant tell you guys how many of the sites I've visited where a home owner or a...
  12. GateKeeper

    Xchange 2 - Importing Find Data From Another Device

    Importing find data from another device
  13. GateKeeper

    Xchange 2 - Adding unrecorded find data

    Adding unrecorded find data
  14. GateKeeper

    Xchange 2 - Create Navigation WayPoint Using Drag and Drop Option

    Create Waypoint using drag and drop option
  15. GateKeeper

    Enjoy the video's

    This is an on going process. These instructional video's have been verified as accurate by Minelab. If you have any question's or comment's about anyone of these video's, feel free to do so. More video's to come. The following posts by me are done by several people. I just post them but...
  16. GateKeeper

    Editing Xchange 2 FindPoint and WayPoint data on the CTX 3030
  17. GateKeeper

    Transfering GPS Data to Xchange 2 to the CTX 3030
  18. GateKeeper

    CTX 3030 GPS Basics
  19. GateKeeper

    Universal Settings on Xchange 2