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    more advice needed

    I have asked for my multi frequency post below to be deleted by using the report button and if this is the wrong proceedure I would ask how to delete it. I can see the opening post is much too inflammatory. I still would like advice from people with electrical knowledge as it pertains to...
  2. P

    multi frequency

    I would like to know why simultaneous multifrequency detectors are the rage at this time. I would prefer responses from electrical engineers or designers of metal detectors. Why, when the Fisher CZ series came out, did they not "obsolete" their competitors, why are the new ones so much...
  3. P

    Omega 8500

    A while back i bid $240 and won an omega 8500 with 3 fisher coils, the standard oblong concentric, the small dd and the 11x7 or whatever size it is along with the Black Garrett pinpointer, some cheap garrett headphones and an attachment to keep it from tipping over. I can only assume that it...
  4. P

    why so dead?

    I see the newest thread other than the new smf one is from almost a month ago. Hasn't anyone made any finds or discoveries since then?
  5. P

    Lesche Sampson T handle carrier

    I bought readyshovel carrier for my Lesche shove. The shovel was always banging on my leg while walking. I split about a 1 foot piece of pvc pipe and put it on the shaft of the shovel to make it about the same diameter as the handle and centered it over the balance point when the shovel is...
  6. P

    advice needed

    This is especially for people who almost quit detecting but didn't. What advice would you give to a person who has as expensive a detector as he can afford but is disappointed that his finds seem to have dried up and is ready to quit the hobby? Or simply what kept you from quitting?
  7. P

    non xp headphones?

    Does anyone here use headphones or earbuds other than XP ones? If so, what is your setup (wrist holder, around neck, remote in pocket, transmitter/receiver, etc.)?
  8. P

    Nail board test

    What is your opinion? Is it the ultimate test for the best detector in nails? Do you think it has flaws? Defend you opinion.
  9. P


    Notice: Not to be used for comparing mine to your or yours to some else's. With that out of the way, I urge all my friends here to make up some tests for your own good. When you feel like detecting this winter but the ground is frozen a foot or two deep, break out a detector or two, a good...
  10. P

    defense of the Outlaw

    The Tesoro Outlaw is one of my favorite detectors. I bought a used one with the 3 coils for less than $300, about retail for just the coils. I believe the what I consider low price was due to the horrible publicity about the pinpoint button and the fact that people want something new and it...
  11. P

    gold bug

    This is for the latest version, not the original or gold bug 2. This is not my idea, someone else came up with it. When switching from disc to all metal, for me it was a pain to always have to turn the control to find the threshold and then turn to off again for disc. Someone came up with...
  12. P

    man made

    Looking at some of my finds there are amazing things that show the intelligence, ingenuity, forethought, engineering prowess, and even love of man, even in things like a stray gear from an old watch or beautiful work on jewelry or even an arrowhead. Look at the Mona Lisa, it is obvious that...
  13. P

    Piece of Skylab?

    Recently I found a large aluminum coin with Skylab on the front and information on the back about the U.S. program to put a laboratory in space. It also said it contained metal from the original lab that was in space. Having seen that a similar coin was sold in the recent past that said it...
  14. P

    Best detector?

    Here is my views on the subject. The best detector is the one you have, like the best, and learn. There are other ones that will do something better in certain instances. My detector is not best for you because you don't have it and might not like it anyway. Everyone wants the latest...
  15. P

    silicone cover

    I bought a silicone cover for when the remote is mounted on the frame and I don't want to get dirt in the keypads. However I so not want it on all the time. The cover was extremely hard to put over the remote as the silicone is very sticky. I do not want to go through this every time I...
  16. P

    water hunting cable

    Has anyone made their own cable? In "The Deus Handbook" by Andy Sabisch, it kind of shows how to make one from coaxial cable. I'm not sure whether the small wire in the middle need to be cut off flush with the shielding or extended out like the illustration.
  17. P

    cost to recharge AA 2400mAh batteries

    Here are the cost to charge 8 2400mah rechargeable batteries: To charge, at 80% efficiency, it will take about 3.5 amp hours to fill from completely empty. With the cost of electricity at 11 cents per kWh the cost would be $.003 for 8 AA batteries or 3/10ths of one cent. I am sure alkaline AAs...
  18. P

    Best in aluminum

    Monte has a nail board test. Here is a test for searching in pull tabs. Place 4 tabs of your choice in a square and put a dime or coin of your choice in the middle where the diagonals cross. Gradually make the square smaller until you can no longer detect the coin. What kind of results do...
  19. P

    concentric on G2

    While on the Tekneticsdirect website, I saw the 10 inch elliptical concentric coil and it was recommended for the G2 and G2+ along with the greek detectors. I know Dave J said only dd coils work correctly on the Gold bug so what is going on here?