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Search results

  1. dfmike

    The NOX 600 has got my head reeling

    Seriously. I don't know when the lucky streak is going to come to an end but this is ridiculous. Back in the heaviest of trash this past weekend and the Equinox does it again with unexpected finds and a boatload of coins. This machines loves trash. The more the better. It seems to pull out the...
  2. dfmike

    Dazzled by the Equinox once more

    Second time out with this machine. I had a few hours after work to get back in the woods and see if this detector could work its magic again. I got my answer rather quickly. Keep in mind that this place is littered with rusty bottle caps and nails. In other words, not what I would call detector...
  3. dfmike

    First day out with the 600

    I was waiting for the Nokta simultaneous multi frequency to show up before winter sets in but since it seems to be a no-go, I decided to take a chance on the Equinox. A little background info: I have used many detectors through the years : Fisher F44, F5, F19, Teknetics 8000, G2+, Nokta Fors...
  4. dfmike

    issues ground balancing my Nox 600

    Hi. I just got an Equinox 600 and I'm having issues ground balancing it. Never had an issue with any detector I have ever had (all non Minelab). I've read the online manual from Minelab, read Andy Sabisch book, saw an online tutorial on youtube and it seems pretty straight forward but wherever I...
  5. dfmike

    G2+ three hours at the beach

    I finally got some time to detect. It's been months ! I got to this beach early before opening time and got a delicate .925 bracelet. The clasp has too much gap when closed and that's exactly why it was lost. I was hoping for gold but it wasn't meant to be. Apart from that, the usual small...
  6. dfmike

    Last time out in 2020

    Winter has finally set in and in 24 hours, the temps dropped from freezing point to way below zero (-10 Celsius or 14F) with a sprinkling of snow. Fortunately I got a few hours of detecting yesterday and found some silver yet again. My first target was a 1940 silver quarter ! Not a bad start. My...
  7. dfmike

    Fors CoRe silver foursome

    Got back to my usual rusty bottle cap infested forest for a few hours and found four silver dimes. After my third silver dime, I had found more silver than copper (a first for me) but then the pennies started popping up. The last silver dime I found was the 1951 rosie (my first silver rosie). It...
  8. dfmike

    Fors CoRe finally got me some silver

    After almost a year of finding old penny after old penny and a few large cents (about 25 in all), the CoRe finally got me a trio of silver dimes in a short 3 hour hunt. I've been to this place time and time again and it is very challenging as it is loaded with rusty bottle caps and the woods are...
  9. dfmike

    Coin slaying with the G2+

    The result of 2 separate recent hunts. I'm not sure if Fisher Labs did something to the firmware of the F19/G2+ since their first year of production but I can't recall finding so many Canadian clad in so little time. For some reason it seems to be easier on the more recent G2+ than on my 2014...
  10. dfmike

    Fisher F19 and Tek G2+ still rocking it

    Getting back to detecting again. Amen. After using the MX7 and Fors CoRe for the better part of 2019, I decided to get back to the F19 LTD and my newly purchased G2+ for 2020. My F19 has a 2014 serial number and the G2+ is from March 2020. In usage I don't know if I can make out any difference...
  11. dfmike

    the ole CoRe doing what it does best

    Since our first few inches of snow has almost all melted away, I decided to get the CoRe out and see what I could rummage from an area of the woods that I have explored previously with my other machines. I brought it where the smallest of coils was needed. There is an area in these woods where...
  12. dfmike

    MX7 strikes silver

    I'm back in the woods again and since the MX7 fared so well in this area last year, I decided to take it along once again. Actually I took the MX7 because the bad detecting conditions left me with no options. It's the only detector that I have that uses concentric coils and it punches deeper...
  13. dfmike

    MGC 5X8 coil compared to others with picture

    I got my MGC Labs coil yesterday. I plan on using it tomorrow on my F19. For now here is a shot of the coil for size comparisons. The coils included here are the Fisher 5" Gold Bug coil, the stock 5 X 10 and the MGC 5 X 8. I will comment once I have used it a few times. All I can say for now is...
  14. dfmike

    F19 and the gold bug coil

    I wanted to test out an old coil I had almost forgotten. I bought that coil on the used market not long after I purchased my F5. I must have tried it once or twice on that detector and wanted better ground coverage so I pretty much ditched it. I don't even remember using it once on the F19 so it...
  15. dfmike

    Whites MX7 double silver dimes

    Another trip to the old school with the MX7. I wanted to try to hunt in coin and jewelry mode but with the machine open to everything (no discrimination). I've used the hi trash mode and discrim to at least zero but most of the time all the way up to 15. Some observations concerning the...
  16. dfmike

    pretty little thing

    I finally got some time to take my F19 to the beach after 2 months of detection withdrawal (too much work, not enough time, too much heat, too many mosquitoes and blackflies). My 2 first targets were Canadian loonies and out comes this pretty little thing as my third target recovery...
  17. dfmike

    Weekend hunt with the old CoRe

    It's been a while since I have used the CoRe. I went out to a new area which I knew was promising but challenging because of the trash that I would encounter. This place was once a turn of the century old tavern recently demolished and converted to a city park. I was shocked by all the trash...
  18. dfmike

    lifting the MX7's back end off the ground

    I like my MX7 but always wondered why it was made with the back end in contact with the ground. Since the battery compartment is flat and it has no stand in the back end like the Fisher models I use, the rear part of the detector will undoubtedly rest in moisture most of the time exposing the...
  19. dfmike

    My MX7 is back and ready to fire

    Some time ago when I bought my MX7 I mentioned in this forum (previously known as the Whites forum) that I had an issue with the battery holder and/or battery compartment. I sent it for repairs recently and it just got back from Whites headquarters in Sweet Home. It got back to me with a brand...
  20. dfmike

    MX7 finds me some silver like a boss

    I posted this here since it used to be the Whites forum. I hope there are still some Whites users lurking about... I have a love-hate relationship with this detector but when it's good, it's better than good. I'm coming to grips with the noise it makes and making more sense of it with time...