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Search results

  1. ejudasf

    My Treasure Mate let out some parts.

    So I was pulling the battery out of my Treasure Mate, and if you own one, you know how sometimes the battery likes to stay put. Anyway, as I pulled it out, some little headers came out with it. I'm only guessing here, but I think these headers are used as a battery stop. I placed the new...
  2. ejudasf

    Anyone use a Sunray Q-12 Econo-Charger?

    Although I never had the manual for this charger, I have used this charger on and off over the last 12 years. I am trying to understand what the charger is telling me while its charging. The 'fast mode' LED remains solid at the start. Then after a while, it starts to blink. What does the...
  3. ejudasf

    Put together a connector and headphones for my Simplex.

    Now I don't have to use that little headphone cable adapter. Purchased a 90 degree M12 connector from Amazon. It is a waterproof type and was pretty cheap. It came with the smallest allen wrench I have ever seen. I also bought some used Garrett Headphones for $22.00 form a website in...
  4. ejudasf

    Sovereign GT circuit board dimensions.

    Anyone know what the main board dimensions are? I am sure someone has already opened one up, but by chance, I need the dimensions. I hope you remember. thanks. ed
  5. ejudasf

    Golden uMax and Bandido II uMax comparisson ?'s

    Hello people. Can some of you who have these machines help me with a comparisson of a nickel and a dime. In air. I would like to know the Max distance a nickel and a dime can be detected in the air in DISC mode using the Bandido II uMax and the Golden uMax. I appreciate any help on this...
  6. ejudasf

    Anyone ever find some waterproof push-buttons?

    They could be panel-mount, but I just haven't been able to find any. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. ed
  7. ejudasf

    Opinions wanted. . . . .hypothetical but possible. . .

    I have 2 Sovereigns. The Elite, and the GT. I also have an Excal. Anyway, if I was thinking of 'trading' my Elite for a Fisher machine, what Fisher machine would be very similar in features? A little more info on my Elite. It has an XS meter that has been modded to 180. The Elite has...
  8. ejudasf

    I don't get it !! (thinking outloud)

    Hello everybody. Yesterday after work, I hunted the local park. In the past, I have found Mercury dimes and alot of wheat pennies. Some, beyond the 8-inch mark. I have given up on 2 targets that are deeper than 12-inches. Anyway, I hunted this site yesterday, and since I know there is...
  9. ejudasf

    I am finally a completed hunter. . . .

    hello fellas. I just want to talk about my equipment for a while. Actually, I am so proud that I feel so complete for any situation. I have 2 Sovereigns. The Elite and the GT. I also have the Excalibur. But in the coils, I have the 8-inch BBS, 8-inch Coin Search, 10-inch Tornado, and the...
  10. ejudasf

    Anyone have a remote p/p on their GT?

    I am wanting to put one on. I just don't know if anyone else has already done one. I do have one on my Elite, and I really like it. It is a momentary type button that flips the mode to the opposite of where the original switch is set. In other words, if I set it to all-metal, I can momentary...
  11. ejudasf

    A few questions about all Sovereigns. . . .:starwars:

    Hello fellas and gals. Has anyone used the Elite, and the GT side by side? I am wondering if there is any other interferance that may happen other than the cross-talk. I dug another Merc dime on Friday, along with 9 Wheaties, and my 1st square nail. I think I found a good spot. A few...
  12. ejudasf

    Was looking for an S-12 for my Sov/Excal, BUT,

    got offered the WOT at a great price. I couldn't turn it down, and haven't received ANY offers for a used S-12 coil. Can't afford a new one, and couldn't find any "good" experiences with the 12.5 Excellerator II coil. Actually couldn't find any responses of anyone using one. In early...
  13. ejudasf

    I learned soemthing new.:yo:

    I know some of you already know this, and I was "explained" about this over the phone a few months back. I am using the Sov Elite with the silent search mod on it. I also have a remote pin-point button that puts the machine in teh opposite mode that it's set on. Nice set up actually. Anyway...
  14. ejudasf

    Sunray S-12 vs Excellerator II 12.5. . . .:surrender:

    Anyone know the performance of these 2 coils head-to-head? They cost the same. Same style, Double-D. Should be same size as well. Thanks. ed
  15. ejudasf

    1st outing with the 5X10 HF coil and the 70.

    Hello everyone. I bought a used coil, and was a bit surprised when it arrived. It was used. Not badly, but it wasn't very shiny. I like it! I took the Xterra 70 to the same location that I had found the Mercury dime at, in hopes of finding more silver coins. Being that I didn't want to...
  16. ejudasf

    Hey James! I got my first merc. . . .:detecting:

    Found my first merc yesterday with the X-terra 70 and stock coil. I was using pattern 2 with 99 tones, and tracking. I also learned that this configutration helps alot with finding nickels. Any 'warble' on the tone, more than likely trash. Solid tones are good. Will be waiting the arrival...
  17. ejudasf

    Price check on the X-terra 70 coils. . . .

    What does a new 5X10 coil cost, new/used, and also the 10-in DD coil. I think I might buy one of them if I can find one. Thanks.
  18. ejudasf

    Charging battery question.

    Hello fellas and gals! I have a Sovereign Elite and an Excalibur. For my Sovereign, I have a Q-12 Econo-Charger. It's a huge looking transformer. I really like the trickle charge and the indicator light that lets you know it's trickle charging. The question is: Can I use this charger to...
  19. ejudasf

    Question about the NOTCH of the Sov Elite. . .

    I gotta ask: how wide is the NOTCH of this machine? In a previous post, Rick stated about finding more nickels using the Sov Elite and the 180 meter. For me it is true as well. I have found that getting a pulltab that falls close to a nickel, and trying to NOTCH it out is almost impossible...