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Search results

  1. M

    Frequency Adjustment G2+

    Can anyone tell me if the frequency can be adjusted on a G2+ like on the T2? Thanks
  2. M

    G2+ in all metal....

    Anyone hunting in all metal? If so, what do you think? Much difference compared to discrimination mode at 0?
  3. M

    T2+ & All Metal Mode....Help!

    Can anyone tell me if you have to initiate the manual ground cancellation while in All Metal Mode or can you choose to utilize the Auto Ground Cancellation?
  4. M

    T2+ & Coin Depth

    Thinking about picking up a T2+. I hunt in Middle TN and curious about depth on coins. Appreciate some experienced feedback.
  5. M

    T2 & Coil Questions.....

    For those of you swinging the T2 and the 11 inch DD coil do you notice a lot of falsing when the coil hits objects or stalks on the ground? I'm using an F70 with same type of coil and it falses quite a bit when the coil hits a stalk either hard or lightly. I've already sent it in to FT but told...
  6. M

    Kudos to the folks in El Paso

    Sent my f70 in this past week as both my coils were falsing. Just in time as warranty almost out. Stock coil replaced and 11 in. coil repaired. They even replaced the grip and the face plate of the unit. They received it on Monday and I received back 5 days later. Great service. Thanks Fisher.
  7. M

    New F75 Anniversary Edition-DST

    Are the new F75's with DST really quiet compared to previous versions? I'm using a Teknetics G2+ and it is very quiet and was curious if the F75 Anniversary edition was just as quiet?
  8. M

    Question for G2+ Users....

    Curious if any G2+ users out there have found any gold coins? If so, what VDI numbers came up?
  9. M

    I have a tough decision.......

    I've been thinking about selling my f70 and my initial thought was to purchase a Tek T2. The s-rod on the 70 is just a little too short for me being 6ft tall and the T2 pistol grip is much better for a tall guy like me. However, the newly released standard F75 with DST has caught my attention...
  10. M

    G2+ Arrived Today............

    And I have a iron infested bean field waiting for me
  11. M

    G2 Plus and Battery Life

    Question for those using the G2 Plus. How many hours are you getting on the 9 volt? Manual says 15 to 20 but realize that may be a conservative figure. I use a Fisher f70 and the manual says 40 hours but I usually get over 40. Thanks for your any and all input.
  12. M

    Anyone using the G2 Plus? Thoughts?

  13. M

    Question re: pro pointer

    I purchased a pro pointer a few months back. Does it have two ways to operate? What I mean I know to hold the power button down until I hear 2 beeps meaning it's on. However I noticed today that if I just push the power button not as hard it will work and shut off when I'm done. Is that an...
  14. M

    Potential newbie to Teknetics

    I'm thinking about purchasing a Teknetics but have never used one before. I've used several Fishers. Since both are made by First Texas, what is the general difference between the Teknetics and Fisher detectors? Does the Fisher F75 operate the same way as the Teknetics equivalent?
  15. M

    Look what the 70 sniffed out.....

    1774 half reale.
  16. M

    F75 Upgrade & The F70

    Does anyone know if the F70 is or will be included with the upgrade?
  17. M

    Iron relics and wax

    I have a couple of iron relics that I put through electrolysis. It did a good job of removing a lot of rust; however, not all of it came off and the relic is at a delicate stage. If I place the relic in hot wax (to preserve), will it do any harm to the relic if there remains a little rust?
  18. M

    F70 and Notching....Need some help.

    I've been using the F70 for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed using it. But, I'm still learning the machine. I'm a little confused about the notch feature. My set up includes notching out iron; however, I also adjust the discrimination between 1 up to 20. Here's my question. If I notch out...
  19. M

    How does the M6 do on relics; especially lead??

    Does the M6 compare to the MXT on relics?