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  1. D

    Car Charger (help) for the the GPX series

    Hi all - if anyone has a car cig 12v Minelab charger for the GPX would be awesome to understand which pins carry the 12v to the LIION battery Keen to make my own lead as none available in NZ. Sorry to trouble you guys!
  2. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Cables ok so far! But super careful with it. I have a few spare coils from my old machines in various states of repair as backups. Atx is just simple - and works well under water. Still keen to pickup the small infinium DD coils just in case.
  3. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Another dive :) 9ct rose gold hollow bracelet - cut it in half to look inside (other half missing anyway) 18ct and probably 22ct (Chinese) handmade - mint weather as we head into winter!
  4. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    I Always lose ;)
  5. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Yes the ATX is still an awesome machine - with the right settings and care of the coils
  6. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Here are hunts 5 and 6 - well the gold from those hunts anyway. Underwater cut is starting to close but managed to sneak these out with small “high lows” Hunts 5 and 6 - two different locations, both in 2-3metres of water. Have found the best headphones for the atx (ditch the blue ones -...
  7. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Here’s the background - sorry for the incorrect chronological order! ** Hi guys - I owned one of the first ATX units (actually 2 of them) and suffered from the coil cable issues. Despite that, these machines produced 100+ gold rings for me (in the space of 1 year). Garrett was awesome and...
  8. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    And the next day.....after buying a “new to me” used ATX.....( had two of these before and moved to equinox / other machines) - now rekindling efforts —————- So it seems the “new for me” ATX gels with me well - probably the hundreds of hours with it back in 2014! Blessed with some more luck...
  9. D

    Back to the.... ATX

    Ok, so, I don’t think I could have made this up if I tried! Decided to go for another water hunt today, ATX charged and not expecting a great deal as has been ‘slim pickings’ lately - especially with the CTX / Nox / Excal. Found a spot in the water, I have walked over hundreds of times in the...
  10. D

    Anybody hear anything about ATX getting Retooled ?

    This was me :). Sorry lost my findmall login for my old username and email address changed.... I will post these finds here shortly - and they have grown again. ;0
  11. D

    My EQ 800 evening project

    Hi guys I water hunt and can’t be bothered waiting so / decided to make my own waterproof connector! This was NOT easy, sourcing the components, drilling the fitting, finding a stereo jack that fitted .... but the result! All done! FYI the Audio output differs from the CTX and having to wait...
  12. D

    1st water hunt with 800

    Hi guys Just wanted to update you on my first water hunt with the 800. Was using the Bluetooth headphones, so limited in depth (You will lose Bluetooth connectivity with the screen fully immersed). Initial part of the hunt with the xcal in pinpoint, very, very few targets, beach is really...
  13. D

    Driving the Xcal Piezo speakers from standard source - HELP?

    I picked up an Equinox 800 to test and it seems pretty decent. Wanting to try it in the water, and have some spare XCal headphones. I can make the right plug to fit, uses a 3.5 stereo jack. I am assuming the equinox is setup to drive standard headphones. To drive the piezoelectric...
  14. D

    Making waterproof headphones - advice

    Tech Question! I picked up an Equinox 800 to test and it seems pretty decent. Wanting to try it in the water, and have some spare XCal waterproof headphones. I can make the right plug to fit, uses a 3.5 stereo jack. I am assuming the equinox is setup to drive standard headphones...
  15. D

    First beach / water hunt with 800 = Gold!

    Hi all For those that know my posts I have several machines the xcals, ctx, ATX, Dual field etc and are a fairly serious detectorist! I think my best year is 115 gold ;) Anyway, I was “super tempted” by the 800, that gold chain video got me! Lucky, managed to pick one up here! First trial...
  16. D

    Equinox 800 picked up!

    Hi guys Could not resist the temptation, I have used a ton of different machines, ctx, ATX, excals etc and picked up the 800 this morning. Will let you know my thoughts and comparisons ASAP. For those that are wondering, the charge connectors appear to be gold plated, ie, it is not inductive...
  17. D

    8 inch mono disection!

    Hi Guys I had a faulty 8 inch mono coil - it looked 'perfect' but constantly falses. Cutting the coil wiring, and rewiring made zero, decided to dissect the coil! Well, actually using a hammer! It turns out the coil really cannot be 'repaired'. Seems there are two...
  18. D

    Down to one ATX

    Had two of these machines, fantastic in the right conditions. But due to limited use nowadays just sold one machine online (the modified xcals get tons of use).. I do wish this ATX electronic package was in a lighter configuration and are contemplating removing the entire green housing and...
  19. D

    Long overdue for an update to friends!

    Hi All Have not posted for quite some time, mainly due to work commitments unfortunately..... Just returned from a three week trip to Honolulu :) Well, mainly Waikiki :) Took along the ATX, CTX, Excal and Dual Field, and gave them all a good work out on Waikiki Beach (in the water only) -...
  20. D

    A little advice from US Members!

    Hi Guys Managed to get some time off work and plan to come to Hawaii in January - flights booked from Jan 8 - 25. Any thoughts if I want to detect where to visit? Both islands? One Island? One beach ? Was planning the Xcal and ATX...... Normally for me in the water with Snorkel etc Dale