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    CZ21 Lower Rod Same As Other Fisher Rods?

    Thank you. I left a msg and still waiting for a response. I suppose I'll call again.
  2. F

    CZ21 Lower Rod Same As Other Fisher Rods?

    Are all Fisher lower rods the same? I need on for a CZ21 I bought that didn't come with the lower rod.
  3. F

    Super modified CTX?

    With the Minelab Pro-swing harness I can swing all day and get after it the next day too. Without the harness I'm hurting in an hour and if I push it I'm not going out for the next couple days. Doesn't address your question but I thought I'd mention it in case you're using a different harness. I...
  4. F

    Looking for CZ21 Handle & Mounting Plate Assy or After Market Option

    I'm building a Carbon Fiber beach & wading setup for my CZ21 and I'm looking for a source for the handle and top mounting plate. Is Fisher the only option for these parts? A aftermarket handle/grip substitute suggestion would also work since I use a shaft under arm or hip mount except when diving.
  5. F

    Equinox 800 "Burped"

    After the last water hunt of four over the last month I discovered my external speaker wasn't working as it should. It sounded as if it was partially waterlogged but it had been at least 10 days since it had been in the water. Contacted Minelab, got a RMA, and shipped it off. They sent me return...
  6. F

    Equinox with Tony's HPs - Underwater Volume

    How is the underwater volume with Tonys HPs? Doing a dive search for a ring in 6-8' of water and debating on taking the 800 vs CZ21. I'll have both with me and like the idea of tweaking the settings on the 800.
  7. F

    Marko Racer, Racer 2, Gold Racer On-Off-Vol Knob

    I always wear headphones when using my Gold Racer until I forgot my headphones and figured I'd just keep the volume low for a quick scan of a tot lot. The On-Off-Vol Knob didn't allow for a gradual adjustment once turned on. I get no volume until 12 o'clock and it's fairly loud and then...
  8. F

    CTX SunRay Pro Gold Headphones Troubleshooting

    Attached them to my Makro Gold Racer and Tesoro Silver and didn't hear a peep from HPs or detector regardless of switch position. Hooked up to CTX I get no sound from the HPs but hear tones outside HPs regardless of switch position. Worked great last week. Any idea what switch may be bad and...
  9. F

    Help Me Help a Friend With His Max

    Coin signals are not clean and my call to Garrett today didn't clarify why. My friend jumped from an ACE to the MAX last month and he told me how coin signals are "scratchy" in the dirt and air testing and he can't get a feel for what a coin should sound like. I finally had an opportunity to...
  10. F

    Underwater Components ?

    For those that own the underwater kit, does the antenna just attach to the back of the case and it's the close proximity that provides the connection to the remote or puck? I bought some RG179 coax wire for some shallow freshwater detection and it works great with the receiver above water. I...
  11. F

    Give a Little Whistle - Nope!

    What are the chances of finding a coaches whistle in this condition and the cork too? Dug a 3" deep plug and the metal pieces were a tad deeper. Recognized it as a whistle and thought to myself, how old & what are the chances of finding the cork ball. Lying right on top the removed dirt was the...
  12. F

    Some Old Cellar Area Finds

    The best of the finds from a cellar area. I posted the newspaper printing press plate earlier, circa 1907, but thought I'd add the others. I'm most curious what the can with manufactured punched holes might have been. HH
  13. F

    CZ20 Mid Tones Only Shallow

    I picked up a 10.5" CZ20 and while air testing I get a high tone on nickels and 3 sizes of gold rings except within 2-3" of the coil, then I get a mid tone. I also have a 8" CZ20 and I get a solid mid tone through all air tested depths, as designed; settings were identical. Two questions Is...
  14. F

    Newspaper Printing Press Plate

    Lead/Copper printers plate found on ranch land about 6 miles out of town. To bad it wasn't complete. According the internet the quote was copyrighted Jun 26, 1907 "We'll treat you like an old friend and try to make one of you" Maybe a bank ad? The local paper said they'd try to help me locate...
  15. F

    Deteknix Scuba Tector - Any Reports

    Any users? Positive/Negative reports? Thinking about getting one to drop in a pack during hikes along some streams this summer. I've spent more on possibly less worthwhile ventures just curious if folks like this model over the Vibra Probe 730/750. Thanks & HH
  16. F

    Outlaw with 9x8 Concentric, Coil Question?

    I may pick up a used Outlaw with a 9x8 coil. I've never the 9x8 coil on a Epsilon unit so I'm curious how they compare to the 8" donut. I sold my Outlaw a few yrs back and only used the 5.75, 8, 12x10, 11x8, and clean sweep coils; my favorites being the 8, 5.75, and clean sweep.
  17. F

    Backphones Ear Pinch Adjustment

    Backphones tend to pinch the top of my ear and don't lay flat on my ear. I was considering opening up the bend a little by using a heat gun. I see there is a wire thru to the other ear piece but I don't think it'll get hot enough to cause damage. Any other ideas?
  18. F

    Operating Deus in 6+ Bars on Mineralization Index

    I've used my Deus a little over 8 hrs now and except for shallow (less than 1.5") targets or in park chips I cannot confidently state what I'm digging. I know my soil is highly mineralized given how few detectors operate well, let alone deep with reliable ID here. In the chips of 1-2 bars the...
  19. F

    Deus Newbie prep for 3hr Park Hunt Tomorrow.

    I used a 9" Deus in my backyard (first hunt) for about 45 minutes this afternoon and pulled 3 targets, a grommet, small flattened lead, and a bent nail. I've tested 15+ detectors over my yard in the last 4 years, including 2 PIs, so I wasn't expecting anything easy but I think I drank the Deus...