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Search results

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    T2+ Struggling

    A statement that has be beat to death but still makes good sense and really applies here concerning the T2 is “ Using too high sensitivity is like driving in heavy fog with your high beams on. You can see, in this case,hear much better with the low beams. Im just curious what youve experienced...
  2. 2

    Interesting whatchmacallit

    My first thoughts was it coming from some kind of reed instrument, with the small tack holes and rectangle holes. I’ve got a 5 gallon bucket load of items I’ve dug just knowing they were good finds. That’s a good find you got there. I’ve got a 5 gallon bucket labeled ballbusters full of such...
  3. 2

    Anyone hunt Civil War Relics in Atlanta 1980's?

    You are right Confetrit. My brother use to live just outside of Atlanta. He had to move because it became so dangerous. You’d have to work hard and fast, not turning your back, working thru the modern day bullets to dig a Minnie ball. Atlanta has, along with some others, become the armpit of the...
  4. 2

    Unknown lead object

    Possibility it could be the old lead end of a antique automobile battery cable connection. May be, but maybe not. Hopefully not.
  5. 2


    Does the Deus 2 give an occasional false high tone on iron
  6. 2

    Finally got to go detecting and found some goodies.

    You got way more than 7 cents worth right there 😀👍nice digging buddy. The long lead piece I would think is a bullet carved down by a soldier sitting around widdling time away
  7. 2

    A Nov Va and a Christmas Va

    Lordamercie. A Virginia and a VMI and some nice lead to top ‘em off. Hard to get much better 👍way to go Pal
  8. 2

    XP Deus II Calrelic Program must see !

    Calabash you’re killing me. I feel like I’d be wasting my time to go relic hunting now without a Deus II.😩
  9. 2

    Coin under foil part 2 XP DEUS II

    I wonder how it would do with a civil war button or bullet under the foil. I can set the t2 to get rid of foil but lead and brass are gone too. Just a question
  10. 2


    Well done 👍
  11. 2

    XP Deus II Vs Equinox on a 14k Ring...

    Hey Cal, you rekon you spot me around 1600 hundred bucks. I need that machine
  12. 2

    Good finds on the river

    I’m telling you buddy, it would be very, very hard to get much better than that. Way to go. Just awesome👍
  13. 2

    Handful of lead

    That looks like 2 handfuls to me. 🤲
  14. 2

    Deus 2 most anticipated release ever..

    No matter what forum you’re scouting out. You can bet your last dollar if there’s a Calabash there you can count on a skirmish. But it does relieve the monotony of camp life.
  15. 2

    T2+ Struggling

    Thank you too Monte. Hope you’re doing well.👍
  16. 2

    T2+ Struggling

    I’ve been using the t2 exclusively for the past 8 years. Never had a problem with it struggling with lead. Number wise in my experience lead comes up most always in the mid to upper 70s. I use the stock coil most of the time and have found that using 75 on sensitivity disc set at 10 in boost...
  17. 2

    Handful of Confederate lead

    Yes, sometimes
  18. 2

    Handful of Confederate lead

    Hey Yank! I don’t mind telling you, I’m jealous 😩👍
  19. 2

    What are friends for

    Following this thread, just last night my relic hunting buddy sent me a picture of a brand new pack of batteries he just bought with a message saying “you’re in trouble now”. I responded You’re gonna need a lot more than that” his response was 🖕.all in fun
  20. 2

    What are friends for

    That’s great. My best buddy did the same to me a while back And he’s still my best buddy.but I have been trying to turn the tables on him ever since. We have a lot of fun.