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Search results

  1. IowaRelic

    Simplex +

    Yes sir!
  2. IowaRelic

    Simplex +

    If you like hunting a slower sweep the Nox is a fantastic detector. Deep, accurate. If you like a faster sweep or hunt around thick iron, I liked the simplex more. I put about 150 hours on both machines before getting rid of them. The DEUS has me so pleased, it’s the only machine I own now. For...
  3. IowaRelic

    Tesoro epsilon coil knowledge…help!

    If I can identify the windings by resistance value can I somehow ensure that the polarity is right? I don’t want to send voltage one direction through one winding and the opposite direction through the other. It may not matter, but I just want it to be correct.
  4. IowaRelic

    Tesoro epsilon coil knowledge…help!

    My 2019 compadre coil is failed. Has been for a while. Shorted internally. I have another coil for it. It’s older. The transmit and receive wiring are different colors. Is there anyone out there who can give a way to tell which is which? Resistance perhaps? Or maybe someone knows what the...
  5. IowaRelic

    Great app for finding property owners

    If y’all check your local county usually has GIS mapping of all parcels with satellite or topo overlays and owner info. Well if lee county iowa could do it then anywhere can. And I’m in a alabama county now and we have it here in the two counties I’m around. google search, “(your county name)...
  6. IowaRelic

    The path to silver.

    Gotta love power line cuts. I do well here in the lines. If the bird band is legible you can report it online and they will send you the dates and information about the bird in the form of a certificate. Dad used to find them once in a while or take a bird that had one. I’ve dug a few and...
  7. IowaRelic

    New multi frequency machine

    9” DD would be great. The simplex 8” sp22 really should be a excellent coil. Maybe it could reach full potential on the new machine. 9” round on another machine is SUPERB.
  8. IowaRelic

    Is a Deus a good Car trunk Metal Detector?

    I don’t know who you talked to! My office is a cave with a view of the projects….🙃
  9. IowaRelic

    Is a Deus a good Car trunk Metal Detector?

    How hot does a black coil get in the gulf coast sun after hours of detecting? Hotter than 100 degrees, guaranteed. I live in one of the hottest and most humid environments in the country. If those temps are accurate then my detectors should be broke regardless of being in the truck or not. I...
  10. IowaRelic

    Is a Deus a good Car trunk Metal Detector?

    Well there’s plenty of smart electronics in those coils too. So I guess you could leave the shafts in your car and pack the rest inside work or whatever. (I always tell my self that they should be designed for desert prospecting and beach hunting as well, so the conditions are surely accounted...
  11. IowaRelic

    My first "badge"....silver steak continues...

    Cool stuff. I really wanted to see a silver “steak” though!!! 🤣🤣🤣 had to do it!
  12. IowaRelic

    Luvin my Deteknix headphones!

    Yes I was also under the impression that quest bought or is from the ashes of Deteknix. I’ve gotten great use from my first set of wire free lite over ear phones that I bought used. Hard use in all terrains and temps. and now a new set from quest. But I will say the older setup that says...
  13. IowaRelic

    where is the new deus multi ??

    Lots of people with more experience than me around here, I understand and respect that. And I love seeing what everybody digs. Y’all do friggin awesome out there. Some of you get so much silver I can’t fathom it. But I just destroyed iron patches back home in fast program, using full tones. Non...
  14. IowaRelic

    where is the new deus multi ??

    We’ve all used quite a few detectors, each one of us has owned or tested many machines. Deus is a fantastic performing detector and we all have no choice but to see that. I think that if SMF was the whole future of VLF then we would already be there. It’s been around long enough that if it was...
  15. IowaRelic

    A kepi with a strand of thread left?

    And I now that I think of it...there was a wasted old ball cap nearby. All that was left was the plastic bill. And some of the band where it’s thicker fabric. I swept over it and got the little steel rivet piece that holds the top of the cap together. I might have to go back there and look at...
  16. IowaRelic

    A kepi with a strand of thread left?

    You know, I thought the same thing....
  17. IowaRelic

    A kepi with a strand of thread left?

    Rode my sons bike to the end of the road and ditched it in the woods. Walked around with the DEUS for and hour and a half working an old road bed. Didn’t dig anything. Got back to the bike and hit this. I think it’s a kepi buckle...and it has a hefty blue thread still tangled on it!!! One image...
  18. IowaRelic

    Two buttons I found today?

    Smaller button maybe not American? Or not military? Larger button I’m not sure about either. Great finds though! I will try to find a two piece with that image for the larger one...
  19. IowaRelic

    Last couple times out

    You done good! .69 mini ball still on my list. Nice bunch of round balls. And some type of carbine bullets?