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Search results

  1. C

    Simplex battery life

    just wondering how many hours are you getting on a simplex fully charged. thanks, Steve
  2. C

    garrett apex or simplex

    which one would you choose. thanks
  3. C

    Vista X finds for today Gold!!!!!!

    i had a pretty good hunt today at a local school and found some cool things plus a gold ring, the last gold ring i found was over 10 years ago,, im still shaking LOL
  4. C

    Vista X first find

    i would have never thought of that thanks
  5. C

    Vista X first find

    i was trying out the Vista X in my yard and this was the first target i dug any ideas??
  6. C

    Simplex measurement

    i was just wondering if someone could please measure the simplex for me fully retracted, i have a whites backpack and wanted to make sure it will fit. thanks clad king
  7. C

    buttons ??

    gold has superior on back and the silver one has scovill on back
  8. C

    any ideas what these could be

  9. C

    is this normal

    i recently got a teknetics delta 4000 and doing some tests with coins now everything reads good but on a nickle when i bury it at a few inches it reads as a quarter with a high tone and when i take it back out of the hole it reads as a nickle again theres no other metal in the hole i just tried...
  10. C

    teknetic coils

    can i use the fisher f44 coils on my delta 4000 the fisher has the stock coil and the 7 inch concentric.
  11. C

    teknetics battery

    what is the best 9 volt rechargeable battery and charger for the delta 4000
  12. C


    if tesoro closes its doors is there a repair center that will fix our detectors if they break, i have a mojave and all this talk has got me worried. thanks clad king
  13. C

    Nokta Fors Relic

    im thinking of buying a used Fors Relic and i have a question if i would ever need a repair do i have to send it to turkey. clad king
  14. C

    Mojave gets a barber

    went to a local school today and dug about a dollar in change and got a nice surprise a 1914 barber dime sorry for the blurry pic it looks like it was just dropped yesterday it was down about 6 inches. thanks for looking clad king
  15. C

    mojave hunt

    i got the mojave today and took it out for a short hunt and found a nice large silver ring with a dollar sign on the front i never seen one like this before that fits on two fingers. i only took one step and it was the first target i dug :happy:i really like this new tesoro clad king
  16. C

    emailing makro

    i had sent 2 emails to makro about the racer 2 and still no reply, the pm i sent them was read and also i sent them a email. i wanted to know if they are releasing the racer 3 in the near future cause i was looking at the racer 2 and did not want to buy if the racer 3 is coming out soon...
  17. C

    Deus coils

    is there a difference between the older style coils and the new ones. thanks clad king
  18. C

    Deus question

    im looking to buy a new deus and was just wondering do you have to pair each device or just the coil. thanks clad king
  19. C

    first silver of the season with the deleon and its a half

    found at 8inches im just happy i didnt scratch it with my digger :smile: i also found a wheaty and some clad. HH clad king
  20. C

    Deleon or Outlaw

    i have a deleon and was thinking of getting the outlaw, would i be gaining much by getting the outlaw or shouild i just stay with the deleon , i really like the deleon! thanks clad king