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Search results

  1. bootyhoundpa

    My obsolete 800 finds an obsolete flying eagle today

    Oh when will my luck ever change? Got out today for a few hours to my favorite farm field I’ve probably hunted over a hundred times .. I haven’t had any luck here this fall till today.. the challenge is always finding settings that work as good or better than my previous trip.. I got a little...
  2. bootyhoundpa

    Cleaned up some more iron horseshoes..

    Two of these horse shoes are of them appears to be stamped by the blacksmith..the picture of the grill shows how fast they rust back up after power washing..5 minutes and they turn orange..other picture is horseshoe wire wheeled on one half after removing from the grill..
  3. bootyhoundpa

    Short water hunt.

    I got out for a short freshwater hunt today at daybreak…I managed 2 -10k items being the pendant and small round earring.. the gold wire looking piece is marked 925…found some junk studs and $2 in clad…. I got to see some cool wildlife too..2 blue herons we’re on the shoreline looking for...
  4. bootyhoundpa

    Cleaning some iron relics.

    I’m finally getting around to cleaning some iron relics I have found the last two decades..after some research I’ve come up with a process that works for goal is to get down to shiny bare metal .. 1st I chip off any loose rust,2nd I soak in vinegar for 2-3weeks occasionally sprinkling...
  5. bootyhoundpa

    Gold ring recovered

    Got a text from a friend late Sunday night about a friend his who lost his wedding band..Been busy but made time to meet up with this fellow ..he said he was playing baseball with his six year old son..when they went out in field they took a bucket with them to carry the ball,the glove and a...
  6. bootyhoundpa

    OCMD cautionary warning

    I’ve hunted Ocean City like once a year for the past several years in the off season..last week I was down for a few days and gotta tell ya the place in my opinion has turned into a real sh*thole.. the happy go lucky is gone.. I went out last Wednesday evening in the rain as the beach was...
  7. bootyhoundpa

    A small collection of general issue items ?

    While visiting my father today he showed me this small collection of what is believed to be general issue items that would have been given to the new soldiers..also the picture is allegedly the soldier whom the items belonged too..included is a Bible, Belt buckle,bullet pouch and powder horn..I...
  8. bootyhoundpa

    1775 King George III

    Got out for a few a penny and a dime from the 1970s and this 1775 King George..
  9. bootyhoundpa

    Found my oldest Indian today..

    Got out for a few hours today to a place I’ve hunted a thousand times before... started out slow..the 2 washers appeared as if they were gonna be large cents but -no dice.... I did manage a crotal bell and an 1860 Indian head to save the day...
  10. bootyhoundpa

    Railroad baggage claim?

    I found this several years back and I assume it is a baggage claim but not sure..if it is ,what railroad ? Norfolk Southern ? just haven’t gotten out much this year and when I have I haven’t find anything worth posting.. Happy hunting all.
  11. bootyhoundpa

    1st gold of 2021, don’t blink or you’ll miss it..

    Did a short water hunt last week..could only hunt up to waist deep as I don’t have gloves made for ice cold water..managed this tiny 10k earring and nothing else worth posting..
  12. bootyhoundpa

    1st ten years micro jewelry hunting.just the studs

    These are my freshwater stud earrings from the last 10 year’s minus the ones my wife and granddaughter claimEd’s for their own...none of these are gold...some were found in dry sand..machines used were; Whites 5900,Fisher 1270 which had rigged up for water hunting ,Excalibur,Tesoro tiger shark...
  13. bootyhoundpa

    Several recent water hunts

    Did manage 6 pieces of 14k and 1 piece of 10k.. got a few 925 studs as well and a lot of the usual junk..freshwater..
  14. bootyhoundpa

    Silver pendant and clad...

    My 4 week silver streak is intact..I went to 4 different parks this morning..Hit the 3rd park and still was only finding clad..was getting ready to leave when a younger guy pulled up to me and asked how I was doing..we got to talking and he said he is a detctorist too..we traded talk about...
  15. bootyhoundpa

    3 week silver ring streak..

    Been getting out once a week for a 2-3 hour park and athletic field hunt... the last 3 weeks have each produced 1 silver ring each...I’ve been cherry-picking and only dig 25 or higher using 6” coil.. today’s ring is the bigger one ,I bent it pretty bad while retrieving it out of the ground with...
  16. bootyhoundpa

    Hearing aids VDI?

    A local ladies mother lost her 3 rd set of hearing aids..I’ve offered to help search for them..I realize this will be difficult at best but I do have plenty of experience hunting for micro jewelry so I don’t believe these would be anymore different...I was wondering if anyone else has had...
  17. bootyhoundpa

    A few micro treasures and choppers..

    Squeaked out a few tiny gold studs one of which matches one I found last month.. the one I found most recently shows a little tarnish...found a set of teeth that read 1 so I’ve gotta test them in hopes that they could possibly be white gold.. also found the usual junk.. it’s amazing how this...
  18. bootyhoundpa

    Cool button

    Hit my go to farm field again 3 wheaties,a broken key and whats left of this button..any info on button would be appreciated... says Superior Extra Rich on backside... slim Pickens but had fun..
  19. bootyhoundpa

    A few recent freshwater hunts...

    Got out for 3 water hunts over the last 2 weeks... I’m finally adjusting to being able to hunt in recovery speed 3 and 2.. consequently I’m hitting the tiny stuff deeper than I’ve probably ever been able 21 junk studs, 8 silver studs,1 stainless cross and 4 pieces of 14K gold...
  20. bootyhoundpa

    A few recent hunts..

    A few farm and freshwater hunts..been rather slim Pickens lately for the most part.. I’ve learned how to pick a few tiny flat buttons out of though of them is a “blowhole“ button which I guess are older than most flat buttons or so I’ve heard... so here I am finding flat buttons but...