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Search results

  1. still looking 52

    Park Creek Hunt

    Nice hunt Dan, I know I'd be happy with a hunt like that. Recently I've started using the same method as you are talking about, running high disc on all new areas and if I find a good productive area then slow down and lower my disc. It's all about finding more silver for me.
  2. still looking 52

    What are the odd's?

    Odds are definitely slim, you could have everyone on this forum go metal detecting for the rest of their life's and it would never happen again. Great story Jim.
  3. still looking 52

    Got 2 more today!

    Another productive hunt, nice going. To cold here in WV for any metal detecting, cold, windy and trying to snow. Just warm up some hot chocolate and try and stay warm is my plan.
  4. still looking 52

    First silvers of 2022

    I'm turning into a sissy, it's 28 degrees here with six inches of snow, I'm drinking myself into Oblivion ( Hot Chocolate) galore. Got my old westerns going, life is good when your retired. Nice three silvers SS.
  5. still looking 52

    First silver of the year and it’s a 1881 half dime !

    1881! I'm still looking for my first pre 1900 coin, maybe this year I'll get lucky. Thanks for posting.
  6. still looking 52

    Tugboats and Barges on the Cumberland

    I live just about 3 miles from the Ohio river and it's full of tug boats, love watching them, nice pictures.
  7. still looking 52

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    Called Garrett tech line, this guy had me fixed in about two minutes. Just in case someone out there has the same problem, to fix all you have to do is hold the on/off button down until it starts blinking the while it's blinking push the button three times, that's it . He said this is a...
  8. still looking 52

    Changed some settings for end of 2021 hunts. LC, Seated, coin spills, and friends.

    WOW! you've got some great finds coming from this place, even though you may not be able to get back in there for awhile, you have all winter to look forward to getting back there.
  9. still looking 52

    This post proves pennies add up

    Nice haul, your going to need a wheel barrow to get all those pennies to the bank.
  10. still looking 52

    Shovel modification

    Does it unscrew to take apart and then screw back together? Definitely a good idea.
  11. still looking 52

    Garrett carrot pinpointed problem

    My Garrett carrot pinpointed is stuck in the silent vibrate mode, can't get in back in audio mode. Tried taking battery out hoping it would reset to the default setting, no luck, tried going through all mode changes, it will change the three sensitivity settings but won't go over to any audio...
  12. still looking 52

    We thought our machines were BROKE !!!

    Good information, never had it happen to me but now I'll be prepared if it does.
  13. still looking 52

    More Silvers Today and another spill

    Six silvers in one day is like back in the old days, way to go. Me and that quarter were born the same year 1952.
  14. still looking 52

    Christmas Stripping!!!

    Nice stripping. Way to go on that silver.
  15. still looking 52

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    Happy beeping Christmas.
  16. still looking 52

    Four Silvers to close out 2021

    It's all about quality not quantity and you sure got the quality. Those are some outstanding finds, still looking for my first seated coin, 1842 is going way back there, that Morgan half Dollar is a trophy find also. You probably already know this but just in case you don't, hitting the...
  17. still looking 52

    Equinox 600 encore

    Another up side, no pesky bugs.
  18. still looking 52

    Couple hour birthday hunt

    Heck of a birthday hunt, love that IHP.
  19. still looking 52

    Equinox 600 encore

    Nice hunt Mike, glad to see you squeezed one more hunt in before the ground got frozen. That silver quarter is sweet!
  20. still looking 52

    Another mystery piece....

    I like the lamp holder theory, that makes sense to me.